12 Jul 2011

CHINA FREEZES APPROVAL OF URANIUM-FUELED NUKES The public outcry following the problems at the Fukushima plant led to The Chinese government (Beijing) putting a freeze on approvals of new uranium-fueled Nukes, and to require additional safety checks at all 25 Uranium-fueled Nukes currently under construction. PROBLEM IS: China is currently 80% reliant on coal-fired electrical generation and choking in coal fumes, so they see nuclear energy as a green viable alternative;  However, with the global opinion now firmly against the highly dangerous use of Uranium-fueled nuclear power ( as evidenced by the Fukushima Dai No.1 Nuke plant Tragedy), China is looking for clean safe nuclear power alternatives.

ENTER THORIUM AS THE NUCLEAR FUEL OF THE FUTURE China is looking at spearheading efforts to make the nuclear industry safer by investing millions into research with reactors powered by the element Thorium – a metal, proponents say, is as common as lead, and  which, despite some concerns, would lead to nuclear power plants with far fewer safety issues as well as other benefits.

Wang Kan, leader of the Chinese “Tsinghua University Thorium Research Team” said: “Thorium-based reactors certainly have advantages…The energy release from Thorium is greater than from Uranium, the by-products from using Thorium are less toxic than from Uranium, and it’s much harder to make weapons from those by-products.”

Uploaded by Russia Today, 10 Jul 2011


Please note that once again our Murdock Media Empire shunned this story, and that it was Russia who released it.  Fortunately both the Murdock Media Empire, and The Uranium Cartel are fast loosing their grip.  It is almost as hard to find real news in the Western World, as it is in Japan; that “tell it like it is”.  The Western media moguls are covering-up any news adverse to the very powerful Energy Cartels such as Uranium, Coal, Oil and Gas.

These days, the government of China is burdened with runaway industrial growth, choking air pollution, a more educated, ever more demanding society, whose energy demands are extremely hard to satisfy.  In China however, its central government is now willing to look at non-uranium fueled Nuclear power generation.  Thorium is a much safer, plentiful, and produces far fewer long- life radioactive isotopes.  Please see our recent article (Page) listed at right and titled : “It is High Time to Re-think Thorium as Fuel of The Future”.

We are glad to see China has put a “freeze” on any more Nukes, and to require additional safety checks at all 25 Uranium-fueled Nukes currently under construction.  It is clear t he Fukushima Tragedy is causing a political “double take”.  Even so, it is a bit disheartening that China is only willing to invest millions on Thorium Nuke Research & Development (R & D).  Such an effort will require Billions; not Millions of Dollar equivalents to succeed.  As a frame of financial reference, consider that it currently costs between $6B and $12B to build a single Nuke.

It is possible however, that China might consider allowing the Chinese “Tsinghua University Thorium Research Team” to “Modify” one of its Uranium Nukes under construction to use Thorium as a fuel.  Such a step would yield quicker, and cheaper R & D.  OUR WORLD NEEDS SOMEONE TO LEAD THE THORIUM NUKE DEVELOPMENT RACE, AND IT WILL NOT LIKELY BE THE WEST.  We certainly hope China will consider such initiative.  Western Cartels are too corrupted and colluded to do so.


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11 Jul 2011

MANY JAPANESE INDUSTRIES SEE A NEED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. According to a survey by the “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry” in May 2011, 69% of the 163 participating companies said that the March 2011 Fukushima catastrophe would accelerate the complete or partial relocation of Japanese parts makers to other countries.

SIGNS OF MAJOR SOCIAL CHANGE OCCURRING TODAY The Nippon Life Insurance Research Institute(NLIRI) is a “for profit” Corp. established in 2005 “to adequately meet the diverse and growing needs of society… with a mission to fulfill the needs of basic research and formulate solutions on a broad range of issues. These issues span the domestic and international economy, from finance and industry to urban development, and the supply of services to meet minimum living standards”.  NLIRI believes that the SIGNS OF MAJOR SOCIAL CHANGE ARE OCCURRING TODAY, point to the need for “think-tanks”; and that these, will become increasingly important.

“WE’RE GOING TO SEE A SHIFT IN THE INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURE IN THE COUNTRY” said Koichi Haji, NLIRI’s Chief Economist.  Companies that use a large amount of electricity will consider more overseas production if they have power supply problems. Those that don’t have to use much power will find ways to save electricity…Fears of power shortages stemming from the Fukushima nuclear disaster are prompting companies to move to the Western part of Japan, and even overseas, to reduce the risk, while companies that own offices only in Tokyo, are taking steps to relocate, in order to reduce the risk of being hit by possible blackouts.

OMINOUSLY FOR JAPAN, Companies that need to use large amounts of electricity for long periods (ON A SUSTAINED BASIS), are planning to shift some of their production centers overseas…

“WHEN IT RAINS – IT POURS” Already burdened with the dollar’s prolonged weakness against the yen, and the highest corporate taxes in the industrialized world, many Japanese manufacturers are worried that instability in Tokyo’s power supply will undermine their global competitiveness. After quake and Tsunami March 11 crippled the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant – Tokyo’s main power source, the government asked large-scale users in the east and northeast to reduce electricity use by 15 % starting 01 Jul 2011.  Kansai Electric Power Co., the biggest utility in western Japan, likewise asked companies and households to voluntarily cut power use by around 15 % until Sept. 22.

RISING ENERGY COSTS would present another threat to companies operating in eastern Japan. The rub is that Tokyo Electric Power Co.(TEPCO) is facing enormous damages and compensation expenses to relocated victims, in addition to the huge long-term remediation/stabilization costs of it four(4) Dai No. 1 Nukes, plus their four (4) Spent Fuel Pools.  How else but to raise prices in the near future?  Somebody always pays!

