13 Jan 2013

Despite the fact that 62.5% of South Koreans oppose further NPP development (as of Jan 2013), “The Ministry of Knowledge Economy” (no names given to protect the guilty) says: South Korea has no option but to expand its nuclear power plant program”( to a total of 34 NPPs– Japan has 54)The Ministry has been sharply criticized recently for its dual role as Regulator and Operator of the country’s NPPs, and one of its subsidiaries was accused of suppressing negative public opinion after the Fukushima disaster, by not publishing polls.

THE MINISTRY ADDED: “It is an urgent priority to recover people’s trust and the safety of reactors, just as it is unavoidable to maintain nuclear at a certain percentage of the total power supply, considering the power supply and demand situation”

SOUTH KOREAN NPPs HAVE BAD TRACK RECORD – In 2012, a series of scares closed two NPPs, and the industry suppressed details of the closure of the “Kori No.1” reactor early in 2012.  The two troubled reactors (no names given) were fully restarted the first week of Jan 2013, easing fears about winter power shortages; However,  three (3) other NPPs (no names given) are now offline for maintenance and operational approval, again raising concern about satisfying peak- winter demand expected until the end of Feb 2013 (they can’t win for loosing Huh!). Their silence about specific NPP failures is highly reprehensive.  The people deserve/need to know – It is their right.

SOUTH KOREA IS ASIA’s4th if not the world’s 4th LARGEST ECONOMY, and depends heavily on oil and gas imports.  Even so, its current 23 NPPs supply a third of the country’s total power mix. Its population probably looks apprehensively at its small land mass and ponders: Where shall we go if the sh*t hits the fan?  It is no small question, and a constant source of worry for several small (land-mass wise) countries that are highly vested such as Sweden.

Thanks to Reuters, 08 Jan 2013


IMAGINE THAT! – A MINISTRY OF “ANONYMOUS MINISTERS”, WHO ANSWER TO NO-ONE, AND THAT ARE BOTH “REGULATOR” AND OPERATOR” OF 23 NPPs.  Democracy, where art thou?   Still one has to recognize that South Korea has done admirably well in the past 60 years.  In some social settings, less government is evidently best.  Just look at North Korea with its totalitarian regime for a stark contrast in socio-political science/philosophy.

SOUTH KOREA HAS NOT LEARNED A THING FROM FUKUSHIMA! Given that their Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) were designed and built before 12 Mar 2011 (Fukushima Day), they are all wrong!  On a low lying coastal plain, clustered like ducks on a row, NPPs with well known design flaws, they sit just waiting for the next  “extreme natural or weather event”, or even man-made calamities (Fukushima had both) to bring South Korea’s admirable economy, and industrious workforce to its knees.  In South Korea, as in the rest of the world, nuclear power purveyors swing an irresistible power (you know the refrain: Money talks, Sh*t – walks);  Even though in South Korea the large majority of its people, fear/oppose nukes, the politicians(Ministers) in power, were bought out long ago (just like in India);  so, “the band plays on”.

THE MINISTRY LIES when they say: “South Korea has no choice (other than nuclear.)” They really mean that those in power feel helpless to stop the Nuke wagon from rolling.  Hell yes they have choices!  Their huge industrial; base could certainly embrace renewable energy such as “windtricity”, Solartricity (CSP or PV-solar) etc (Many other countries are already doing so in big ways). THEY JUST DO NOT WANT TO RAIN ON THE NUCLEAR PARADE, AND PREFER TO STAY ON THE ROAD TO PERDITION.

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

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