02 Apr 2012

HORIZON NUCLEAR POWER – A UK JOINT-VENTURE said  on 29 Mar 2012, it will not proceed with the development of new nuclear power generation in the UK. The Joint venture was formed in 2009 between “E,ON UK and RWE npower”.  Horizon will now look for a new owner(s) to advance the work of Horizon Nuclear Power UK.  Horizon Chief Operating Officer (COO) Alan Raymant said: “We have made good progress in developing our sites, in particular our lead site at Wylfa, and a strong organization capable of delivering nuclear new build in the UK…We will now focus on consolidating the progress made and working with our shareholders as they investigate the opportunities for new ownership.”

RWE npower, part of the “RWE Group, is a leading integrated UK energy company”; They supply gas and electricity to residential and business customers, and operate and manage a portfolio of flexible low-cost coal, oil and gas-fired power stations. RWE cites a number of real economic factors, but makes no mention of the universal rejection of Uranium-fueld NPPs. caused by the “Fukushima effect”.  RWE also said the accelerated nuclear phase-out in Germany led to the German-based company to adopt a number of measures, including divestments, a capital increase, efficiency enhancements and a leaner capital expenditure budget. Volker Beckers, CEO – RWE npower said: “We remain convinced that Horizon’s development projects represent excellent sites for new nuclear power stations in the UK…It is because of the strength of support for our development work, particularly on the Island of Anglesey, that we continue to believe that nuclear power has an important role to play in the UK’s future energy mix. We are therefore looking to ensure that work on development, including grid connection, can be taken up quickly by other potential investors.”

Dr. Tony Cocker, CEO of “E.ON UK -Westinghouse” (Nuclear Power Plant purveyors)said:  “E.ON has decided to focus its investment in the UK on other strategic projects that will allow us to deliver earlier benefit for customers and our company, rather than the very long term and large investment new nuclear power calls for…The company is disappointed with the decision, but will continue with new nuclear builds…Over the next few weeks, we will engage Horizon, and its owners to determine the best direction for continuing the development of these projects, and to explore alternative investors in the company”.  A statement from the company said: “Our partners in NPD-UK and the supply base, are proud of the significant accomplishments made to date, especially the granting of “Interim Generic Design Acceptance” of the AP1000 design in Dec 2011 by the Office of Nuclear Regulation.”  E.ON said it will continue to invest in projects across the UK, and that the company’s wider UK plans will be unaffected by the decision not to advance Horizon Nuclear Power.

Horizon was developing two(2) nuclear projects involving the planning and construction of six (6) new NPPs (for a total generation of 6,oooMw by 2025); Among them are: “Wylfa” on the Isle of Anglesey. And “Oldbury” in South Gloucestershire. Horizon had an investment of more than £15bn ($23.83 billion) in the UK.  (IMAGINE THAT!;  I’LL BET MOST OF THAT MONEY WENT TO BUYING PERMITS – GREASING PALMS).

OUR COMMENT is simply Bravo! To the people of the UK for making it very evident to the ruling class that any such new nuclear ventures are strongly opposed in the UK.  THEY HAD TO LISTEN.  To all Brits: Hi-Hip, Hurray (three(3) times) – Well done! 

We hope more venture capital looks at “greener pastures” –  Alternative and sustainable , green energy is possible.  Many countries have a good start already. Come on! Time is a’wastin!

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Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

From deep in South Texas, where the rains have finally come.  Reckon, every dog has his day, Huh!  We care about you down here.


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