30 Aug 2012

ACCORDING TO THE INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA) “Nuclear Yardogs”- important progress has been made towards strengthening global nuclear safety after Japan’s Fukushima tragedy last year.  The Greenpeace Intl. Environmental org strongly disputes this.  The IAEA report on the plan’s implementation (thus far) will be presented to the IAEA General Conference of the more than 150 member states, on 17-21 Sept. 2012, to be hosted in Vienna, Austria (beautiful city, beautiful time of year, beautiful people – mostly energy Industry barons, one and all).  THESE FOLKS SHURE KNOW HOW TO MIX WORK AND PLEASURE!  

GREENPEACE IS HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED WITH PLAN. Greenpeace (which opposes nuclear energy), said there had been “no real progress”.  Last year Greenpeace criticized the IAEA for its initial handling of the Fukushima disaster, with media and IAEA Vienna-based diplomats saying it was slow to give information in the early days of the crisis.  Greenpeace however, is still dissatisfied with the entire IAEA system for regulating the nuclear industry saying:  “a few touch-ups here and there are not enough”; They added: The Fukushima incident has spurred a rethink about nuclear energy worldwide, and calls for more concerted action, including beefed-up international safety checks of NPPs. Aslihan Tumer of Greenpeace International’s nuclear campaign, said pointedly: “The IAEA’s action plan(still) does not address any of the real lessons of Fukushima,”

IAEA CLAIMS: “Since the adoption of the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety(in 2011), significant progress has been made in several key areas…improvements in emergency preparedness and response capabilities…there has been progress in areas including assessments of “safety vulnerabilities” of atomic plants, and strengthened peer reviews…These, and other measures, have contributed to “the enhancement of the global nuclear safety framework”…Significant progress has also been made in reviewing the agency’s safety standards which continue to be widely applied by regulators, operators and the nuclear industry in general.” it added: “But continued efforts need to be made to ensure more effective communication to the public if there is a radiological or nuclear emergency” The IAEA made the assessment in a report prepared for its upcoming Sep 17-21, 2012 annual meeting of IAEA member states, which endorsed a safety action plan by consensus last Sept 2011, despite criticism that it did not go far enough. The nine (9) page report may be found at

IAEA’s TASK of reaching a consensus, and willingness to collaborate among its 150 member nations is difficult indeed.  Only last year, the IAEA plan exposed differences between states seeking more international commitments while others wanted safety to remain an issue strictly for national authorities.  Additionally, the IAEA report, approved six months after the Fukushima triple melt-down, was criticized by some nations for not advocating more mandatory measures, and outlining only voluntary steps intended to help prevent a repeat of such a crisis event anywhere in the world.  It also called on countries to promptly carry out assessments of their nuclear power plants, and their vulnerabilities to extreme natural hazards, as well as steps to strengthen emergency preparedness, and rapid dissemination of safety information.  IAEA Director General, Yukiya Amano said of this year’s proposed report: safety has improved, but much remains to be done” – (THAT’S FOR DAMN SURE!).

SOME IMPORTANT IAEA MEMBER NATIONS WANT “MORE” INTERNATIONAL CONTROLS. One group of nations – including Germany and France – voiced disappointment about the safety action plan for not including stricter measures.

OTHER KEY NATIONS WANT “LESS” INTERNATIONAL CONTROL like the USA, India and China which stress the responsibility of national authorities.  That is why the USA’s NRC is “hog-tied and impotent”- In all probability India, and China have the same way to do, or not do, as they wish – No matter what; and, they like it that way,

IN JAPAN, in Aug 2012, a government-appointed inquiry raised doubt about whether other NPPs in Japan were prepared for massive disasters.

IN BELGIUM, their nuclear regulator said it had halted construction at one of the reactors of a nuclear plant until at least the end of Aug 2012 to carry out an investigation into suspected cracks found in a core tank.



Folks, these are “games important people play”, and worldwide Nuclear Safety is not a game at all.  Problem is: everyone (every nation) wants to “fly their own kite”, and to be free to do, and not do, anything they want to help their Nuclear Industry prosper at the expense of the safety of people all over the world.  If Fukushima has thought us anything, it is that the world is a very small place when it comes to radioactive poisoning of land, sea, and air; That means that: EVERY NATION WITH NPPs HAS A HUGE RESPONSIBILITY TO HUMANITY AT LARGE.  IAEA has a long way to go to truly improve Nuclear Safety.

We think the reason IAEA is releasing this “sneak preview” of its 2012 Report, is just one more way to seek worldwide approval, and lend legitimacy to their organization of Energy Barons. ( by the way, They are not a part of the UN).  Frankly, we think they are not “nuclear watchdogs” (as they would have us believe), but rather, “Nuclear yardogs” protecting the huge worldwide NPP investments of an industry that has lost its legitimacy/credibility, and is clearly now on a retrenchment mode.

This post is a sequel to: IAEA ELECTS 16 NEW BOARD MEMBERS, AND ANNOUNCES ITS UPCOMING VISIT TO JAPAN, dated 24 Sep 2011 @ – Interesting reading!
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    REPLY: Please read: It is a sequel of sorts, and very interesting in that It shows plainly how IAEA lies to us ALL.

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