16 JUN 2012

TWIN NUKES TO BE “RE-STARTED” As anticipated, the Japanese government on 16 Jun 2012, ordered two nuclear reactors in the town of Oi to “re-start” despite stiff public opposition all over Japan.  Many nuclear-knowledgeable people all over the world fear that “The lessons of Fukushima” still haven’t been implemented to ensure public safety. Naturally, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has been arguing that appropriate safety checks have been taken, and that nuclear power is necessary to meet the country’s energy demands without debilitating blackouts, and sky-high electricity costs.

ANOTHER PUBLIC WORRY IS THAT the Japanese ruling party is using the Oi twin-Nukes to set a precedent to re-start Nukes all over Japan, where 50 Nukes are still idled after the Fukushima triple melt-down tragedy of 12 Mar 2011.

CITY OF OSAKA ASSEMBLY MEMBER OPOSSES DECISION Asahi Takayama, assembly member from the city of Osaka, within the region served by the Oi plant, said: “The decision has been made to restart the Oi nuclear plant. But there (STILL) isn’t an adequate plan for taking care of an accident, if one occurs. Work is still incomplete on the filtered vents that are supposed to prevent the spread of radioactive materials and the earthquake-proof building that’s essential for accident response. We can’t let this restart serve as a precedent for other plants to restart. Because this time they were only using provisional standards.”

MAYOR OF SETAKA WARD, IN TOKYO DEPLORES DECISION. Nobuto Hosaka; who campaigned on an anti-nuclear platform said: “The government has decided to move forward with a consumption-tax hike as well as reactor restarts. What has this country learned after March 11, and where is it going? The thing that’s really producing this huge force trying to push us back to the days before March 11 is the old guard with its vested interests. The time of the fake `change in ruling party’ is over; we’re approaching a time when the power of democracy will be tested.”

LOWER HOUSE MEMBER OPPOSES DECISION. Yukiko Miyake, (Gunma, Democratic Party of Japan) said about the news of the decision to restart the Oi reactors: “ As a member of the ruling party, I have to apologize from the bottom of my heart for my powerlessness. This is truly unfortunate, and I am now convinced that this Cabinet doesn’t listen to either the voice of the people or the opinions of its many colleagues in Parliament.”

JAPAN’S BUSINESS LOBBY IS SUPPORTIVE OF DECISION. Hiromasa Yonekura, chairman of Keidanren’s said: “We welcome this decision, which was based on the government’s efforts to ensure safety and the understanding of local authorities toward restarts. The restart of nuclear power plants will contribute to the stable supply of electricity and help control the risk of rising prices. We hope other nuclear plants will restart as well, premised on the assurance of safety and understanding of local communities.”


THE “NUKE RE-START” NEWS IS NOT REALLY NEWS.  The global press has been flaunting the event as if it were not only probable, but indispensable.  Of course it is, when the Uranium global cartel is still staggering from its present precipitous financial losses, and perceived demise. Notice that in Japan, the “Green Energy” Industry has yet to surface, at least for use in Japan.  Such is the Nuclear Industry dominance in that ill fated Country!  No doubt about it!- In japan, “the tail is wagging the dog”!

THE URANIUM NUCLEAR CARTEL MUST BE PLACING EXTREME PRESSURE ON JAPAN TO BEGIN A “RE-START PRECEDENT”.  You Know! – If Oi does it, why not at other idled Nukes ? – Sorry, we do not buy it ! – bad enough that that the “Fukushima safety lessons” have not yet been implemented anywhere.  The “spent fuel” disposal problem is already extreme in Japan (and a few other countries), and “reactor restarts” will inevitably add more deadly transuranics (highly toxic, persistent radioactive elements) to the global total.

MOST JAPANESE GOVERNORS OPPOSE A RE-START; they, must now form the battle lines against the Central government, if they are to make Japanese democracy system of “checks and balances” work.  Most Governors have already expressed their constituents’ desire to forego Nuclear Power. “Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY)” is the popular stance, AND WITH GOOD REASON!

