23 April 2012

On 22 APRIL 2012, Iwakuni Otake Petrochemical Complex, of Mitsui chemicals, was said to have been hit by lightning, and to explode.  PROBLEM IS: The complex is still on fire, and 3379 units of radioactive waste (200L in each unit), and Uranium for nuclear fuel, are preserved on the site.  The state/condition of the uranium and radioactive waste is not reported yet. Windows were broken, several people were reported injured, and one dead.

For the story with pictures, click on link below.  It was written by someone in Japan who likes to tell it like it is. A man after my own heart

MORE BAD NEWS FOR JAPAN, AND THE URANIUM CARTEL.  The “nuclear news” blackout appears to be on still.  Let us remember what was recently said here about the “people’s right to know” – Evidently no such right in Japan! – PLEASE SEE: IRISH ANTI-NUCLEAR ACTIVIST, AND CHILDREN’S BENEFACTOR, VISITS FUKUSHIMA (25 MAR 2012)

MY COMMENT:  It was the lack of the fundamental “people’s right to know”, that got Japan into a catastrophic war against America, and its allies in WW-II.  Once again the question must be asked:  Is another radiation  “leak” in the works for Japan and the world?  The Japanese government continues to act irresponsibly toward its people, and the world community; That, is what happens when Big Money rules.  We will keep a watch on these potentially damaging developments.


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13 April 2012

JAPANESE TRADE MINISTER EDANO SAID on 13 April 2012 (Friday): …Two(2) idled “Kansai Electric Power Co” Ohi No.3 and No.4 , located in the “Fukui prefecture” have been declared safe, and need to be restarted… We’ve confirmed safety and necessity for restart of the reactors, and we’re now entering into a stage to seek understanding of local communities and the public…We will visit and meet Fukui prefecture governor on 14 Apr 2012 to explain the central government’s assessments”.  Local government agreement is not required by law, but the Japanese Central government has made clear its reluctance to override wary public opinion.  Three(3) other prefecture governors have stated a position of : Not In My Back yard(NIMBY);  Accordingly, the restart is now up to the Fukui Prefecture governor.  Lookout gov!  The eyes of the world are upon you.

JAPAN’S PRIME MINISTER YOHIHIKO NODA, and two other ministers (no names given to protect the parties) agreed at a meeting, that the Ohi NPPs would be “resilient” against a severe events like the 11 Mar 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which triggered the tragic chain of events which led to the triple meltdown that wrecked the Fukushima Dai No.1 NPP about 150 miles North of Tokyo.  Apparently industrial needs /big money are driving the wagon once again.  The key word is no longer public “safety”, but rather “resilience” of the NPPs;  That, is what they said about Fukushima too.

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT APPEARS IN ACCORD TO RE-START KANSAI’S TWO NPPs. The four(4) Ministers also agreed that the restart of Ohi 3 & 4 would be necessary to avoid a sudden power shortage during the summer, when Kansai’s power supply might fall short during  peak-hour demand by 20% (according to the latest government estimate), so…

TOKYO IS TRYING TO ASSUAGE LOCAL CITIZENS, AND THEIR GOVERNORS who normally oppose any further use of of NPPs.  Currently, only one of Japan’s 55 NPPs remain in operation, and public worries over nuclear safety, has left communities reluctant to approve NPP restarts.  54 NPPs are currently “idled for routine maintenance”(for over a year now).

OSAKA’s INDUSTRIAL ENERGY NEEDS DRIVE P.M. NODA.  The region surrounding Osaka Japan (Kansai Electrical Service region), met more than 40 % of the its power need by NPPs, before Fukushima.  Problem is: Osaka, is Japan’s 2nd-biggest metropolitan area, and home to the factories of several top electronics makers, and heavy industries…and, they have threatened to leave the country with their factories elsewhere, unless they can be assured of abundant electrical energy;  TALK ABOUT A SQUEEZE PLAY! ; HENCE…

MINISTER EDANO IS BETWEEN “THE ROCK AND A HARD PLACE” regarding his stated advocacy to re-start the two idled NPP’s against clearly expressed Japanese citizenry opinion.  Since may 2011, a majority of Japanese Industrialists have advocated relocating  their respective industries outside of Japan; so, going down the slippery slope, is no doubt viewed as disastrous by Mr. Edano.

