27 DEC 2011
JAPANESE COUNTERPART TO USA-NRC BLAMED FOR FUKUSHIMA TRAGEDY.  NISA has been heaped with vitriol for their part in the Fukushima Dai No.1 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) tragedy of 12 Mar 2011. The Chief Independent Investigator, Engineering Professor Yotaro Hatamura, Ph.D – Emeritus, leveled some of his strongest criticism against Japan’s “Nuclear Industrial and Safety Agency ( NISA)”.  Prof. Hatamura’s full report is expected in the summer of 2012, when it will include interviews with former Prime Minister Naoto Kan and other Cabinet officials. Those interviews weren’t completed for the interim report due to time constraints. DO YOU REALLY THINK SO ?- I DON’T.

PROF. HATAMURA’S SIX MONTH INVESTIGATION REPORT BY A 10 MEMBER TEAM OF EXPERTS was published in a scathing 507 page report on 26 Dec 2011, and includes many damning accusations principally involving governmental cover-up, inactions, lack of foresight, and of “planning for the worst” by both NISA Staff, and the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO).  Prof. Hatamura, specializes in studies of industrial accidents caused by “design flaws and human error”, includes a slew of planning failures, breakdown in communication and operational mistakes by TEPCO NISA Staff, even before, and after the earthquake and tsunami.  Prof. Hatamura was appointed by the government in May 2011 to lead an “impartial and multifaceted” investigation into the nuclear accident. He began studying “Human Error” after finding his students were more interested in how projects can go wrong, according to the publisher of his book “Learning from Failure.”


NISA officials left the Fukushima Dai-No.1 NPP site right after the 11 Mar 2011 earthquake/ tsunami,  and when they were ordered to return by the government, provided little assistance to TEPCO Staff struggling to gain control of three(3) melting reactors.  One might compare that to “desertion in the face of the enemy” at a time when monitoring the NPP’s status was vital; yet, The Investigation Committee found “no evidence that the NISA officials provided necessary assistance or advice.”  Plainly put: NISA OFFICIALS BUGGED-OUT! – Even though NISA’s manual said to stay at the NPP, their manager gave the officials (No names given to protect the guilty) permission to evacuate.

TOTAL LOSS OF ELECTRICAL POWER AND EVEN PHONES. While TEPCO supplied the electricity that kept homes, factories and offices running in metropolitan Tokyo (the world’s biggest city), lack of preparation for power failure in the Fukushima NPP left workers reduced to flashlights at the 864-acre site.  Even batteries in cell phones at the Fukushima NPP started running out the first day, and there was no power available even to recharge them, thus preventing communication with the “on-site emergency headquarters”. TEPCO hadn’t considered a tsunami overwhelming the Fukushima NPP; so, no preparation was made for “simultaneous and multiple losses of power” causing station blackout and the failure of all personal handy-phone system units in the NPP, seriously disrupting communications among staff.

CRITICAL COMMUNICATION FAILURES.  Communications became so balky that NPP manager Masao Yoshida, stationed in the emergency bunker, didn’t know what some workers were doing. The high pressure coolant injection system at the No. 3 reactor was stopped by a worker without authority from NPP managers, according to the report. The reactor was one of the three(3) that melted down.  Meanwhile, in Tokyo, the Central Government’s response was muddled by miscommunication between two(2) teams working on different floors of the same building.

TEPCO SAYS HOTLINES DID WORK  So said Spokesman Masato Yamaguchi on 26 Dec 2011.  Between the central control room and the reactor buildings worked following the quake, while workers outside the buildings could use a total of nine(9) transceivers, . The company added 29 transceivers on March 13 and 80 more on 15 Mar (day four).

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT FAILED TO USE ITS RADIATION SPREAD MONITORING SYSTEM. That failure in calculating evacuation areas, may yet cost many truncated lives. While the monitoring tool lacked sufficient data for an accurate assessment because of communication failures, its predictive functions should have been used; Worse yet, the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT WITH-HELD INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLIC. The report states: “Information on urgent matters was delayed, press releases were withheld, and explanations were kept (intentionally) ambiguous,”

NISA FAILED TO FOLLOW ITS OWN “ON-SITE DUTIES” The report says the agency’s manual called for inspectors to remain at Dai No.1 in an emergency, while other officials head to the offsite emergency command office 5 kilometers (3 miles) away in Okuma town.  However, by 14 March 2011, all eight(8) NISA officials (not identified) in the report, had left Dai No.1.     Hiroyuki Fukano, current Director-general of NISA said: “The inspectors were in charge of gathering live information on the site…It’s a serious problem that they didn’t do their job, though it’s a matter of NISA’s system, rather than individual inspectors” (see there, “no one is to blame”).  Mr. Fukano was appointed after the former head Nobuaki Terasaka was fired in Aug. 2011.  Only last Apr. 2011, Mr. Kazuma Yokota, NISA’s chief inspector at Dai No.1 at the time of the quake, said that he was one of three(3) inspectors who left the NPP 15 minutes after the temblor for Okuma. The three(3) reached the center in 15 minutes and found it wrecked, power down, and no working communications.

