06 DEC 2013

                                                                                              US – EPA WANTS US TO KNOW

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to Travel to China to Discuss US-China Clean Air and Climate Cooperation

WASHINGTON – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy will be in China on Monday, 09 Dec 2013 thru 12 Dec. to discuss US /China cooperation on air quality, climate pollution and environmental issues. She will travel to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong during her four-day visit.

WHILE IN CHINA, Administrator McCarthy plans to underscore steps China has already taken to address air pollution, additional steps to come, and how the United States and China can continue to work together. Highlights of her visit include co-chairing the U.S.-China Joint Committee on Environmental Cooperation; delivering a keynote speech at Tsinghua University; and meeting with senior officials, business leaders and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

The U.S. and China represent the world’s largest economies, consumers of energy, and emitters of carbon pollution. Climate change is a shared challenge, and building on more than 30 years of successful cooperation and partnership, the United States and China must work together to build a clean energy economy for a healthier, safer planet.

Earlier this year (2013), President Obama announced a Climate Action Plan that outlines commonsense steps to cut carbon pollution from power plants, the biggest individual source of carbon pollution in the United States. In September, the EPA proposed standards for new power plants that are flexible, drive economic growth, and spark the clean energy innovation needed for a low-carbon economy.

China is taking action to address climate change while reducing traditional air pollution and promoting economic growth, and the U.S. stands ready to help.

All times local

Monday, December 9 (2013)

WHAT:  Opening Remarks at International Workshop on Fuel Desulfurization
WHEN: Monday, December 9, 9:40 am
WHERE: Ballroom 1&2, Regent Beijing Hotel

WHAT:  U.S. – China Joint Committee on Environmental Cooperation
WHEN: Monday, December 9, 5:40 pm
WHERE: Villa 10, Diaoyutai Guesthouse

Tuesday, December 10

WHAT:  Keynote Speech and Town Hall Meeting at Tsinghua University
WHEN: Tuesday, December 10, 10:45 am
WHERE: Tsinghua University, School of Environment

Wednesday, December 11

WHAT:  China Council Green Business Roundtable on Corporate Social Responsibility
WHEN: Wednesday, December 11, 2:30 pm
WHERE: Sheraton Shanghai Pudong Hotel

Thursday, December 12

WHAT: Media availability with Christine Loh, Under Secretary for the Environment, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government
WHEN: Thursday, December 12th, 2:00 pm
WHERE: Berlin Suite, Basement Level, Regal Airport Hotel



THE PUBLISHED AGENDA CLEARLY INDICATES that Ms.McCarthy’s planned trip intends to focus on ways and means to reduce the emission toxicity of “Coal-Burning Industries/Power Plants; For instance: Day one intends to address “Fuel Desulfurization”; Surely the real concern is Coal as a fuel for industries/Power Plants because in many areas of the world, the available coal is what in the USA is considered “low quality coal” because it contains many particulate and chemical components.  Sulfur is one of the most prevalent and lethal, because when coal is burned, sulphur gas is given up into the atmosphere, where it combines with water (or rain) to form sulfuric acid, or “ACID RAIN”; Acid rain immediately attacks trees/forests, and reacts chemically with any limestone (alkaline) subterranean water aquifers (most of them are), and destroys them in the long run. Least we underestimate the toxic effect of acid rain on trees/forests, let us remember that trees are the only natural defense we have against carbon dioxide, because they clean the air and actually consume the carbon dioxide; If these are gone, so are we. Also affected by sulfur in the air, are most of the world’s sculptures and building facades, as well as very important Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other Architectural Treasures.

Today, great contributors to ill health among humans and fauna are two coal combustion gasses: Sulfurous, and Nitrous oxides,. Unfortunately –these are already highly prevalent in many urban areas, and more so in China >, Mexico, and other places, where the air is some days actually “sickening”. Problem is that such gasses trend to remain at ground level on windless, or humid days, thus becoming even more noxious to humans. My City of San Antonio, TX is no exception, and on such days, I stay indoors, fortunately for me, as a retired person I can afford to do so.

OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST at the conclave, topics are: Environmental Cooperation, Corporate Social  Responsibility. Green Business, and a Town Hall Meeting (Probably polite questioning by local media (media availability), and hopefully, some timely questions/comments by students/faculty ? at “Tsinghua University, School of Environment”. Let there be no doubt that China has always known how to fete, and welcome their guests; This will be no exception. We did notice the glaring absence (in the agendas provided) regarding CLEAN AIR AND CLIMATE CHANGE COOPERATION per-se.


There is no doubt on my mind that EPA Chief, Ms. Mc Carthy, is a great defender of the Coal industry in general.  Perhaps because her Chief, US DOE Secretary Ernest E. Moniz, has even promised $8B for improvements to that Industry. Even so, Ms. Mc Carthy defends the coal Industry with natural zeal.  At a recent Congressional Hearing, she defended technical advances of the experimental technology known as “Carbon Sequestration, Compression and Disposal” (CSCD)  as the answer to Carbon Dioxide Production/elimination. Folks, she defended this technology with a fervor not found in any scientist/ or prudent Politician.  You may recall that CSCD, also implies the underground burial of carbon dioxide from Power Plants and Industry. Just consider the technical and socio-political challenges involved. Such technology has been under study for several years with no progress to date. When a town was approached several years ago about experimenting under their back yard they said: “Not in MY Back Yard !” MINE NEITHER !- Hell, fracking is enough!; Still, Ms McCarthy insisted to a US Representative that there are two (2) such experiments underway. One (somewhere) in the USA; the other in Canada, with US resources. The Conservative US Representative who asked the question knew she was talking “Pie in the Sky”.  McCarthy is probably funding them. It was clear to us that “Coal-burning” IS NOT her favorite subject: However given its weather/climate change potential, and other VITAL HEALTH CONCERNS, IT SHOULD BE!  She should be replaced, but won’t, because she wittingly, or unwittingly, protects regional energy barons’ interests.  And then there is the sad matter of our Nuclear Waste Disposal at Richland WA., But that is another story.>

Now is the time for Dan Utech, Pres. Obama’s new “Advisor on Energy and Climate Change”, to make a difference.  Do you suppose he was invited to the China /USA Bilateral talks ?  We suspect he was not, but should attend, even if only as an observer.  Given normal protocol he should be accorded a title of co-chairperson. >

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)


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