ELECTRICITY IS ALSO A DIRE COMMERCIAL NEED; Surprisingly, even to Companies that rely completely on the Internet.  One such is “” which does all its buying and selling on the Internet.  They saw the light soon after March 11 because its only offices were in Tokyo.  Spokeswoman Haruka Takizawa said: “If we can’t log-in to our computers, we can’t have access to do anything at all…that means the company cannot receive orders, and cannot direct storehouses to ship products – including much-needed necessities such as bottled water and toilet paper, to customers”. Since May 2011, the has been moving some of its operations to the city of Fukuoka, Japan. Now they plan to expand to roughly 50% of its operations and staff to Fukuoka by the end of next March 2012”.  Additionally, has moved one of its storehouses in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, to Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, to reduce costs, and expedite deliveries.

OPTICAL-GLASS MAKERS “HOYA CORP” IS LEAVING JAPAN and its plant in Akishima, Tokyo. HOYA is already building a production plant in Shangdong, and plans to start its operations in December 2011.  Hoya spokeswoman Akiko Maeyama said: “The plan to build a new plant in China is to diversify our risks,”  HOYA’s problem is their Akishima plant was forced to switch-off its electric glass-making furnaces for a few hours a day during the rolling blackouts last March; This forced it to dig into its inventories, briefly curtailed output, and pressured them to set up a plant overseas to avoid any power outage which could damage melted raw material in the furnaces.

Nidec is a Kyoto-based Multi-National Corp. which acquired Emerson Electric Co.’s Motors & Controls Business in 2010.  Nidec Corp. claims that it needs uninterrupted electrical energy to succeed, so they looking to relocate some of their motor-testing facilities in Shiga Prefecture, and its development centers in Kyoto and Nagano, to overseas.  Nidec claims it must have a stable source of power to test the durability of its electric motors, which are used in automobiles and other machines. Such testing requires running motors without interruption for a couple of months; hence the need for reliable electricity supply.  Nidec Corp. already has 12 subsidiaries in countries such as Canada, Mexico, U.S. and the U.K.

Thanks to The Japan Times for quotations, 08 Jul 2011,


On 30 Mar 2011 we published the article below at our SA-EN site. Unfortunately It is proving to be an early call for Japan’s leader’s to PLAN FOR THE WORST-NOW!  Time is being wasted!!

In my mind, the article above proves that clear -headed Japanese planners such as those at the NLIRI are now calling for “Think-Tanks” to plan for the very uncertain future of Japan as we now know it.  In the affairs of all nations there were/are “tipping points” which need(ed) to be recognized in time to prevent going down “the slippery slope” due to inaction. I believe Japan has reached that point in its history.  Things will never return to normal, and joint planning at the highest Governmental levels, Academia, Commerce, and Industry is in order now!!!

Very Respectfully,

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

San Antonio, Texas

Home of a great Toyota Tundra Assembly Plant



30 Mar 2011

Mr. Tsunehisa Katsumata, chairman of the Tokyo Electric Power Co.(TEPCO), expressed his deep remorse for the accident at Fukushima in northern Japan, including explosions, the release of radiation and contamination of crops and tap water. Katsumata added that the Fukushima plant could be entombed in concrete (like Chernobyl – but a bigger – much bigger “sarcophagus”). Although Katsumata referred only to scrapping reactors No. 1, 2, 3 & 4, government officials and other experts have been saying for more than a week that the entire complex, including the less problematic reactors 5 and 6, eventually would have to be decommissioned. Katsumata’s remarks came even as authorities work heroically to bring the battered plant under control; even as they were considering new methods to limit radiation leakages from the facility, including draping some kind of large tarp or cloth over the reactors and, applying resin or glue to the ground to prevent contamination of the soil. SOUNDS VERY TEMPORARY AND QUESTIONABLY EFFECTIVE.

Chief Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, cautioned later that was just one option being considered, but: “We should look at all the options (UNSAID WAS: ANYBODY GOT ANY?),” Regarding Fukushima’s Prefectural Governor’s request to force people living 12 and 18 miles from the plant to evacuate the area, Edano said: “We are considering the Fukushima Prefectural Governor’s request; People living within 12 miles of the plant have BEEN TOLD to leave their homes, while those living between 12 and 18 miles, have been URGED to move out or stay indoors”. WE CAN EXPECT THAT 18 MILE UNSAFE RADIUS TO EXPAND SWIFTLY OVER THE NEXT 2 WEEKS.

U.S. ON THE SCENE -U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chairman, Gregory Jaczko came to Tokyo earlier in the last week of Mar 2011. We feel certain he will be deeply concerned about the usual complacency of the U.S. nuclear facility industry. Amen!

FRANCE ON THE SCENE French President Nicolas Sarkozy will visit Japan on 31 Mar 2011 to hold a news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan. Nuclear experts from the French utility “Areva” arrived in Tokyo on 30 Mar 2011 to advise on the situation at Fukushima, thus (at last) expanding the team of international specialists now consulting on the situation.

WHAT’S TO DO NOW – Nuclear experts are also mulling whether radioactive water that has flooded parts of the facility could be “sucked-up” and placed in a barge; However, radioactive material continues to seep from the plant. Japan’s “Government Nuclear Agency”(counterpart to our NRC) said on 30 Mar 2011 that radioactive Iodine-131 had been detected at 3,355 times the legal limit in seawater several hundred yards from the Fukushima plant. That’s the highest such concentration recorded at sea to date. Nuclear specialists said Iodine 131 isotopes decay in a matter of days, plus the diluting effect of the ocean meant there was negligible concern about the impact of radioactive Iodine 131 on human health.

