04 JAN 2012
THE CONSERVATIVE “UMP” (PARTY) ONLY WANTS A NUKE LIFE EXTENSION France is in the midst of a heated political debate over its dependence on nuclear energy ahead of the 2012 presidential elections. The ruling “Union For a Popular Movement (UMP)”- (center-right)Party is in favor of maintaining the Nuke status quo, while the opposition Socialist (center-left) party has said it wants to close the oldest 24 reactors by 2025.  Even financing the new required safety measures would prove a thorny issue for France’s budget-conscious, and progressively more anti-nuke citizenry and government.

FRANCE’S COUNTERPART TO THE USA NRC – “Nuclear Safety Authority (L’ASN)” said on 03 Jan 2012 that its main utility EDF must enhance NPPs by installing “flood-proof ” emergency diesel generators, and “bunkered remote back-up control rooms” at 19 of its plants across the country, or face having to shut down some of its reactors. The ASN presented the conclusions of its safety assessment of nuclear facilities to the French government nearly 10 months after the still unfolding Fukushima Dai No.1 NPP tragedy.  State-controlled EDF will also have to set up an “Emergency nuclear task force” to intervene on the site of an accident within 24 hours, and do so before the end of 2012.  Nuclear Watchdogs ASN President Andre-Claude Lacoste told a news conference: “We believe that facilities can only continue to operate if investments are made in the timeframe we’re setting, otherwise we may have to suspend some operations…If EDF estimates that what we are asking for is so expensive, that it does no longer make it worth to operate one facility, it can decide to shut that facility  Lacoste added, giving no detailed financial estimate of the works needed. (FIX THEM, OR SHUT THEM DOWN!)

THE EUROPEAN UNION WILL RELEASE ITS FINDINGS IN JUN 2012. The ASN has concluded that the facilities it assessed in France, the “world’s most nuclear-dependent country”,  presented a “sufficient” safety level, but that action needed to be taken to strengthen the operational management of accidents, and to ensure facilities could resist extreme natural events like flooding or quakes.

ELECTRICITE de FRANCE (EDF) WILL NOT SHUT-DOWN ANY OF ITS 58 NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS(NPPs). on 04 Jan 2012, The French state-controlled utility, published that announcement, as they face a bill for an extra  $13 billion dollars to improve their safety.  France has carried out “stress tests” on its nuclear facilities as part of a European Union-wide move to assess the resistance of European nuclear power plants to extreme cases of natural catastrophe or bad weather

MAIN ISSUE IS: FRANCE NEEDS TO EXTEND NUKES LIFE FROM 40 TO 60 YEARS.  EDF estimates that need will now reach the top end of  40-50 billion euro range over the next 30 years.  EDF Chairman and CEO Henri Proglio said: “Coming into an inheritance like that of EDF, we owe it to ourselves to improve it, and make it profitable…Our investment capacity will up to the task…EDF invests more than 11 billion euros a year across the world” When Proglio was asked if it would be better to close old reactors, and build gas plants, or increase renewable energy sources instead…He said: “Depriving ourselves of nuclear would come at a very high cost,” citing investment in new production units, and a network for renewable energy, the risk of increasing CO2 emissions, a loss of independence and higher energy bills”.  EDF shares were down 4.06 % at 18.43 euros recently, after falling as low as 18.31 euros, and is still in decline.

FRENCH INDUSTRY MINISTER ERIC BESSON TRIED TO TEMPER CONCERNS about higher electricity bills, saying nuclear energy would remain the least costly. “What the ASN wants, that’s about 10 billion euros of extra investments. That should be compared to the 4 billion euros a year that EDF invests in maintenance already…That is 10 (billion euros) over 10 years, about one billion per year;  concretely, when you have a bill of 100 in 2012, that would mean a bill of 102 in ten years,” he added.  EDF will need to dig into its pockets. Proglio said it would take on the additional investment, and that production costs would not fundamentally change, increasing to 50 from 46 euros per Mwh.  EDF announced in May 2011, that it would diversify its nuclear-dominated portfolio by building strong businesses in gas and coal, as well as hydropower and renewable sources.  It will also increase the share of its power production capacity abroad, reducing its exposure to government-set power rates on its domestic market. TALK IS CHEAP!

