13 Jan 2012

THE USA NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION (NRC) HAS SURRENDERED TO THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, and  is now (still) weighing its rules to improve safety at 104 USA Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) to incorporate the “lessons of Fukushima” on Mar 2011(as best can) by accepting an “Industry plan” to place emergency pumps and generators at Nuclear Power Plants as an “acceptable methodology” which supposedly helped persuade the USA-NRC to speed a safety review according to an unnamed Official.  Recall that at Fukushima Dai No. 1 NPP Complex; on 11 Mar 2011, quake, and tsunami flooding destroyed emergency power supplies, preventing operation of the plant’s cooling systems, and precipitated the tragic human “comedy of errors” culminating in the “triple-meltdowns” that followed.  USA-NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko had said earlier: “all rules resulting from the Japan crisis to be in place by 2016”.   HE SURE IS IN NO HURRY FOR NEW RULES – LET ALONE IMPLEMENTING THE SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS OF THE USA NUCLEAR FLEET, OR HE KNOWS BETTER THAN TO EXPECT ACTION SOONER.

INDUSTRY -BASED GROUP IS NOW CALLING THE SHOTS. The “Nuclear Enegy insitute” (NEI), a “Washington-based industry group”, has said the agency(NRC) shouldn’t move too quickly in implementing rules, because the lessons from Fukushima aren’t fully known.  NEI  had offered a plan in Dec 2011 as a way to ensure that a plant has “back-up” electricity when power is lost;  Accordingly, NPP owners/operators would need to install portable batteries, and pumps at various locations, to ensure a plant has sufficient electricity to keep reactor cooling systems working (“FOR HOW LONG” WAS NOT STATED) during an emergency. IT IS NOT CLEAR IF THE USA NUCLEAR INDUSTRY WOULD GO ALONG WITH EVERYTHING THE NEI SAYS /WANTS EITHER !

USA- NRC DEPUTY-DOG MARTIN VIRGILIO Executive Director for “Reactor and Preparedness Programs”, on 11 Jan 2012;  at of the NRC headquarters in Rockville, Maryland: said: “The(NEI) plan has features that we believe will serve to mitigate damage from unexpected events such as earthquakes and flooding…The agency must ensure it has adequate oversight of the industry’s proposal…The plan, along with recommendations from Congress, helped the NRC staff decide to “accelerate our schedule” of its review of Fukushima-related safety improvements”

PREVENTING REACTOR CORE DAMAGE IS ESSENTIAL. Tony Pietrangelo, NEI’s Senior VP, and chief nuclear officer, said on 13 Jan 2012: “The NEI plan is really focused on the prevention of core damage…With NRC approval, reactor owners could begin to take steps to implement the plan by mid-summer…Plant modifications may take two years or more”.

NEI  SAYS FLOOD PREVENTION IS PARAMOUNT Adrian Heymer, NEI Executive Director of “Strategic Programs”, said on 11 Jan 2012: “The industry plan would focus on flood prevention …The backup power sources at Fukushima were destroyed by the tsunami… The group doesn’t have a cost estimate for the plan because specific plants would need different equipment. Mr. Heymer had said earlier: “The industry group’s (NEI’s) approach is a reasonable starting point, although more work is needed on defining these(MULTIPLE) strategies”.  Now the USA-NRC Staff is ALSO considering a requirement that plant owners evaluate “seismic, as well as flooding risks”.  POINT WELL TAKEN! – BUT BY WHOM ? The press did not raise the question, and NEI naturally did’nt bring it up either.  They have good reasons not to do so, because there are a number of US nukes located where no nukes should be because of, flooding potential, highly populated areas, and or, in now well- known quake prone areas.

Thanks to Bloomberg for their quotations,  Washington, 13 Jan 2012



This article is a sequel to : USA NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION STILL HOG-TIED AND IMPOTENT – PART 2 , dated 11 Dec 2011.

THE USA NUCLEAR INDUSTRY (JUST LIKE FRANCE’S ) WILL DO ONLY WHAT IT WANTS TO DO.  So what is new ?…Well, that the USA-NRC has now acknowledged that they can take their horses to water, but they can’t make them drink; so, perhaps they can sip a little.  Please take note how the USA-NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko, does not even gets quoted anymore.  He seems to avoid personal embarrassment by having his “Deputy-Dogs” put up a stern face.  I imagine he fells hog-tied and impotent, and we feel sorry for him! He has tried his best !  NRC’s Mr. Virgilio seems to be saying: Well, the plan is better than nothing !

ALLOW ME AN ANECDOTE (PERHAPS A LEGEND)   In an oasis, in a desert far away, several camel keepers were watering their camels, and bragging about how their camels could go the longest without a drink.  One said: “My camel can go up to 18 days without a drink”.  Another said OH! – My male “supercharged” camels can go at least 25 days without a drink”  Oh come on! said the first,  what is this “supercharged”.  Well just you watch: when this camel is just about finished drinking its fill,  I will slam his testicles between these two(2) bricks, and you just watch his last long drink !  His eyes will get crossed, and he will inhale at least 8 more gallons of water!  DO YOU SUPPOSE OUR MERCHANT NPP OWNERS / OPERATORS SHOULD GET “SUPERCHARGED”  TOO ?  PERHAPS THEN THEY WILL TAKE PUBLIC SAFETY TO HEART.

A PATHETIC SURRENDER OF AUTHORITY BY THE USA-NRC.  And yet, the same scenario is taking place in many other Nuclear countries like France, Japan, India, and England.  Yes they all have their NRC Counterpart, for all the good they do !  It seems to me our USA-NRC just wanted to make it clear who is really “running the show”.  BIG MONEY CORRUPTS OUR POLITICAL SYSTEMS OUT OF SHAPE EVERYWHERE !  THE POWERS OF “B” DO ONLY WHAT THEY WANT, AND USE THEIR GLOBAL PROPAGANDA MACHINE  TO “UN-RUFFLE” OUR FEATHERS.

UPDATE 1.  On 06 Jul 2012, Pres. B. Obama designated Dr. Allison Mc Farlane as the 15th USA -NRC Chairperson.  Dr. Mc Farlane will serve a term ending June 2013.  Gregory B. Jaczko former Chairman of the USA Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), resigned his position 21 May 2012.

Edward  Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)


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