17 JUNE 2011,  Updated 17 Dec 2013, updated 21 Nov 2014

This Blog is dedicated to “telling it like it is” with regard to energy in its many forms, as well as their related implications and problems, on a global scale. We are committed to a simple, uncompromising, informative, compact, and truthful journalistic style. We are happy to announce our worldwide readership now includes as many as 100 countries, and has more than doubled in the past year. Please pass the word about us, the media won’t. They get paid to cover only events/news beneficial to the establishment.

 We began in San Antonio, Texas on Oct 2009 when our local electrical utility Co. called “City Public Service(CPS)” went all out to support the expansion of a twin Nuke located in Bay City Texas; known as the South Texas Project (STP).  STP had served San Antonio, Texas for nearly 20 years, and held a 40% ownership to the twin Nukes. The STP controlling interest was held by NRG/NINA of New Jersey.  Unfortunately, CPS, NRG/NINA, and even high placed City Hall persons, colluded in very devious ways to ensure CPS’ participation in the $14B? project to add two(2) more reactors at the same low-lying coastal plain.  Shades of Fukushima UH!.  To the Chagrin of San Antonio’s citizens, collusions, and outright scandalous lies were uncovered, and the STP Expansion project was stopped, and defeated.  We like to think our efforts were useful in preventing what would surely have been a monumental mistake.  That experience tought us  that Big money has a highly corruptive influence even among (formerly)“good” people.  By the way, that failed initiative cost the San Antono, TX ratepayers about $375 Mn;  That, was the cost of “Biting the Bullet”.

This Blog >, is a journal viewed in more than 100 countries, and widely praised for its truthfulness excellent writing style, informative content, and frank, unambiguous content, that most traditional media (both printed, and TV news) intentionally glosses over, or fails to cover. Another one of our goals is to depict how countries differ; and yet have in common the desire for a modicum of modernity, and the basic needs of life such as clean air, water, and sufficient energy.

The decision to create this Independent Blog with global visibility, has succeeded beyond our expectations.  Currently our emphasis is to “tell it like it is” regarding fossil and nuclear fuel use.  The Fukushima Dai N0.1 multiple meltdowns tragedy has demonstrated the need to get past the lies, misinformation, and disinformation prevalent in the Nuclear Power Plant Industry.  We believe that most traditional media is controlled to advocate (propagandize, if you will) for nuclear and fossil energy, while ignoring all news detrimental to their huge financial interests.

We believe that while reports abound, news analysis and comment does not. There is a job to do.  It is in that function, that our many years in Business, Government, and Industry, give us an edge when it comes to “corporate arrangements”, their lexicon, and natural tendencies -That is, not just what they do, but why.

Financial assistance to this site will not be solicited or accepted to ensure “Independent Activist” status; so there will no disturbing pop-ups, or advertisements of any kind.  We will continue to post for the foreseeable future on this Blog for as long as possible.  We trust you will find “Water” Format sufficiently intuitive and informative.  After you use it a few times, you will soon get the hang of it.


Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)