EDF PLANS TO EXPAND ITS WORKFORCE According to CEO Proglio, EDF plans to expand its staff by 5,000 in France (similar to last year’s increase), about equally divided between its nuclear and engineering businesses, as the company seeks to replace retiring staff.

FRENCH NPP PROVIDER TO BENEFIT FROM NEEDED CHANGES AND UPGRADES. French Energy Minister Eric Besson said in a statement he would meet up with EDF, and NPP  reactor maker “Areva” and the CEA nuclear scientific research body, on 09 Jan 2012 to elaborate an agenda for the implementation of these measures.  HOW SWEET IT IS!! – NO COMPETITION THERE.


CHEAP, CLEAN, NUCLEAR ENERGY- OH!-REALLY? France generates nearly 75% of its electricity from nuclear reactors, and French ratepayers have come to love the relatively cheap (and “clean” ?) source of power that has protected them from the oil-driven spikes in energy prices other nations have suffered;  Indeed, the effort to make France less dependent on foreign oil led successive French governments to embrace nuclear in a big way since the early -1970s. That National policy not only made nuclear technology the main source of France’s energy, but also made it central to French National Strategic Planning vision culminating in the 2001 creation of “Areva” as a global nuclear purveyor.  It will be very hard to wean-off these “easy-money” folks.  They have “a bird-nest on the ground”, and like it that way!

AND YET – ALL OF THAT NOW SEEMS A LONG TIME AGO. Actually, most of the world came to a rude awakening to the real, near and long-term perils of uranium power generation on 12 Mar 2011, with the triple reactor melt-downs at Fukushima Dai No.1 NPP Complex in NW Japan.  While that tragedy will very likely continue to drag-down Japan for the next 30 or 40 years,  it has made the world keenly aware about the transformation that uranium fuel suffers while releasing usable energy to create steam in reactors all over the world.

REAL PROBLEM HAS BEEN, AND IS TODAY, THAT SO CALLED “SPENT-FUEL” IS NO LONGER URANIUM AT ALL, but a bevy of highly toxic, long decay rates(persistent) Isotopes, with about 90% of the original energy which must be stored (who know where) for eternity.  Please remember that accumulation of such radiological toxic substances has already been going-on globally for over 50 years; with no end in sight.

FRENCH ELECTRICITY USERS ARE NOW KEENLY AWARE OF NUKE DANGERS, and many would like to see their country in a different energy tack. Like the rest of our world, they were duped long ago about the safety and “cleanliness” of nuclear energy by its lying proponents  (Hmm – I have seen they lie to my face, and I did not like it!); For that reason, the next (upcoming) presidential election will become a referendum on the soundness of France’s Nuclear National Strategic Planning as Nuke Purveyors, and of continued reliance on now aging, old technology reactors for another 20 years. The party in power in France is now under public scrutiny for aligning with the Nuclear Cartel; Accordingly, nuclear supporters have done what they always do: Bring in their heavy Guns such as the L’ANSE (Frances nuclear “watchdogs” – YEAH! Like the USA’s NRC, to unruffled public feathers.  NEXT they will be calling on the IAEA to visit from Vienna and assuage everyone that NUCLEAR IS O.K.! – Just remember, The IAEA organization is financed and operated by Global Energy Barons. A VERITABLE DEN OF THIEVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING!

WHEN YOU HEAR “NUCLEAR WATCHDOGS” LIKE  FRANCE’S “ASN” TALK TOUGH, HOLD ON!  One is prone to think: Yeah! – that’s telling them!, but in reality all they are doing is providing a ruse(a distraction if you will) for the real plan/purpose of the Nuclear Cartel in France: to EXTEND THE OPERATIONAL LIFE OF THEIR EXISTING NUCLEAR FLEET, WITH A MINIMUM OF SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS AND UPGRADES.  I believe all countries should look to Germany for a good example of real public responsibility, and substantive planning for their future. 


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