No comment was made about the presence of more enduring Cesium (with a half-life of 30 years), and Plutonium (Pu 238). THE MOST COMMON PLUTONIUM ISOTOPES (Pu 238), and those found at Fukushima Japan HAVE A HALF-LIFE OF 88 YEARS. SOURCE OF THE FUKUSHIMA PLUTONIUM is still unknown. Experts at France’s Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) say it could have come from the Fukushima No. 3 reactor, which uses mixed oxide (MOX)- about 5% Plutonium and Uranium that has been extracted from spent nuclear fuel and reprocessed. Alternatively, it could be a fissile by-product from burning uranium in the No. 1 and 2 reactors. Plutonium radiation is in alpha particles, which only travel very short distances, and cannot penetrate human skin: HOWEVER, IF INHALED OR INGESTED EVEN IN MINUSCULE AMOUNTS it is extremely damaging to HUMANS AND FAUNA because its radiation causes DNA damage in tissue, thus boosting the risk of cancer. The bone marrow and liver, are especially vulnerable. Just a dozen milligrams of plutonium are lethal to humans/fauna – according to tests on lab animals cited by France’s “Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety” (IRSN).

Folks, one loves to “accentuate the positive”, However, such an attitude can delay/exclude preparation for the worst; at a time when early planning is of the essence. THE FUKUSHIMA INCIDENT will live on as the “MOTHER OF MELTDOWNS”. Born of greed, in a seismic cradle, and with six(6) siblings, it was a disaster waiting to happen. I fear the worst is yet to come, and that the “Unthinkable” should be planned for: JAPAN, ITS PEOPLE, ITS INDUSTRY, AND ITS CULTURE MUST BE RELOCATED to “Host” countries such as Australia, Canada, the U.S., and anywhere else they want, and that wants them. Many (notably the elderly) will choose not to leave “no matter what” Such is life, tradition and culture; Yet, the young and strong, will go on. Through millennia Humanity has survived because of its innate trait to accept change, and to adapt to new circumstance and even cultures. Indeed, such a trans-national migration is already happening on a massive global scale for socio-economic and political, non-nuclear reasons.

The question every nuclear country must ask is: What does my country need to change in our nuclear facilities after the bitter lessons of FUKUSHIMA 2011?.


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08 Jul 2011

On Apr 2010, British Petroleum Pl’s(BP) “Deepwater Horizon” Deep water oil exploration rig burned and sank, killing 11 rig workers. That set the stage for the Macondo well to rupture nearly a mile below sea level, causing the calamitous “Gusher in the Gulf”.  For months the Macondo gushed uncontrollably more than 4 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico – off the Louisiana coast. The accident closed waters to fishing, disrupted tourism, and caused the U.S. Government to shut down deepwater exploration for months;  Now however, affected Gulf coast residents are getting back to work, and their former industries such as lodging, fishing and other appear to be rebounding.

ON 2010 A COMPENSATION /REPARATION FUND was set up at the urging of president Obama, and  Kenneth Feinberg was appointed administrator of the $20 billion fund; Accordingly, “The “Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF)” was organized to compensate people and businesses for losses related to the BP oil disaster.  Feinberg said: “The GCCF welcomes any and all input from any interested sources including BP…We take all of the submissions under advisement.” As of 01 Jul 2011, the GCCF had paid $4.5 billion in claims to 195,000 claimants; Additionally, there are about $430 million worth of offers(from GCCF to victims) that are under consideration by Gulf residents.

BP WANTS COMPENSATION LIMITS SET.  BP Plc now wants to limit future claims related to its Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster as the region’s economy recovers.  On 08 Jul 2011:  BP said on an e-mail: “The Gulf economy is strong and there is no basis to assume that claimants, with very limited exceptions, will incur a future loss related to the oil spill…Oystermen, whose beds have been destroyed by crude, should be considered for future payments… BP supports the payment of legitimate claims and future losses that are substantiated, but BP objects to the GCCF’s practice of assuming FUTURE losses on certain claims,”

BP HAS VERY POWERFUL FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES, AND EVEN JUDGESHIPS and traditionally gets what it wants. It will be interesting to watch the outcome of this BP initiative.


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07 July 2011

PROBLEM IS ABOUT 120,000 TONS OF CONTAMINATED WATER As of 05 Jul 2011.  Additionally,  Cooling water has to be pumped into the plant at a rate of about 400 Tons /day to prevent the four(4) Nukes, and their spent fuel ponds from boiling and giving off  transuranic (long-life radioisotopes) in steam and other exhalations(spews); THAT, IS WHAT MUST BE STOPPED ASAP.

Plant owner/operator Tokyo Electrical Power Co. (TEPCO) is required to inform Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) of progress in the storage and treatment of water on a weekly basis until all the accumulated water has been transferred to storage facilities and treated.

A DOWNWARD TREND AT LAST. Until about a month ago, highly radioactive water has accumulated at Dai No. 1 until there is nowhere else to store it;  Now however, a cooling water filtration system designed in collaboration between France’s Areva, and America’s Kurion Co. is in process of being optimized (“tweaked”), and has steadily improved to enable “recycling” of the cooling water.  As of 29 Jun 2011,  About 6,380 tons had been filtered, bringing the cumulative amount to 13,610 tons; This is important, because it indicates a downward trend in the accumulated radioactive cooling water total.

ADDITIONAL FILTRATION. The concentrated salt water from the operation will be treated in a 250 ton/day evaporative concentration plant, expected to start operation in August 2011. This will be able to generate up to 83 tons of fresh water per day, leaving 167 tons of concentrated salt water.

