03 Dec 2011

INDIA TO INVITE THE IAEA OPERATIONAL REVIEW TEAM TO “BLESS” INDIAN NUKES, and to assist in “safety reviews”, and audits of their existing nuclear power plants. The move is part of steps being undertaken by the Indian Central Government to the address safety concerns, relating to Nuclear Power Plants (NPP)s, in the aftermath of the triple melt-down incident at Fukushima Dai No.1 NPP, on 12 Mar 2011 in Japan.

THE INDIAN CENTRAL GOVERNMENT “Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS)” reviewed the safety of all (existing)nuclear plants, particularly the steps taken, after the crisis at Fukushima and the proposed steps to be taken thereafter. Apart from inviting the IAEA team, the Indian CCS was told (BY WHOM ?)that a technical safety review of the nuclear facilities had been completed, particularly in context of their ability to withstand large natural disasters. An official Spokesperson said:Recommendations to enhance safety, wherever required, are being implemented,”  The CCS also reviewed the action taken following the incident of radiation in Mayapuri in Delhi in 2010.  Reiterating that safety of nuclear power plants was a matter of highest priority. The Fukushima Dai No.1 NPP was reportedly not prepared for the 15 meter high tsunami that struck the plant in March 2011, reigniting safety concerns about nuclear plants in many parts of the world.

PROTESTS CONTINUE ALL OVER INDIA AGAINST NPPs. Anti-nuclear protesters have highlighted the Fukushima accident by stalling NPP  projects, particularly the Kudankulam KKNPP/ nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu. It was scheduled to be commissioned this month, but the decision had to be put on hold to address the fears of the local population.  A spokesman said: “Mechanisms for responding to nuclear and radiological emergencies are being strengthened in coordination with the “National Disaster Management Authority”(counterpart to the USAs “Emergency Response Team”) and pointing that additional emergency response centers would be set up in this context.

NO THANKS TO: Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 02 Dec 2011, for a poorly written, no names given, piece of Pro-Nuclear Propaganda that passes for news.  If you think I exaggerate, please TRY to read the article at link below.  Note that I have tried to clarify the issues as best can.…le1-777181.aspx


“GOOD PRESS”- IS REALLY PROPAGANDA, AND A TRAIT OF PRO-NUCLEAR CORRUPTION; It is in fact, the 4th pillar of their “people persuasion machine” to “Sell” the “Un-sellable” to a now growing informed / concerned public all over the world.  They may convince “a few of the people all of the time, or some people, some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time”.  Nuclear proponents “nest is on the ground” all over the world.  PROBLEM IS, CORRUPTION AND BIG MONEY, DO NOT GIVE-UP EASILY. Too many years “ruling the roost!”

INDIA’S PRESS IS TRANSPARENTLY PRO-NUCLEAR, and no doubt controlled by Nuclear Interests.  Notice they very seldom say who “The Spokesman” is, or even who he was speaking for.  Another sure sign is: no byline.  One guesses no one wants the “credit” for the story, or is afraid of public retribution.

INDIA CALLING ON ALL HEAVY HITTERS to support their extensive NPP plans.  The IAEA, for instance, is an organization owned /financed by the Nuclear Cartel to “Bless”  Nuclear plans, and whitewash nuclear incidents. They have been to Fukushima /Tokyo twice, and have yet to offer any remediation suggestions.  They seem to be experimenting with the Japanese people – One hell of a show!  All the other organizations referenced in the article are Indian Central Government dependencies, and are questionably knowledgeable about NPPs. They just seem to follow orders.

INDIAN CENTRAL GOVERNMENT IS EVIDENTLY STILL PRO-NUCLEAR. It seem the people of Tirunelvely have already asked the Nuclear Power Plant proponents the right questions: Accordingly, they need to KEEP-UP THE PRESSURE for specific responses to their inquiry. The point is, that on the reply to those questions hinge not only the Tirunelvely KKNPP “Power Park”, but also at least five(5) more like it (10,000Mw ea.) being proposed all over India. It is the duty of the Indian Central Government to address such important concerns as soon as possible, and certainly before any permits are granted.

FIVE (5) SPECIFIC CONCERNS ASKED BY THE TIRUNELVELY  PROTEST GROUP HAVE NOT BEEN ADDRESSED by The Panel. The issues were included in the memorandum submitted by two Official Representatives of the protesting Tirunelvely region people (where the Kundankulam NPPs are) at the previous meeting on 08 Nov 2011, but have not been addressed; they are:
1. Terms of the Inter-governmental agreement between Russia / France and India
2. impact on bilateral relations between Indian and Russian / French Governments
3. Russian versus Indian liability in the event of NPP malfunction or worse.
4. Nuclear Suppliers Group-related issues.  Look out for “strings attached” – You Know they would be there.  Don’t become a foreign colony again!  Ask questions of government officials.
5. Possibility of the intention to set-up a nuclear weapon facility at the Kudankulam NPP.  Question? Are they also intended as Plutonium creators for Nukes?  God forbid!

Perhaps the most important question is: What is to be done with all that “Spent Fuel’- nuclear waste?

“JAITAPUR NUCLEAR PARK” and four (4) more like it,  is potentially a much larger problem still looming. Please read my post dated 24 Nov. 2011;  titled : INDIA’S “JAITAPUR” NUCLEAR PLANT PLACED ON-HOLD DUE TO PUBLIC OPPOSITION; And yet, the same unanswered concerns still linger and apply as well.  I seriously doubt anyone in the Central government will show the determination/courage to even try.  Too much money involved!

BRAVO! TO THE PEOPLE OF INDIA for their strong NPP opposition. May they continue to press their Central government ELECTED officials, for they have something to loose. Nicolo Machiavelly (a wise Italian socio-political philosopher (C. 1450) said words to the effect that: “Those who have something to loose will always fight harder to preserve it, than those who do not know what they have to gain”; True enough!; However, in this case the people of India are the ones who have everything to loose, though many may not realize it!

I SAY AGAIN, TODAY NPP OPERATIONAL SAFETY IS NO LONGER THE MAIN ISSUE. The real problem is the huge worldwide accumulation of “Spent Fuel”(Transuranics) – highly toxic nuclear waste with very long decay rates, and NO PLACE TO SAFELY STORE THEM FOR ETERNITY. That problem has multiplied all over the world with every new NPP to aggravate the problem.


P..S. We are very happy to say that this website was read in more than 70 countries last month, and  readership continues to grow.  High on the list were Great Britain, Ukraine, Russian federation, Germany, France, and India.  Welcome one and all, and thanks for tolerating translation errors/glitches.

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