COMMENT: The Japanese press has recently conducted a massive worldwide Public Relations campaign aimed at assuaging the Japanese people of the need for nuclear energy, and the improved safety of their nuclear fleet.  Sorry, the public at large is not buying any of it.  Main concern most of us have, is the continuing tragedy and drama still being played out in slow motion at Fukushima.  The Japanese nuclear industry “peed in the bath water”, and have been trying to deny what is clearly evident: Fukushima continues to (and will do so for many years – with or without British help) pour out highly radioactive transuranic elements into the world’s air, sea and land. Yes that too will arrive soon to USA coastal waters in the form of poisoned seaweed, radioactive floatsam, worse yet, poisoned fish.  Our USDA will need a large quantity of Geiger counters to check food safety against radioactivity…Maybe cars too. 

INDIFFERENCE SHOWN BY THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT to the dire global consequences of their Fukushima tragedy has led me to the belief that perhaps the best way for the world to express their disapproval, is refusing to buy Japanese products. Perhaps greatly reduced exports will open their eyes to reality. The World Uranium Cartel wants Japan to succeed by denial of the facts.  Enter the Brits who will soon be helping with the decontamination (They are world-class PR people) who will scarcely help the real problem, and love to stick their finger on everybody’s pie.

Thanks to Reuters for quotes. 13 Apr. 2012.


Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo) 

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02 Apr 2012

HORIZON NUCLEAR POWER – A UK JOINT-VENTURE said  on 29 Mar 2012, it will not proceed with the development of new nuclear power generation in the UK. The Joint venture was formed in 2009 between “E,ON UK and RWE npower”.  Horizon will now look for a new owner(s) to advance the work of Horizon Nuclear Power UK.  Horizon Chief Operating Officer (COO) Alan Raymant said: “We have made good progress in developing our sites, in particular our lead site at Wylfa, and a strong organization capable of delivering nuclear new build in the UK…We will now focus on consolidating the progress made and working with our shareholders as they investigate the opportunities for new ownership.”

RWE npower, part of the “RWE Group, is a leading integrated UK energy company”; They supply gas and electricity to residential and business customers, and operate and manage a portfolio of flexible low-cost coal, oil and gas-fired power stations. RWE cites a number of real economic factors, but makes no mention of the universal rejection of Uranium-fueld NPPs. caused by the “Fukushima effect”.  RWE also said the accelerated nuclear phase-out in Germany led to the German-based company to adopt a number of measures, including divestments, a capital increase, efficiency enhancements and a leaner capital expenditure budget. Volker Beckers, CEO – RWE npower said: “We remain convinced that Horizon’s development projects represent excellent sites for new nuclear power stations in the UK…It is because of the strength of support for our development work, particularly on the Island of Anglesey, that we continue to believe that nuclear power has an important role to play in the UK’s future energy mix. We are therefore looking to ensure that work on development, including grid connection, can be taken up quickly by other potential investors.”

Dr. Tony Cocker, CEO of “E.ON UK -Westinghouse” (Nuclear Power Plant purveyors)said:  “E.ON has decided to focus its investment in the UK on other strategic projects that will allow us to deliver earlier benefit for customers and our company, rather than the very long term and large investment new nuclear power calls for…The company is disappointed with the decision, but will continue with new nuclear builds…Over the next few weeks, we will engage Horizon, and its owners to determine the best direction for continuing the development of these projects, and to explore alternative investors in the company”.  A statement from the company said: “Our partners in NPD-UK and the supply base, are proud of the significant accomplishments made to date, especially the granting of “Interim Generic Design Acceptance” of the AP1000 design in Dec 2011 by the Office of Nuclear Regulation.”  E.ON said it will continue to invest in projects across the UK, and that the company’s wider UK plans will be unaffected by the decision not to advance Horizon Nuclear Power.