WORK IN PROGRESS TO PREVENT CONTAMINATED COOLANT “LEAKAGE” INTO THE SEA. A total of 109 concrete plates have been installed in the water intakes for the four units, forming a barrier against any leakage into the sea. The plates measure 1.4 x 4.42 meters, are 32 cm thick and weigh over 4.5 tons.

Most experts agree that containment, decontamination, and “recycling” of the coolant water is the key to stabilizing the three(3) melted-thru Nukes, and their “Spent Fuel Pools” over the long-term.  PROBLEM IS: THE COOLING EFFORT COULD REQUIRE YEARS. TEPCO is going “ where no one has gone before”, and that isn’t good!

Still, it is good to be able to report ANY good news from the Fukushima Dai No. 1. Nuke Complex.



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05 Jul 2011

FUKUSHIMA CITY, Japan.  Even though this city of 300,000 lies outside of the 30-km NO-GO zone around the crippled Fukushima Dai No.1 plant, a recent survey showed radiation levels in several spots exceed 13 millisieverts (mS) per year – more than six(6) times natural levels.

WHAT IS A MOTHER TO DO? Akiko Itoh, 42, with her four(4)year old son in her lap said: “Everything and everyone here is paralyzed and we feel left on our own, unsure whether it’s actually safe for us to stay in the city”.  Another mother of a four(4) year old said: “I scooped up all the radioactive soil and grass from my garden, and dumped it in the forest, so no one could find it…”When I put my Geiger counter close to that mountain of soil it showed 10 mS”. That is more than four(4) times the official annual nuclear exposure limit.

IN THE ABSENCE OF A LONG -TERM GOVERNMENT PLAN Fukushima residents are attempting to cope with contamination on their own. Panicked residents scoop up soil from their gardens and dump it in holes dug out in parks and nearby forests, scrub their roofs with soap and refuse to let their children play outside.  As increasingly panicked residents take matters into their own hands, experts warn that such do-it-yourself efforts to reduce local contamination, risk making matters worse by creating hotspots of high radioactivity where soil is piled high. Others have been seen dumping their scraped-up nuclear waste in public parks, and by the river.  BY THE RIVER IS NOT A GOOD PLACE!

SCHOOL AUTHORITIES DEVELOPED A PLAN AND IMPLEMENTED IT in school grounds, scraping and packing contaminated soil in tarps, and burying it in holes in the grounds as a stopgap measure intended to reduce exposure for children. Seiichi Nakate from the “Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation,” (a non-profit citizens group) appears critical, when he says: “They(School Authorities and Parents) say this is just a temporary solution, but we are worried they may take years before removing the contaminated soil for good” – WE GUESS HE WANTS NOTHING DONE, and offers no other solution. While checking radiation in schools is now commonplace, health check-ups have only started in the worst-affected areas.

HOTSPOT MAP BY GOVERNMENT COMING Tokyo has promised that the radiation hotspot map will be ready by October 2011; seven(7) months after the disaster.

Dai No.1  MAY BE THE BEST FINAL REPOSITORY FOR CONTAMINATED SOIL; so say many experts; However that will mean waiting until at least 2012 when efforts to “stabilize” the plant are scheduled to wind down.  Assuming that they will succeed.

COMPREHENSIVE CLEAN-UP PLAN SORELY NEEDED Takumi Gotoh, a Nagoya-based cancer specialist is worried that such accumulations of radiation can also leak into the groundwater and pose more health hazards for a sustained period.  Gotoh said:  “That’s why Japan urgently needs a comprehensive, long-term plan to deal with the issue”.

UNCERTAINTY IS , AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN, THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY. Yoshinori Kasuya, assembly member of Fukushima city council poignantly asks:  “What is the government doing? How many of them actually came to Fukushima to listen to the concerns of the people living here?”, BUT “BIG BROTHER DOES NOT ANSWER – NOT YET; Meanwhile experts predict that the longer it takes Japanese authorities to plan/organize a clean-up, the greater the risk of additional, long-lasting damage.  THE ATTITUDE BEING SHOWN BY JAPAN’S “BIG BROTHER” IS CLEARLY LAIZZES-FAIRE (DO NOTHING), AND TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE.   CHANGES ARE NEEDED IN THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ASAP!



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02 Jul 2011

In Japan these days, protest music can tend to be associated with something very specific: nuclear power. The first wave of Japanese anti-nuclear songs came in the 1980s after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, but saw scant release because some of the largest record labels were owned by companies controlled by the nuclear industry;  Now however, a rash of songs responding to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima have proliferated online, where it is more difficult for recording labels to stop their release.
“You Can’t See It, And You Can’t Smell It Either” by Rankin’ Taxi. In typically  Japanese pop culture form, it is a “pitch-perfect” appropriation of something wholly non-Japanese: Jamaican dance hall music “reggae”. This playful, darkly humorous, surprisingly catchy song captures the invisible but inescapable anxiety that has permeated Japan, much like the radiation still lingering over Northern Japan.


By: Rankin’ Taxi

Look out! Look out! Nuclear… Look out! If anything goes awry…

Look out! Look out! Fukushima… Look out! Look out! They’ve really screwed up…


Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it

Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it

Just one accident will cause total panic, like the Titanic just before it sank

Chernobyl is now a ghost town, innocent kids with thyroid cancer

Hello, so you’re the famous Plutonium! The myth of ‘safety’ died at Fukushima

No more farm produce… how far will the contamination go, and for how long?


Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it

Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it

Even if you’re…

Gaddafi, Obama, Sarkozy, Berlusconi,

Hirose Takashi (anti-nuclear journalist), Rankin’ Taxi (composer of this song)

the Prime Minister, Hanshin Kyojin (comedy duo), the pro-nuclear and anti-nuclear camps

Tokyo Electric and Kansai Electric and all the other electric power companies

Men, women, children, adults

Asahi (newspaper) Bunshun (magazine), Ebisu and Kirin (beer)

White people, black people, Seiyu and Daiei (rival supermarkets)

Toyota and Nissan (cars), Iraq and Iran


Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it

Radiation is scary, Radiation is dangerous, you can’t see it, and you can’t smell it

Nuclear power – safe even with a leak of the primary cooling water!

Nuclear power – preserving world peace 24 hours a day!

A populace that will forgive anything short of a catastrophe

Idiotic slip-ups that occur even with vigilance

Well orchestrated PR campaigns, a subliminally transmitted innocuous image

Big money buying full-page newspaper ads

Everyone’s taken in till the wind starts blowing


Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it

Radiation is scary, Radiation is dangerous, you can’t see it or smell it, and you can’t run from it

Even if you’re…

Beyonce, Bae Yong Joon (Korean actor), the Alien, Ampan-man (cartoon character)

Ultra Seven (superhero), crisis level 7,

Dub Ainu Band, green island, Soft Bank (mobile phone company), hard punk,

Matsumoto Kiyoshi (pharmacy chain), Matsumoto Hitoshi (comedian)

Zack (Alberto Zaccheroni – Japan national football coach) and Mac

Godzilla, Mothra, police and thieves, bosses and leaders

Michael (Jackson) and geiko (student and fully-fledged geisha), Tamori and Takeshi (comedians)

Matsuya and Sukiya (fast food chains), Takata (online shopping network) and Starbucks


Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it

Radiation is scary, Radiation is dangerous, you can’t see it or smell it, and you can’t run from it

Die from a dose of radiation? No way!

Did you say an unstoppable leak? No way!

Do I want to be an object of hate for unborn children? No way!

Do I want to lead a life of unhealthy luxury? No way!

Can radiation deepen love? Can radiation make us wiser?

Can radiation stop wars? Can radiation bring a smile?


Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it

Radiation is scary, Radiation is dangerous, you can’t see it or smell it, and you can’t run from it

Can’t see it, can’t smell it, can’t run from it

Can’t see it, can’t smell it, can’t run from it

Can’t see it, can’t smell it, can’t run from it

Can’t run, Can’t run, Can’t run, Can’t run, nuclear!

Can’t run, Can’t run, Can’t run, Can’t run, if there’s a screw-up

Can’t run, Can’t run, Can’t run, Can’t run, nuclear!

Can’t run, Can’t run, Can’t run, Can’t run, if there’s a screw-up

It’s safe! It’s safe! It’s safe! It’s safe! Nuclear!

It’s safe! It’s safe! It’s safe! It’s safe! until there’s a screw-up

It’s safe! It’s safe! It’s safe! It’s safe! Nuclear!

It’s safe! It’s safe! It’s safe! until it’s not, until it’s not, until it’s not, until it’s not, Stupid!

The song is really catchy, just listen to it at:

Its sadly laconic message is truly representative of Japanese public opinion these days, and understandably so, given the unfolding tragedy at the Fukushima Dai No. 1. Nuke plant.

By the way, TOKYO ELECTRICAL POWER CO. (TEPCO) continues to “spoon feed” the world information about its progress, or more rather, lack of it; These days, they resort to “third string” spokesmen who clearly do no know a dam thing, they prefer it that way! We have not had an authoritative “Activities Report on Dai No.1” in some time.  THE WORLD IS GROWING VERY IMPATIENT WITH  TEPCO, THEIR COLLUDING JAPANESE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, AND THE BRITISH -LED “INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA – WHAT A SHAM! )”.  I BELIEVE IT SHOULD BE PRONOUNCED : “IA, EA- oh!, OLD MC DONALD HAD A FARM, ia, ea, oh! – Problem is, the farm is now radioactive.


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30 Jun 2011

IN THE UNITED KINGDOM (UK-ENGLAND) Internal e-mails seen by the Guardian show how the business and Energy Departments worked closely behind the scenes with the Multinational Conglomerates such as EDF Energy, Areva and Westinghouse to try to ensure the Fukushima Tragedy quickly “going bad”, did not derail their plans for a new generation of nuclear stations in the UK.  British government officials approached nuclear companies to draw up a coordinated public relations strategy to play down the Fukushima meltdown, just two days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan (11 Mar 2011), and before the extent of the radiation leak was known. Officials stressed the importance of preventing the incident from undermining public support for nuclear power.

One official at the (British) Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), whose name has been withheld said: “This has the potential to set the nuclear industry back globally…We need to ensure the anti-nuclear “chaps and chapesses” (NOTICE THE SNOBISH NAME-CALLING) do not gain ground on this. We need to occupy the territory and hold it. We really need to show the safety of nuclear…We need to all be working from the same material to get the message through to the media and the public…Anti-nuclear people across Europe have wasted no time blurring this all into Chernobyl and the works,” The official told Areva (France‘s giant nuke industry): “We need to quash any stories trying to compare this to Chernobyl.” The official also suggested that Companies send in their comments, so they could be incorporated into briefs to Ministers and Government statements.

