03 MAY 2012

 WIKIPEDIA SAID  Only a year ago (exactly): “The 2011 World Press Freedom Day celebration is being held in Washington, D.C., USA on May 1-3. This will be the first time the United States has hosted the World Press Freedom Day celebration. The theme of this year’s event is 21st Century Media: New Frontiers, New Barriers. The event will affirm fundamental principles of media freedom in the digital age—the ability of citizens to voice their opinions and access diverse, independent information sources—20 years after the original declaration was made in Windhoek, Namibia”.

IT SOUNDS SO GOOD I WISH IT WERE TRUE! – Guess the SA-EN(San Antonio’s only newspaper) decided to celebrate the anniversary by cancelling our access to their paper. Was this decision timed to coincide with WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY? Sure it was! They have sent us a veiled message that they do not care what their readers think. The “Powers of B” have the arrogance to rub it in!  Check it out…

Notice: mySA will discontinue these forums on June 1, 2012. Thank you.

DEAR mySA FORUM MEMBERS  The terse announcement above, was made by the San Antonio Express-News (a Hearst Newspaper) on 02 May 2012.  No explanation was provided, or a reason for the discontinuation.  My posts are receiving about 40,000 views /month.  I have grown accustomed to having traditional media shun my articles, and even Google, relegate my important work to the backwaters of daily news, to give preference to people whose work does not match its degree of accurate information, conciseness, exactness, and timeliness.  It is small consolation to have my style of Journalism imitated by many of them.  Someone once said: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”; There is truth in that.

I HAVE OFTEN THOUGHT THE POWERS OF B” ARE BEHIND IT ALL.  They do not like to have anyone telling it like it is(my mantra).  Their problem is that the world has come to recognize that traditional media serves the very wealthy and powerful interests who pay for their adds, and advertisement, and even to avoid certain topics adverse to their financial interests;  So it is, that Blogers like me are rapidly becoming the only source of  news, and events placed in their real context, with reading between the lines to provide accurate, truthful comment, and even why events happen, or fail to happen;  Fortunately, there is a growing number of Blogers who understand this, and have decided to make a difference in people’s opinion and thinking.  I feel sorry for media news reporters, and their editors(in TV too), because they do not enjoy my freedom of expression.  Remember how even PBS soft-pedaled on their recent Fukushima report?  Their betrayal of public trust was pathetic!  However, they need funding too.

NOT TO FRET: WWW TO THE RESCUE!  For more than a year now, I have offered these same articles on my own web site.  I was surprised to find that it costs very litle to own a domain and site.  This website has been very well received worldwide, and is normally read in over 70 countries(some in the 400 reads/month range). We get reads from, Germany, England, France, Spain, and even from the Arab World currently in the decision making process regarding NPPs. The number of reads are not as precise as those in the mySA Forum, but it is clear to me, that it has been highly influential in moderating and forming public opinion, as well as useful in the decision making process of many countries regarding the down side of NPP’s.

THE FUKUSHIMA TRIPLE MELTDOWN TRAGEDY awakened the entire world (with our help) to the fact that all Nuclear Power Plants(NPPs) unavoidably create highly toxic/deadly Transuranics, now piled-up all over the world in “spent fuel pools”; Truth is: There is enough of that transuranic(toxic) crap all over the world to create an Extinction Level Event.  Hell! Fukushima alone may do that! Just read our last article about that.  With each NPP conservatively valued at $9,000 million, you bet these people are concerned, and highly defensive.  As far as they are concerned “no nuclear news or blogs” is best.  Our ignorance is needed, but…It’s “No sale”, the entire world is now aware of the misdeeds and greedy, highly corruptive ways of the NPP Industry.  Big money is highly corruptive.  Just read some of my posts, and you will see why the nuclear Cartel’s M.O. is as is, and does not flinch.  Hell, they are between the rock, and the hard place;  Specially, Nuke making/selling countries like France, Japan, Russia, and a few minor purveyors.  They wanted to Colonize the world with their exclusive nuclear energy technology, and now, can’t even give it away.

I believe we former mySA forum members have good reason to feel “let down” by Hearst Newspapers, and the only newspaper in San Antonio, TX -The SA-Express News.  They should stop and consider the effect of their actions on their readership.  Computers have opened many news portals for us all(such as they are).  WE URGENTLY NEED TO EXPLORE THEM ALL, TO FILL-IN THE INFORMATION VOID, AND DISINFORMATION/PROPAGANDA OF TRADITIONAL NEWSPAPERS AND TV.

Your Friend,

Edward Oliver Gonzalez(gonzedo)               

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