5 Nov 2015

THE FACTS ARE: The plane exploded in mid-air, and the complete tail section (empennage) was found about (two)2 kilometers from the rest of the plane, behind the rest of the actual debris field. There is an old aeronautical accident axiom that: “the pieces that fell off first, probably caused the crash.” In this case the aft pressure bulkhead which we believe was the immediate cause of the tragedy is clearly visible a few meters away from the tail section. Inspectors were seen showing keen attention to the fasteners that held the aft pressure bulkhead, and fail section together, and attached to the rest of the aircraft. This is precisely the tail section that had a hard tail-first landing in 2001, and required “factory repairs” (by Airbus ?). Problem is, minute cracks/imperfections (never seen by Egyptian maintenance /inspectors); since then, accelerated the metal fatigue, leading to the tragedy.

SOCIO POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS The volatile socio-political situation created by ISIS, has created all sorts of conspiracy theories to blame someone; and who better than ISIS, since they are continually looking for such events to exploit / propagandize their deeds/misdeeds. We believe their claims about retaliation against Russia’s PM Mr. Putin for the recent Syrian bombing are just propaganda/exploitation. Problem is ISIS has stirred a hornet nest of free world condemnation. We believe countries such as the USA, England, and probably Russia (Egypt also has a stake) will now use this tragedy, and the claims by ISIS, to support greater specific involvement against them; Accordingly, ISIS claims of downing the plane will probably backfire against them big-time. The hell of it is they all really want the USA to continue being the gendarmes of the world. They need to get weaned from such thinking. Peace and liberty is for those willing to pay for it. Our Lord knows the USA and Russia have paid heavily already.

WHAT IRKS ME are the lies and deceptions being propounded by our media (with few exceptions); For instance: “Unfortunately part of the cockpit voice recorder was damaged”. Come on! Both recorders were in the soft landing tail section and were recovered virtually intact. Three days after the crash, England announced that a bomb was responsible. Russia had made such half-baked allegations even before their people reached the crash site. On 4 Nov 2015, the USA joined the “bomb aboard” scenario. How in the world would they know that, since no evidence of explosives or explosive damage has been found? The media then went viral explaining all about “altitude sensitive bombs” They have not yet hit on a simple time bomb, but they will; in time just to cover the news with interesting, nonsense It is no wonder the media is called entertainment/news. THE BIG HUSH IS ON disguised as distraction!

LET US PAY ATTENTION TO THE SOCIO POLITICAL TREND TO “GET ISIS”. There are many already involved in that long-term ongoing war. The world, and most people in the region, are learning the bitter lesson that ISIS has nothing to offer but blood, sweat, and tears. They have a strong propaganda machine; Hitler did too! Beware of that!

Oh! what a tangled web we weave when at first we seek only to deceive”

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)



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