02 Feb 2013

USA DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY SECRETARY (US DOE) Dr. STEVEN CHU RESIGNS.  Dr. Chu, a Nobel Prize winner (micro-Physics), was tasked four years ago to spearhead an effort to help advance a “renewable energy” USA economy.  Dr. Chu’s tenure was marked by the failures of some costly government investments (stimulus). His resignation was announced 01 Feb 2013, and follows similar actions during Jan 2013 in by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator (Lisa P. Jackson), and the US Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary (Ken Salazar). These high level officials will be replaced by a new team, ostensibly to address climate change, and hence, to take the necessary steps to transform our country and industry to “renewable energy (green)” generation in all suitable modalities.

“CLIMATE CHANGE”- IS HIGH OBAMA PRIORITY.  Pres. Obama gave the issue a prominent place in his inaugural address in Jan 2013, and added that responding to the threat of climate change, will be a priority during his second term. After legislation setting up a program to cap greenhouse gas emissions failed to get through Congress in the last four years, the administration pushed ahead with efforts to regulate carbon dioxide through the EPA. Problem is: Lawmakers are still divided over climate change, and some political analysts expect Pres. Obama will probably continue to use Federal Agencies to target noxious emissions.

DR. CHU LIKED “SPREADING THE WEALTH”- in the form of “stimulus funds”(by the millions) to any universities (for research-Yeah! – We know), and to many in others the clean energy sector with the stimulus funds. For the last two years, Dr. Chu had been at the center of Republican-led probes of his perceived mismanagement of some $37 billion in 2009 stimulus money doled-out by DOE. The “Solynda” scandal became a case in point…

DOE  LOAN GUARANTIES, AND OTHER CONCESSIONS to “Solyndra (a solar panel maker), proved a sham, even though it was once a crown jewel of the DOE’s renewable energy policy in the government’s effort to promote green energy and create jobs. Even after visits from Pres Obama and Vice-Pres Joe Biden, Solyndra filed for bankruptcy in September 2011 after receiving a $535 million loan guarantee. The Republican-led House of Representatives probe into the government’s aid to Solyndra then became more viral.

DR. STEVEN CHU IS A NOBEL LAUREATE IN MOLECULAR PHYSICS, and was was touted as an asset by the administration. The White House even tapped Chu to help figure out how to cap BP’s ruptured Macondo well during the 2010 BP- huge Gulf oil spill. His help was questionable, but then, he too was:”out of his depth” on that effort. Unlike his predecessors, who included former politicians and businessmen, Chu was a self-proclaimed nerd and energy efficiency fanatic who does not own a car, cycles to work and walks many flights of stairs to his office.  Dr. Chu defended his record to the end, dismissing charges that his department doled out funds to political allies. Dr. Chu said: “We should be judged not by the money we direct to a particular state or district, company, university or national lab, but by the character of our decisions,” he said in his resignation letter.  Dr. Chu has said he may remain in his post past the end of Feb 2013 to help his successor in the transition. (Maybe they don’t want his help ? I would not).

DETRACTORS SAY THAT Dr. Chu’s bookish physicist’s “awkward style” made it hard for him to push a compelling message promoting “renewable or alternative fuels”.  Even so, under his watch, big increases in USA wind, and solar power development were overshadowed by new methods (fracking) to tap huge crude oil and Nat gas, to the extent that the USA stands to become the world’s largest oil/ Nat-gas producer soon, and on track to energy self-sufficiency; That, would have seemed impossible when Dr. Chu became DOE became Secretary. We think he too is surprised by the recent development in the past two years; however, it must be remembered that oil /Nat gas are  fossil fuels, and that burning them wantonly will only continue to accelerate “global warming”. That is the reason Pres Obama wants more renewable energy developments.

SOME THINK DR. CHU LEFT AN IMPORTANT LEGACY Martin Lagod, Mg. Director and co-founder of venture capital firm “Firelake Capital Management” said : “Dr Chu’s most important legacy was ARPA-e, the DOE entity that promotes high-impact energy technologies not yet ready for prime-time”…”It is a beautiful program and frankly should be funded bigger and better… It’s a great catalyst for creative and innovative thinking. A good role for government is to help spur / fund basic research and to me this is a very good example of it in the DOE,”

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On 30 Dec 2009, US NEWS published an article titled: “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Steven Chu”; In it was published my letter of concern below. I trust you will find that it expresses both my concern with the use of Uranium for electrical Power generation, as well as my inclination to go “back to the future” with development of Thorium Technology.


Dr. Chu is, and has been, asleep at the switch since his appointment. He has truly turned out a Dis-Appointment, and should be replaced as soon as possible (ASAP) as DOE Secretary.

His apparent laissez-faire management prompted Pres. Obama last Feb 2010 to Direct Dr. Chu to appoint a 15 member commission to seek solution to Nuclear- waste disposal, as well as the best technology to generate energy. The way The “White House Directive” was worded implied the need to seek nuclear waste disposal, and better energy sources (such as Thorium U232), that could be the potential answer to both waste disposal, and power generation, while eliminating Nuclear Weapons Grade Uranium creation.

WHAT PRES. OBAMA ASKED FOR, IS NOT WHAT HE GOT. This alone should have raised eyebrows, but so far, no comment from the White House either. Secretary Chu proceeded to appoint a 15 member Blue Ribbon Commission answerable directly to him, or his designees; Further, the Commission’s charter shows a tightly supervised Commission which may only meet twice a year, and then for a couple of days. He also appointed several “Deputy Dogs” to look only in the direction he seeks, and no other: TO PROMOTE THE INTERESTS OF THE URANIUM NUCLEAR CARTEL in the U.S., and consequently, the interests of foreign countries which seek to monopolize our nuclear generating industry with patented technology and even Uranium fuel rods. GE- Hitachi, and GE- Toshiba have recently consorted to manipulate the world’s uranium Nuke industry. Note that Secretary Chu has promoted the issuance of a much greater (by several Billion U.S. Dollars) of Loan Guarantees to U.S. Nuke Planners. Secretary Chu seems financially interested in this industry, and no other. A good indicator for those looking for corruption in High, High Places.

The White House Memo specifically requested: “This review should include an evaluation of advanced fuel cycle technologies that would optimize energy recovery, resource utilization, and the minimization of materials derived from nuclear activities in a manner consistent with U.S. nonproliferation goals “(THIS BESPEAKS : LOOK INTO THORIUM TECHNOLOGY)…The Commission’s business should be conducted in an open and transparent manner.” Well… The Commission met on 25 and 26 Mar 2010; yet nothing has been reported about its deliberations, or even when the next meeting will be held.

JUST ASK THE MEMBERS OF THE BLUE RIBBON COMMISSION – A colossal waste of time for our country; at a time when we can least afford it. Some of us had placed high expectations on the White House Directive to DOE, however, it seems Dr. Steven Chu does not get the message, or worse yet, seeks to ignore it.  Dr Steven Chu needs to be replaced as DOE Secretary – ASAP


We will lose no tears at his departure.  It is four years late. What is puzzling is: Why did Pres Obama tolerate his disdain and outright disobedience for so long?

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

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