Horizon was developing two(2) nuclear projects involving the planning and construction of six (6) new NPPs (for a total generation of 6,oooMw by 2025); Among them are: “Wylfa” on the Isle of Anglesey. And “Oldbury” in South Gloucestershire. Horizon had an investment of more than £15bn ($23.83 billion) in the UK.  (IMAGINE THAT!;  I’LL BET MOST OF THAT MONEY WENT TO BUYING PERMITS – GREASING PALMS).

OUR COMMENT is simply Bravo! To the people of the UK for making it very evident to the ruling class that any such new nuclear ventures are strongly opposed in the UK.  THEY HAD TO LISTEN.  To all Brits: Hi-Hip, Hurray (three(3) times) – Well done! 

We hope more venture capital looks at “greener pastures” –  Alternative and sustainable , green energy is possible.  Many countries have a good start already. Come on! Time is a’wastin!

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Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

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 01 Apr 2012

ONLY REACTOR NO. 2 CAN BE EXAMINED NOW AT THE  Dai No.1 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), and even it still has fatally high radiation levels, and much less water to cool it than officials had estimated, according to an internal examination that renews doubts about the plant’s stability. A long tool equipped with a tiny video camera, a thermometer, a dosimeter and a water gauge (an industrial endoscope) was used to probe/assess damage inside the number two(2) Reactor’s containment chamber for the second time since its meltdown on 12 Mar 2011. The data gleaned shows the damage from the disaster is so severe, that the TEPCO plant operator will have to develop special equipment and technology, to tolerate the harsh radioactive environment; worse yet, the cooling and fuel removal process is expected to last decades.

Dai No.1, REACTORS NO.1 & 3 THAT ALSO SUFFERED MELTDOWNS  are probably  in even worse shape than reactor No. 2. – the only one officials have been able to closely examine so far.   An examination with an industrial endoscope on 27 Mar 2012, detected radiation levels up to 10 times a fatal dose inside the chamber.

PLANT OPERATORS PAINT A GRIM PICTURE  Junichi Matsumoto, spokesman for the Dai No. 1 NPP said: ” (the radiation)Is extremely high…an endoscope would last only 14 hours in those conditions. When locating and removing melted fuel during the decommissioning process (COME ON!- DECOMMISSIONING WILL NEVER APPLY TO A MELTDOWN), he added, “we have to develop equipment that can tolerate high radiation…the actual water level inside the chamber was way-off the estimate, which had used data that the water temperature was about 50C, indicating the melted fuel is cooled …Actual water levels inside the chamber turned out to be unreliable, but the results do not affect the plant’s ‘cold shutdown status’ (SORRY, THAT SOUNDS LIKE DOUBLE-TALK).

PROBLEM IS: COOLING WATER LEVEL IS DANGEROUSLY LOW. The probe also found that the containment vessel of Reactor No.1 (a huge beaker-shaped container enclosing the core) had cooling water up-to only 60cm (24″) from the bottom; far below the 10 meters estimated when the government declared the plant stable in Dec 2011. The plant has continued to pump water into the reactor, and may need to do so for decades to come.

WHAT!- NO WATER AT ALL?  An investigation carried out in Jan 2012 failed to find the cooling water surface, and provided only images showing steam, unidentified parts and rusty metal surfaces scarred by exposure to radiation, heat and humidity. Finding the water level was important to help locate damaged areas where radioactive water is escaping.  It is possible radioactive water may be seeping into the Fukushima water table.