BRITS LOVE TO “HANG THEIR HAT” ON INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS – IT ENHANCES CREDIBILITY; so, the government was very clear from the outset that it was important not to rush to judgment, and that a response should be based on hard evidence. “This is why we called on the INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA) fact-finding team leader Dr. Mike Weightman to provide a robust and evidence-based report.” Weigthman later reported back to government that UK nuclear reactors are safe.  OF COURSE HE DID!  THE IAEA IS NOTHING OTHER THAN A NUCLEAR CARTEL WHITE-WASHING ORGANIZATION, AND NOW WIDELY RECOGNIZED AS SUCH.  The Brit Government last week confirmed plans for eight(8) new nuclear stations (Nukes) in England and Wales. “If acceptable proposals come forward in appropriate places, they will not face unnecessary holdups,” said the energy minister, Charles Hendry. SEE THERE, POWER AND INFLUENCE AT ITS BEST ? OR WORST!

Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Zac Goldsmith, who sits on the British Commons environmental audit committee, condemned the extent of co-ordination between the government and nuclear companies that the emails appear to reveal.  Goldsmith said: “The (Brit)government has no business doing PR for the industry and it would be appalling if its departments have played down the impact of Fukushima”.

Louise Hutchins, a spokeswoman for Greenpeace, said the emails looked like: “scandalous collusion…This highlights the government’s blind obsession with nuclear power and shows neither they, nor the industry, can be trusted when it comes to nuclear,”

Tom Burke, a former government environmental adviser and visiting professor at Imperial College London, warned that the British government was repeating mistakes made in Japan. “They are too close to industry, concealing problems, rather than revealing and dealing with them,” he said.  Another former regulator, who preferred not to be named,  said the degree of collusion was “truly shocking”.  THAT,  IS “CALLING IT LIKE IT IS”

Thanks to The Guardian – UK.  For the complete story(more suited for Brits) click on link below:



BRITAIN PLAYS A POWERFUL ROLE IN THE OIL AND GAS CARTEL ALSO.  Remember the Deepwater Horizon Tragedy provoked by British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico last year?  How quickly the public forgets its anger and frustration..  Many have already forgotten, and the Brits are back to exploring for oil there.  THE POWERS OF “B”(AS IN BILLIONS), EXERTS A POWERFUL CONTROL OVER MUCH OF THE WORLD MEDIA JUST BY BUYING VERY EXPENSIVE ADDS, AND OVER GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS BY SPREADING THEIR WEALTH AROUND AT ALL LEVELS OF INFLUENCE -EVEN JUDGES.  SUCH WAS CONFIRMED BY THE DEEPWATER HORIZON TRAGEDY.



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29 Jun 2011,

LOS ALAMOS (Sp. Sycamores), N.M. One would scarcely recognize this sprawling laboratory as the former home of the “Manhattan” Project that ushered-in the Nuclear era by developing the first atomic bomb in 1944.  In the last few days it has been visited by intense wildfires (again) which has raised great concern because of what sits atop the ground there.  Lab spokeswoman Heather Clark said Wednesday there are 10,000 drums stored there under fire-retardant tents. OMINOUSLY, Lab Director Charles McMillan said the barrels contain transuranic (man-made Isotopes)waste, gloves, toolboxes, tools, and other items that may have been contaminated during the course of their work.  Los Alamos County Fire Chief Doug Tucker, whose department is responsible for protecting the lab, said the barrels are stacked about three-high inside the tents.

LOS ALAMOS IS NOW THE U.S. MAIN NUCLEAR WEAPONS LABORATORY; So, scientists are busy sampling the air for chemicals and radiological materials. The lab covers more than 36 square miles and includes about 2,000 buildings at nearly four dozen sites. They include research facilities, as well as radioactive waste-disposal sites. Some facilities, including the administration building are in Los Alamos, while others are miles from the town. Los Alamos probably contains one of our nation’s greatest aggregation of nuclear PhD’s among its more than 15,000 employees.

AIR QUALITY MONITORING dozens of fixed-air monitors on the ground, as well as a “flying lab” dispatched by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The special twin-engine plane is outfitted with sensors that can collect detailed samples. Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico  requested the EPA’s help early-on in the monitoring effort near the Los Alamos National Laboratory. EPA officials said the “flying-lab” was set to make its initial data-collection fight on  29 Jun 2011(Wednesday), additional ground-based monitors were on their way, some of which would be placed in neighboring Espanola and Santa Fe.  Both State and Federal officials have vowed to make all findings from the monitoring efforts public. Sen. Udall said: “I know people are concerned about what’s in the smoke …so we can assure the public…there will be multiple layers of oversight”.  Lab spokesman Kevin Roark said environmental specialists were monitoring air quality, but the main concern was smoke; Hence, the need to monitor for radioactivity and particulates.  Kevin Smith, is the site’s manager for the National Nuclear Security Administration(NNSA) said he evaluated the precautions and felt comfortable. NNSA oversees the lab for the Department of Energy(DOE). Smith said: “I have 170 people who validate their measures.” SEE THERE – EVERYBODY IS HAPPY, INSTEAD OF MAD AS HELL!)

THE WHY OF THE CONCERN Lab Director Charles McMillan said the barrels contain transuranic (cesium, plutonium, krypton, etc- Nasty stuff!) radioactive contaminated waste such as gloves, toolboxes, tools, etc.  Lab spokeswoman Heather Clark said Wednesday there are 10,000 drums stored there under fire-retardant tents. Los Alamos County Fire Chief Doug Tucker, whose department is responsible for protecting the lab, said the barrels are stacked about three high inside the tents. Area “G” holds drums of cleanup from Cold War-era waste that the lab sends away for storage in weekly shipments, according to lab officials. Top lab officials and fire managers say there have been no releases of toxins, and that they confident the flames won’t reach key buildings, or areas, where radioactive waste is stored. As a last resort, foam could be sprayed on the barrels containing items that might have been contaminated through contact with radioactive materials to ensure they aren’t damaged by fire (shades of Fukushima delirium tremens), they said.

