05 Nov 2012

Mr. Yukiya Amano, Director-Secretary of the “International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)” addressed a nearly empty UN General Assembly hall in New York City USA, highlighting that Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) are now safer than before the tragic Fukushima Dai No1 triple meltdown in Japan last 12 Mar 2011.  Amano added that the IAEA has also spearheaded progress in many areas regarding “international nuclear safety”.

EXTREME NATURAL HAZARDS ADDRESSED Mr. Amano said: “Measures have been taken to improve protection against extreme hazards such as earthquakes and tsunamis…Countries are upgrading their emergency preparedness and response capabilities… Our program of expert peer review services is being expanded.”

YUKIYA AMANO EXPECTS MORE NPPs TO BE BUILT Despite the Fukushima Dai No.1 tragedy, and subsequent spread of nuclear toxic waste, and resultant anti-nuclear sentiment around the world, Mr. Amano noted that the IAEA’s latest projections showed a steady rise in the number of NPPs planned for the next 20 years, with the majority being constructed in Asia. Established users such as China, India, the Republic of South Korea, and the Russian Federation, had planned “significant expansions” of their NPP programs.

IAEA VOICES CONCERNS ABOUT ROGUE STATES Mr. Amano also addressed The IAEAs continued safeguards activities in the DPRK (N. Korea), Iran and Syria. REGARDING NORTH KOREA Mr. Amano said: “I remain seriously concerned about the country’s nuclear program…He described its statements about uranium enrichment activities as deeply troubling, and called on the North Korean government to comply fully with its obligations, and cooperate fully with the IAEA”… About IRAN Mr. Amano stated: “The IAEA has “credible information indicating that Iran had carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device…IAEA is firmly committed to intensifying dialogue with Iran and urge the country to provide clarification regarding the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear program”.  Iran has steadily said its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes of energy production; however, many countries fear it is aimed at attaining nuclear weapons capability, thus imperiling middle-east political stability. (Translation: They just won’t listen – and neither do the Chinese, Russians, Eastern Europeans, and others).  What is a mother to do?-  Just talk so-more, that is all they ever do!

“MIDDLE-EAST NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREE- ZONE”? Mr. Amano also announced that the IAEA had submitted background documentation ahead of a planned conference about the establishment of a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle – East slated for later this year (2012).

IAEA  COUNTERS NUCLEAR TERRORISM  Mr. Amano underlined the IAEA’s efforts in countering nuclear terrorism, noting that: “ strengthening the agency’s work in this area would remain one of its key priorities…Our work focuses on helping minimize the risk of nuclear and other radioactive material falling into the hands of terrorists, or of nuclear facilities being subjected to malicious acts…The IAEA has established internationally accepted guidance that is used as a benchmark for nuclear security…IAEA is helping countries apply this guidance through specialist training and “peer review (Blind leading the blind)”.

IAEAs TRAINING ROLE Mr. Amano added that over 12,000 people (from more than 120 countries) had been trained in nuclear security by the IAEA in the past decade (2012).  I believe their “training” involves how to deceive innocent, people about their mostly non-existent safety measures. How about implementing the “Lessons of Fukushima” Why-no boy!


We believe the reason IAEA made this presentation to the UN as just one more way to seek worldwide approval, and lend legitimacy to their Agency of Energy Barons (They are not a part of the UN).  Frankly, we think they are not “nuclear watchdogs” (as they would have us believe), but rather, “Nuclear junkyard dogs” protecting the huge worldwide NPP investments of an industry that has lost its legitimacy and credibility, and is clearly now on a retrenchment mode.

ADDRESSING AN EMPTY ROOM How do we know the UN was nearly empty when Mr. Amano made his presentation at the UN?- Easy, just look at the picture shown of his audience @

We could believe that perhaps on 05 Dec 2012, New York City was/is still reeling from the destructive effects of hurricane “Sandy” which has slowed all forms of transportation, and produced energy shortages. Even so, many more UN Reps could have attended, or the presentation postponed “due to inclement weather”; however, we believe the virtually empty hall was due to lack of interest on the part of UN Reps who place little credibility on an Agency that is prima-facie “self-serving”.

SAME OLD “SONG and DANCE” BY MR. AMANO that the Nuke Industry is well and prosperous.  It seems he is “just whistling past the graveyard” to show he is not afraid, and to promote more Nukes. Their other defense is: “IAEA is the savior of the world”, but even they know The Nuclear Industry will listen to no-one, and is primarily interested in recouping, and increasing it world-wide capital. “MONEY TALKS – SH_IT WALKS” says the popular refrain.  Their problem is the world was awakened by the Fukushima triple melt-downs to the reality of “Transuranic Nuclear Waste” there, here, and everywhere; and neither they, nor anyone, has a solution to the problem.  Witness Japan,  it has run out of space to place all their existing toxic nuclear waste, and that yet to come for several generations;  their solution: continue dumping it into the sea.

This article is a sequel to: IAEA HAS A TENTATIVE REPORT FOR ITS 2012 FULL MEMBERSHIP MEETING @  dated 30 Aug 2012

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

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