TEPCO HAD SAID EARLIER that more than half of the melted fuel had breached the core and dropped to the floor of the primary containment vessel, some of it splashing against the wall or the floor. “Particles from melted fuel” have probably sent radiation levels up to 70 sieverts/Hr, a  dangerously high level inside the container (UNCORROBORATED SUPPOSITION ON THEIR PART) – They are in denial of the possibility of a molten fuel “BLOB” now producing 70 sieverts / Hr, which far exceeds the highest level previously detected, of only 10 sieverts an hour, detected around an exhaust duct shared by the No.1 & 2 units in 2011.

A REVIEW OF THE CONDITION OF THE MELTED-DOWN REACTORS  Three (3) Dai No. 1 NPP Reactors had meltdowns;  However, number two(2) reactor is the only one that has been examined, because its containment vessel was designed with a convenient slot for endoscopic examination. The exact conditions inside reactors No.1 & 3, where hydrogen explosions damaged their buildings, are still unknown. Computer simulations have indicated that more fuel in reactor no.1 has breached the core than the other two (so it is the one in worse condition), even though radiation at reactor no. 3 remains the highest. TRANSLATION: Reactor No. 1 MIGHT BE the in the worst condition.  Reactor No. 2, is in known BAD SHAPE(no water), WHILE Reactor No. 3 emits the most radiation.  In  Reactors 1 & 3 building the high radiation levels makes them accessible to workers for only a few minutes at a time; with the workers wearing full protection.

JAPANESE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT IS NO LONGER CREDIBLE TO THE JAPANESE  They said on Dec 2011, that the reactors had been safely cooled, and the plant had been stabilized, but experts have questioned such statements as “wishful thinking public relations”.

THEN…THOSE FREQUENT RADIOACTIVE WATER LEAKS  Recently, the head of the Dai No.1 NPP said it remained vulnerable to strong aftershocks and tsunamis, and that containing contaminated water and radiation remained a challenge. Radioactive water has leaked into the ocean many times already.  Workers had found a fresh leak of 120 tons from one of the hoses at a water treatment unit this week in Mar 2012, with an estimated 80 liters escaping into the ocean, Matsumoto said. Officials are still investigating its impact.  OH! – THOSE MILES OF IMPROVISED PLASTIC COOLING WATER PIPES – THEY LEAK A LOT!  There is no way they will last 40 years, but…you know!

COMMENT: Fukushima’s accident has caused public distrust and concerns about nuclear safety worldwide, but in Japan, great public opposition has made it difficult for the government to allow the start- up of 53 NPPs.  All but one(1) of Japan’s 54 reactors are offline, with the last scheduled to stop in early May.  EVEN SO, THINGS DO NOT LOOK GOOD, DO THEY?  It is truly scary when one thinks about what another powerful earthquake or tsunami could do to Fukushima and all of us.  Something not mentioned earlier, is the grave danger posed by the “Spent fuel pool” sitting precariously atop Reactor No.4.  If all that transuranic nuclear waste should fall many meters to the ground, it could start a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction of unimaginable consequences and with no current technology available anywhere to combat it. Hell! TEPCO is already clamoring for “improved technology” to combat the three(3) fuel loads in the reactors that melted-down. A year after, they haven’t improved a damn thing!

TEPCO NOW WANTS THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT TO ASSUME THE FULL BURDEN  of financial and remediation/abatement procedures yet to come, and for an indefinite period of time. YEAH! TEPCO wants to throw in the towel now! In the meantime, the Central government so much as says to their people ” OH! get over it! STUFF HAPPENS”, and we will soon open the “NO-GO” areas.  In my book, they are guilty of the ultimate irresponsibility, given what science knows about radioactivity. DO YOU SUPPOSE THEY WOULD GO THERE THEMSELVES?, OR SEND THEIR RELATIVES THERE?, I DO NOT!
May our Lord have mercy upon, us and forgive our trespasses.

Note: The last two(2) paragraphs were added at 23:53 date of posting.

Edward Oliver Gonzalez

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