NEARBY RESIDENTS WEARY About the potential of a radioactive smoke plume if the flames reach thousands of barrels of waste stored in above-ground tents at the lab. Mai Ting, a resident who lives in the valley below the desert mesas that are home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory said: “If it (the fire) gets to this contamination, it’s over—not just for Los Alamos, but for Santa Fe and all of us in between,” THEIR CONCERN IS THAT GREAT!

FIRE APPEARS UNDER CONTROL The wildfire has already destroyed 30 structures south and west of Los Alamos;  However, favorable winds have helped firefighters, who were busy trying to keep the fire from moving off Pajarito (sp. Tweety) Mountain to the west of Los Alamos and, into two narrow canyons that descend into the town and the lab. The spot fire last Monday scorched a section known as Tech Area 49, which was used in the early 1960s for a series of underground tests with high explosives and radioactive materials. Lab officials warned that people might see more smoke coming from the lab border, but that there was no fire burning on the site as of mid-Wednesday.


It appears nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel don’t get any “Respect”.  Perhaps those who produce the waste would like to ignore it, but it will not go away- not for a few thousand years.   It is alarmingly worrisome to know that at Los Alamos, there are 10,000 drums of waste , under fire-retardant tents, which contain transuranic waste (THIS IS REAL UGLY STUFF in terms of radioactive persistency), …UNDER FIRE-RETARDANT TENTS- GET REAL!  DOE, THAT IS IRRESPONSIBLE, AND UNPROFESSIONAL.  WE EXPECT BETTER FROM TRANSURANIC PRODUCERS AND HANDLERS.  Honest…


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27 JUNE 2011,  Updated 17 Dec 2013

This Blog is dedicated to “telling it like it is” with regard to energy in its many forms, as well as their related implications and problems, on a global scale. We are committed to a simple, uncompromising, informative, compact, and truthful journalistic style. 

 We began in San Antonio, Texas on Oct 2009 when our local electrical utility Co. called “City Public Service(CPS)” went all out to support the expansion of a twin Nuke located in Bay City Texas; known as the South Texas Project (STP).  STP had served San Antonio, Texas for nearly 20 years, and CPS Energy held a 40% ownership to the twin Nukes  The STP controlling interest was held by NRG/NINA of New Jersey.  Unfortunately, CPS, NRG/NINA, and even high placed City Hall persons, colluded in very devious ways to ensure CPS’ participation in the $14B? project to add two(2) more reactors at the same low-lying coastal plain.  Shades of Fukushima UH!.  To the Chagrin of San Antonio’s citizens, collusions, and outright scandalous lies were uncovered, and the STP Expansion project was stopped, and defeated.  We like to think our efforts were useful in preventing what would surely have been a monumental mistake.  That experience tought us  that Big money has a highly corruptive influence even among (formerly)“good” people.  By the way, that failed initiative cost the San Antono, TX ratepayers about $375 Mn;  That, was the cost of “Biting the Bullet”., in a WWW forum which now enjoys views in more than 65 countries, and is widely praised for its excellent writing style, informative content, and frank, unambiguous information, that traditional media (both news and most TV news ) intentionally avoids or fails to cover. One of our goals is to allow the worldwide communities regarding how some countries differ, and how we are all alike in our desire for a modicum of modernity that includes clean air water, and energy

The decision to create this information Blog was based in the interest of increasing our global visibility, and it has succeeded beyond expectations.  Currently many countries need to “hear it like it is” regarding “nuclear aspirations “.  The Fukushima Dai N0.1 multiple meltdowns tragedy has demonstrated the need to get past the lies, misinformation, and disinformation prevalent in the Nuclear Generating country’s media.  We believe that media is controlled to advocate (propagandize, if you will) for nuclear, energy, and ignore all news detrimental to their huge financial interests;

We believe that reports abound, but news analysis and comment does not. There is a job to do.  It is in that function, that our many years in Business, Government, and Industry, gives an edge when it comes to “corporate arrangements”, their lexicon and natural tendencies.  That is not just what they do, but why. That is what we hope to share with you.

Financial assistance to this site will not be solicited or accepted to ensure “Independent Activist” status; so there will no disturbing pop-ups, or advertisements of any kind.  We will continue to post for the foreseeable future on this Blog for as long as possible.  We trust you will find “Water” Format sufficiently intuitive and informative.  If you use it a few times you will soon get the hang of it.


Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

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So says Arnold Gundersen, a former Nuclear Industry Senior V. P., and a licensed reactor operator with 39 years of nuclear power engineering experience and managing and coordinating projects at 70 nuclear power plants around the U. S.

FAR MORE RADIATION HAS BEEN RELEASED THAN REPORTED; Gundersen says: “They recalculated the amount of radiation released, but the news is really not talking about this…The new calculations show that within the first week of the accident, they released 2.3 times as much radiation as they thought they released in the first 80 days…These get stuck in your lungs or GI tract, and they are a constant irritant…These [hot particles] can cause cancer, but you can’t measure them with a Geiger counter. Clearly people in Fukushima prefecture have breathed in a large amount of these particles; Likely, the upper West Coast of the US has people being affected. That area got hit pretty heavy in April.”

“Fukushima Dai No. 1 Nuke plant has three(3) nuclear reactors exposed, and four(4) fuel cores exposed…You probably have the equivalent of 20 nuclear reactor cores because of the fuel cores, and they are all in desperate need of being cooled…They are pouring in water and the question is what are they going to do with the radioactive water that comes out of that system, because it is going to contain plutonium and uranium. Where do you put the water?…The fuels are now a molten blob (a melt-down) at the bottom of the reactor…TEPCO announced they had a “melt-through”.  A “melt-down” is when the fuel collapses to the bottom of the reactor, and a melt-through means it has melted through some containment layers. That nuclear fuel blob is incredibly radioactive, and now you have water on top of it. The water picks up enormous amounts of radiation, so you add more water thus generating hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive water.”

