19 Jan 2012

JAPANESE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PLANS 20 YEAR NPP LIFE EXTENSIONS Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said that while details were still under consideration, lifespan of a reactor would in principle be 40 years, as suggested by “Environment and Nuclear Accident Prevention Minister” Goshi Hosono earlier this month.  Even so, Cabinet Secretary Fujimura said on 18 Jan 2012: “The government will allow plant operators to apply for one extension of up to 20 years for each reactor, in line with U.S. standards….There will be no change in the fact that the number of reactors will decline, as will Japan’s reliance on them. But we’re not talking about the immediate future,” (clearly, Hosono and Fujimora disagree about reactor life).  Under the current system, plant operators can apply for an extension after 30 years, and are usually granted 10-year extensions, with no limit on how often they reapply, as long as the nuclear watchdog approves. (WE KNOW about NISA, AND HOW THEY BUGGED-OUT AT FUKUSHIMA!!)

TODAY ONLY FIVE (5) NPPs REMAIN ON-LINE IN JAPAN;  However, if the Central Government can have their way, that will change soon. They (sorry no names given)said on 18 JAN 2012, that they plan to allow NPPs to operate for up to 60 years in upcoming, revised regulations for power plant operators, even in the wake of the Fukushima triple melt-down tragedy of 12 Mar 2011. Such a decision would mark the first time Japan has set a limit on a reactor’s maximum lifespan, and comes while it debates an energy strategy expected to give a greater role to renewables (not much sign of that yet). At present 49 NPPs are shut-down  for “routine checks”, and only five(5) of the nation’s NPPs remain online, prompting utilities to import more fossil-fuels to replace Nuclear power;  That measure, is not without financial (and other  consequences).  Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) – (owner / operator  of the Fukushima NPPs) has announced a 17% rate increase to commercial users. Given that TEPCO is Japan’s largest provider of electricity to commercial and industrial users, they are peeved!

INCENSED CITIZENS PROTEST AGAINST NUKES AND DELAY A HEARING OF EXPERTS. In a rare protest (for Japan), a group of “citizen observers” delayed a hearing at the Trade Ministry(who naturally want all the cheap power they can get).  Protestor Wako Shichinohe, 59 said“How can you allow the restart of reactors? We should not put people in Fukui in the same situation as those in Fukushima,”. At the hearing, experts (you know – “out of town people”) were expected to approve the nuclear watchdog’s review of stress test results from Fukui Prefecture, “Ohi NPPs” ;  Later, a meeting was held without any observers, and the  Experts made final comments on the draft report for the two(2) Ohi reactors, virtually ending the assessment process. No details were immediately available. Stress tests are now being carried out on idled reactors to reassure the public and persuade local governments to allow them to be restarted.

THE FUKUSHIMA SIX (6) NPPs ARE AMONG THE OLDEST IN JAPAN.The four (4) Nuclear Power Plants at the Dai No.1, and the two(2) NPPs at the Dai No.2 (a few miles sites south of  No. 1) started operation between 1971 and 1979.  Twelve(12) other reactors date back to the 1970s – the two(2) oldest having been operating since 1970. THAT MEANS THAT THEY HAD EXCEEDED THEIR PLANNED LIFE WHEN THE TRAGEDY OCCURRED! The Japanese Central government plans to submit bills extending the life of reactors, as well as on reorganizing their Nuclear Regulators (NISA) – Japan’s now infamous counterpart to the USA-NRC) – Please see JAPAN’S “NUCLEAR INDUSTRIAL AGENCY (NISA)” BLAMED FOR FUKUSHIMA TRAGEDY at:   In a parliament session starting later in Jan 2012,  the Central government appears ready to start paving the legal road to return nearly all their NPPs back on-line.  JAPAN’S NUCLEAR POWER INDUSTRY MAY BE DOWN, BUT IT IS NOT OUT – NO WAY, NO HOW!!

PUBLIC SENTIMENT IS FOR JAPAN TO END THE USE OF NUCLEAR POWER. Hiroshi Takahashi, a research fellow at the “Fujitsu Research Institute” said: “The public wants the country to move away from nuclear power as soon as possible, let alone an extension in the life of nuclear reactors…But, if backed up by safety regulations legally deemed adequate, one has to admit there would be little reason the regulation should not be implemented. What has to be considered is that, unlike Germany which is aiming to shut down all its nuclear plants by 2022, Japan is still discussing the future role of nuclear power, allowing for such logic” (THIS MAN SPEAKS WITH A “FORKED-TONGUE”). He is really saying: Public opposition does not really matter!!  He misjudges the Japanese people’s resolve not to return to Nukes.