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

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07 JUN 2012

GERMANY’S CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL EXPECTS MANY NEW GREEN ENERGY JOBS She is banking on a major expansion in “renewable energy” (green energy) to make up for possible power shortfalls created by the planned phase-out from the Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs).  Soon after the Fukushima tragic triple meltdown of 12 Mar 2011, Ms. Merkel surprised the nuclear Industry, and the world by announcing the intention to phase-out all of Germany’s NPPs.  Now, a GWS think tank * study presented on 06 Jun 2012, showed Germany’s expanding green energy industry plans to account for over half a million jobs by 2030: that, is up more than 33% from current levels, and driven by rapidly developing solar panel, and off-shore wind generation industries.

THE GWS THINK-TANK EXPECTS MANY NEW JOBS. Jobs linked to the green energy industry, are expected to rise as much as 600,000 by 2030. Currently around 382,000 jobs are linked to the industry – equivalent to about 1 % of the workforce in Europe’s largest economy. The study included employees involved in making and maintaining renewable energy equipment, as well as workers indirectly serving the sector such as scientists, suppliers and service industries.  Germany plans to derive 35 % of its power from renewable sources by 2020, and 80% by 2050.  They currently produce only about 20% green-energy; consequently, many critics say those targets look very optimistic.  Even so, German industry prides itself on adapting to new global trends, and has already shifted some of its traditional heavy engineering to green technology in the last decade.; Not surprisingly, this has helped to shield its economy, and job market from the worst of the European financial and debt crises.

THE SOLAR-CELL GENERATING SECTOR OF INDUSTRY was boosted in the last decade by generous incentives which turned Germany into the world’s largest market for solar panels, and currently accounts for about a third of jobs in the green energy sector: However, some experts are pessimistic about the solar-cell sector due to cuts in incentives, and increased competition from abroad.  Several firms in the sector have gone bankrupt in the last year: Even so, the GWS study said the industry should hold its own.

BIOENERGY ALSO LOOMS PROMINENTLY. In Germany, it currently accounts for about 33% of jobs in the green energy.

OFF-SHORE WIND DRIVEN GENERATION TO UNDERGO A RAPID EXPANSION: Although, it currently accounts for about 25% of green energy jobs.  It is earmarked for rapid expansion.   Plans call to build 10,000 MW of offshore wind parks by 2020, but are hampered by an inadequate power grid plus regulatory and financing questions.  GWS’ Ulrike Lehr**, co-author of the study, said: “Much depends on international conditions. The development of the wind sector, for example, will be affected a good deal by export/ demand but we expect the distribution between sectors to remain roughly the same,” While the southern state of Bavaria and western state of North Rhine-Westphalia contribute the largest number of workers in the green energy sector.  Less dynamic economies in former Communist eastern states are more reliant on the industry, and growth in several of those states has been boosted in the last few years by solar cell production, and now, some are now pinning their hopes on offshore wind.

*GWS Think Tank

**Ulrike Lehr – Bremen


IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO PREDICT THE FUTURE; Even so, goals should be set, and expectations given a proper perspective in planning for the future at a major transition time in the history of energy generation worldwide.  In all probability, Germany’s Infrastructure (GRID) developments, and green energy planning reflect the very problems most nations of the world will need to face as soon as possible.

“A SILVER LINING IN EVERY CLOUD” We had anticipated correctly that the changeover to green energy would create many new jobs, and usher new technology.  Attempting to quantify how many jobs is another problem; difficult at best.  Only time will tell.

“WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT” that Henry Ford’s tinkering with internal combustion engines would lead to the creation of “mass-production” of autos; Hence, the now dominant Auto-industry.  Also needed were a complete infrastructure of roads, repair centers (garages), fuel distribution and selling (service stations), and even the very powerful Petroleum refining products cartel.  It took about 100 years, but it transcendentally changed humanity forever.

WE SEEM TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE WITH GERMAN PLANNING. If you read our last post you will know this.  Once again we offer kudos to Germany for showing the world both resolve and courage to face an ever uncertain and rapidly evolving world. Meanwhile in the USA, “something will have to give” to break our governmental grid-lock in the NRC. We Americans deserve better from our government,

Edward Oliver Gonzalez

Thanks to Reuters for their article on this subject on 06 Jun 2012


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