Gundersen added: “The data I’m seeing shows that ‘hot spots’ are being found further away than we had from Chernobyl, and the amount of radiation in many of them was the amount that caused areas to be declared “no-man’s-land” for Chernobyl. We are seeing radioactive square kilometers being found 60 to 70 kilometers away from the reactor. You can’t clean all this up…the units are still leaking radiation and emitting radioactive gases, plus an enormous amount of radioactive effluent…It will be at least a year before it stops boiling, and until it stops boiling, it’s going to be cranking out radioactive steam and liquids.”

GUNDERSEN WORRIES ABOUT FUTURE  QUAKES AND THEIR EFFECT “Unit four(4) is the most dangerous, its “Spent Fuel Pool” could topple…we are at a point where, if that happens, there is no science for this – no one has ever imagined having hot nuclear fuel lying outside the fuel pool. They’ve not figured out how to cool units three and four.  It is worrisome that after the earthquake in Sumatra there was an 8.6 [aftershock] about 90 days later; so we are not out of the woods yet.

THE BOTTOM LINE LOOKS GRIM for solving this crisis given current technological methods. “Units #1, # 2, and #3 have nuclear fuel on the floor from the melted core.  Worse yet,  #3 reactor has plutonium in the fuel (MOX) that must be removed from the environment for hundreds of thousands of years…Somehow(perhaps) robotically, they will have to go in there and manage to put the molten fuel in a container and store it for infinity.  Problem is: such  technology doesn’t yet exist. Nobody knows how to pick up a molten core from the floor of a reactor; there is no solution available now”.

IT WILL TAKE AT LEAST 10 YEARS Gundersen believes, to design and implement the plan.”So ten to 15 years from now, maybe we can say the reactors have been dismantled, and in the meantime you wind up contaminating the water…We are already seeing Strontium [at] 250 times the allowable limits in the water table at Fukushima. Contaminated water tables are incredibly difficult to clean. So I think we will have a contaminated aquifer in the area of the Fukushima site for a long, long time to come.”  It is terrible to contemplate that “With Three-Mile-Island, Chernobyl, and now with Fukushima, you can pinpoint the exact day and time they started, Gunderson said, but they never end.”

FUKUSHIMA EFFECT ON N.W. of the U.S.– Physician Janette Sherman, MD and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano said: “There is and should be concern about younger people being exposed, and the Japanese government will be giving out radiation monitors to children,”  An essay she published shed light on a 35 % spike in infant mortality in U.S. N.W. cities that occurred after the Fukushima meltdown, and may well be the result of fallout from the stricken nuclear plant. The eight cities included in the report are San Jose, Berkeley, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Portland, Seattle, and Boise, and the time frame of the report included the ten weeks immediately following the disaster.

RADIOACTIVE – CAR ENGINE AIR FILTERS Gunderson said:  “We are discovering hot particles everywhere in Japan, even in Tokyo…Scientists are finding these everywhere. Over the last 90 days these hot particles have continued to fall and are being deposited in high concentrations. A lot of people are picking these up in car engine air filters…Radioactive air filters from cars in Fukushima prefecture, and Tokyo are now common; and in the greater Seattle area of the US as well…The hot particles on them can eventually lead to cancer”.

JAPANESE PHYSICIST BLAMES U. S. FOR USE OF URANIUM Dr Shoji Sawada, a theoretical particle physicist and Professor Emeritus at Nagoya University in Japan is concerned about the types of nuclear plants in his country, and the fact that most of them are of US design. He states: “Most of the reactors in Japan were designed by US companies who did not care for the effects of earthquakes…I think this problem applies to all nuclear power stations across Japan… Using nuclear power to produce electricity in Japan is a product of the nuclear policy of the US…Most of the Japanese scientists at that time, the mid-1950s, considered that the technology of nuclear energy was under development or not established enough, and that it was too early to be put to practical use…The Japan Scientists Council recommended the Japanese government not use this technology yet, but the government accepted to use enriched uranium to fuel nuclear power stations, and was thus subjected to US government policy… the creation of nuclear fission generates radioactive materials for which there is simply no knowledge informing us how to dispose of the radioactive waste safely…Until we know how to safely dispose of the radioactive materials generated by nuclear plants, we should postpone these activities so as not to cause further harm to future generations;  to do otherwise, is simply an immoral act…That is my belief, both as a scientist and as a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing.”

To read the original story, click on link below.


Dear Readers,
Please excuse my having taken heavy license to clarify and abbreviate this lengthy story.  We recognize that many of the concerns expressed therein have surfaced before on this forum as well.  Even so, we thought it proper to hear them from someone as authoritative on such matters as Arnold Gundersen.

We should take note that this very important story appeared on Aljazeera, and not in the Western Media.  My take is that a large segment of our Western Media is covering up the Fukushima story in an effort to protect the Uranium Cartel.  Oh! I am sure they rationalize it to their publishers as: “Let’s not create panic among our readers”; Specially when there are such important non-news to cover as someone’s sexual aberrations, the love children of the rich and famous, or the mother who killed her beautiful child for incomprehensible reasons.

Such is life in the World today, but events such as Fukushima are beginning to change our world (as we know it) in transcendental ways; For Instance, both Italy and Germany have said “no to Nukes! It was Honest Abe who said: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”. -Wake-up America!  Complacency has a heavy price – Just ask Japan!


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