Thanks to Reuters for quotations, Tokyo Japan, 18 Jan 2012



THE GLOBAL NUCLEAR CARTEL IS VERY POWERFUL!;  So much so, that they are able to corrupt and control many governments like Japan, France, and the USA to do what they want, and, only what they want, without any remorse, or guilty feelings regarding public feelings or safety.  BIG MONEY is clearly “wagging the dog by the tail” and has been, for at least 50 years or so.

JAPAN’S  NPPs ARE NOW OLD, AND OBSOLESCENT.  In fact they already exceed their planned life of 40 years.  Perhaps that is one reason they are “cracking-up” all over.  Long term radiation exposure has a marked deleterious effect on metal and concrete materials, that is the reason for the reactor’s planned life of 40 years.  One supposses now inspectors may go around NPPs with a small hammer checking for weakened components(if that much), then report everything is still O.K.


1. The USA is doing it, France is doing it, why should we not do it too?  Its what they say. 

2. Call in the “Experts” and obtain a written “report” saying the plan is fine and good. Notice this time they do not even name the “Experts”; These, are normally well known scientists who sold out long ago to the Cartel. Apparently they would rather not face public scorn and ridicule this time (already done).

3. Call in their USA-NRC equivalent the NISA.  OOPS! Problem is these folks are currently blamed for the Fukushima triple-meltdown tragedy.  Not to worry, NISA will be reorganized.

4. “Stress-tests” will be performed on the reactors, and they will check-out just fine (already in-work).

5. Next the IAEA will be summoned from Vienna once again to whitewash, and bless the plan. That is what they exist to do, and NO! – they are no part of the UN!. Given the Japanese people’s opposition, and to “guild the lily”, they may call on French and USA Nuclear experts to bless their plan (that is optional).

UPDATE NO.1  21 JAN 2012

ON 18 JAN 2012 JAPAN’S “PANEL OF EXPERTS” CONVENED AND WAS MET WITH PROTEST. The “Panel of Experts”, mostly government members and Professors, had to be escorted out of the meeting room and assembled in another building when about 20 well qualified anti-nuke protestors voiced their opposition to the Central government’s hurried initiative to “re-start the nukes”. GREENPEACE AND OTHERS DEMONSTRATED LOUDLY. Ayako Sakine, a Greenpeace member and one of the 20 demonstrators said: “They shut out the citizens…This is unforgivable”.  Another demonstrator, Greg McNevin, said police officers in riot gear were even called in.  Mc Nevin said: “People are saying very clearly what they want when it comes to the future of nuclear energy in Japan…They’re not being heard.”

DISSIDENT “PANEL OF EXPERTS” MEMBER Masahi Goto, a Professor at the Shibaura Institute of Technology, said he boycotted the 18 Jan 2012  session when he learned the public would be shut out.  Prof. Goto said: “I don’t want to join a discussion held in a secret room”

NOW WE KNOW IT WAS THE INFAMOUS NISA – Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), Japan’s counterpart to the USA-NRC (“nuclear watchdog” -Yea! On a leash!), that had the gall to present a “draft report” (seeking approval – of course!) at the meeting. Said report sought approval for the STRESS TESTS RESULTS from “Kansai Electric Power Company” which owns reactors No. 3 and No. 4 NPPs at the “Ohi plant” in Fukui prefecture, western Japan. Predictably, Kansai Electric said the stress tests show the reactors are able to withstand an earthquake 1.8 times stronger than the maximum presumed quake for the region, as well as a tsunami wave up to 11.4 meters high. Oh my! Even Godzilla would not prevail.

ENTER A SECOND JAPANESE “WATCHDOG” Japan’s Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC). Wow!- hard-sell requires more salesmen!  Now NSC must also(first) approve the input from A THIRD AGENCY: Vienna – based “International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA)”; So, IAEA will review and approve – true to form.

THE NEWS UPDATE – 21 JAN 2012: As anticipated, Japanese prime Minister Edano told reporters at a regular news conference that the IAEA-led mission will visit Japan Jan. 23-31, 2012, and use test results for Kansai Electric Power Co’s “Ohi nuclear plant” as an example in the review. The Nuclear Cartel’s MO continues true to form.  Lookout! When Minister Edano says: “As an example” he means: Ditto for all the other NPPs. See there, Bless one NPP, bless them all!  We also anticipate the USA Secretary of Energy will visit, or more likely, send a designee. THIS IS ALL A “PEOPLE PERSUASION PARODY”. It would be funny if not so clearly nefarious!!!
Comment: In the USA, when any branch of government gets in a hurry to approve “anything” it is understood they are trying to “Railroad it” Meaning: Get it approved quickly before anyone knows what the hell happenened!!


6. Of course all such governmental overtures will be given the best of beneficial Press Coverage – They own the Press too with heavy adds to launder the money.  Conspiracy theory?? No, it just the Nuclear Cartel MO.  IT IS A DAMN SHAME!!  Just look at the USA-NRC to see the MO in operation.



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