30 May 2012

ONCE AGAIN GERMANY LEADS THE WAY IN INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT. Once before they led the way with the creation of their “Autobohn” in the 1930’s; Now, On 29 may 2012, Germany’s Federal grid regulator (BNetzA) has introduced a “draft copy” of their first “national electrical grid development plan” to Chancellor Angela Merkel, who together with her new environment minister Peter Altmaier, and Economic minister Philipp Roesler discussed the challenges Germany is facing with regards to the much needed expansion/modernization of the power grid.  During a visit to the grid regulator office based in Bonn, Roesler said: “The grid development plan is key to the implementation of the energy transformation,”> BNetzA’s new president Jochen Homann said: “Without a transformation of the grid, the progress made in renewable energy will be in vain.” (THERE IS A MAN WITH A VISION).

THE NEW GRID EXPANSION/MODERNIZATION PLAN Contains the measures needed for a secure power transmission system for the next ten (10) years, and will incorporate inputs from the four (4) Transmission System Operators (TSOs). It is based on the so-called “scenario framework”, which forecasts generation and demand scenarios in 2022.  The plan draft was  approved at the end of 2011.  According to a report by the government-sponsored think-tank “Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena)”, Germany needs to expand its power grid by 3,600 km (2,232 miles) of new high-voltage lines to accommodate the rapid expansion of renewable energy; That, would cost about  Eur10 billion ($12.5 billion) and include connecting offshore wind farms.  Dena “Netzstudie II”, was published   last on Nov 2011;  “dena”-head, Stephan Kohler said: “The grid must not become a bottleneck for the change in energy policy…Wind and solar power are useless if we cannot transport it to where it is needed or where it can be stored. It is now in the hands of politicians to set the framework for faster integration of renewable energy through the expansion of the grid…key to the identified grid reinforcements in the [draft] are powerful north-south lines in order to connect the high-consumption regions in southwestern Germany, most affected by the planned phase-out of nuclear energy with wind -energy dominated northern Germany,”

THE FOUR GERMAN TRANSMISSION SYSTEM OPERATORS (TSOs) ARE: 1. neT,   2. .Amprion, 3. 50 Hertz, and 4. TransnetBW. They will publish the draft on 30 May 2012. The grid regulator will oversee the consultation process, and will also have to approve the reworked draft following the consultation period, it stated: By design, and fabrication of uranium fuel for nuclear reactors.egn, and fabrication of uranium fuel for nuclear reactors.side the optimization and enhancement of the existing grid, the use of innovative technologies such as high-voltage direct current transmission (HVDC) will play an important role…under the existing premises a considerable expansion of the grid as well as new lines will be needed.”


One has to admire German tenacity and determination to provide for their future.  First they decided to abandon Nuclear Power generation; and now, they have began to plan for the extensive electrical grid improvements/modernization needed  to make a “Green energy” future possible, and without obstacles. They realize that such infrastructure changes are long-term expensive, but see them as an investment in their future.  Such programs have an often forgotten benefit in that they provide a lot of new (more modern, and often create new technologies) jobs to benefit the working people.  Kudos to Germany!  Wish more countries would follow their example.  Many countries like the USA, have only GRID-LOCK in many governmental functions. What a shame!- specially in these times of transcendental change for humanity.  History seems to favor those who prepare for the future.

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