EVEN ” BEST LAID OF PLANS” ARE NO GOOD IF… Prof. Hatamura told reporters on 26 Dec 2011: “People are often unaware of the functions of the organizations they belong to…If you don’t understand that function, you can’t live up to the expectations that people put on your organization. This is basically what happened at NISA after the accident.”   Prof. Hatamura committee interviewed 456 people over a total of 900 hours of hearings by 16 Dec.  When Prof. Hatamura took the job of heading the independent investigation into the Fukushima tragedy, he said he was looking for lessons rather than culprits. He doesn’t sound that way now!

TEPCO: “NO COMMENT” Jun Oshima, a spokesman for TEPCO, declined to comment on the report as the utility is checking the contents.

Thanks to Bloomberg, Tokyo 27 Dec 2011.

There will always be enough blame to “go-around” regarding a tragedy, and the complete, and real truth will never be revealed in the interest of “protecting the guilty”- specially high level governmental figures.  There will always be those who say: “Stuff happens”, but does it have to be on my turf?  That kind of thinking is worrisome because it permeates organizations that have a “Public Trust” investiture such as the NRC; Yet, we know that our NRC is “Hog-tied, and impotent”.  It is very disquieting to think that there is an NRC equivalent in every “nuclear country”, and most of them are corrupt and answerable to the Nuclear Cartels.  The world needs profound change to attack graft and corruption in high government circles. 

Preventing any more NPPs from being built is one way to weaken The Nuclear Cartel by reducing  their huge “Money Power”.  It could  spare our world from so much  graft, corruption and “ transnucleide poisons”.  There is work to do!




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16 Dec 2011
JAPAN’S PRIME MINISTER YOSHIHIKO NODA IS LYING when he says Fukushima Dai No. 1 nuclear reactors have been brought to a state of “cold shutdown”. He said: “A stable condition has been achieved, and we can consider the accident itself contained”; This, is highly questionable from a scientific perspective; in the opinion of many experts.

SPEAKING AT HIS OFFICE IN TOKYO JAPAN, Prime Minister(PM) Noda said on 16 Dec 2011 that his government and the “Tokyo Electric Power Co.(TEPCO)” had contained the nuclear crisis that occurred after the (THREE) reactors (MELTED-THRU) at the Fukushima Dai No.1 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in N.E. Japan last 12 Mar. 2011.  He envisions (hopes for) the potential return of some evacuees from the no-go zones.

IT DEPENDS ON WHAT THEY CALL “COLD SHUTDOWN”  P.M. Noda, and TEPCO define it as “a reactor’s cooling system operating at atmospheric pressure, and below the boiling temperature of water (93 Celsius or 200F) degrees. 

NATURALLY, THE USA NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION (NRC) AGREES. Saying that TEPCO has released data showing it meets these criteria at Fukushima (SEE THERE- IT IS JUST A MATTER OF WHAT YOU WANT TO CALL IT! – Our NRC is complicit in deceit ; However, most nuclear scientists say the term “Cold Shutdown“ DOES NOT APPLY TO MELTED REACTORS. Tadashi Narabayashi, a former reactor safety researcher at Toshiba Corp. and now a nuclear engineering professor at Hokkaido University, said: “Achieving cold shutdown does not change the condition of the reactors…It does mean the government will start reviewing evacuation zones and perhaps lifting restrictions depending on extent of contamination…Work on decommissioning is a long way off. For now, they have to focus on making robots to remove melted fuel, and developing new technologies to demolish facilities…In addition, there are about 7 kilometers of plastic pipe in the makeshift cooling system that will need to be replaced with metal versions”

WHAT JAPAN, AND THE NRC CALLS IT, MAKE NO DIFFERENCE, Problem is: huge areas of land, towns and villages in the Fukushima region are highly contaminated by radiation fallout, and are likely to be uninhabitable for 20 years or more. Radiation has already forced the evacuation of about 160,000 people, and the government has yet to say how many can return and when.


TEPCO LIES AGAIN WITH A STRAIGHT FACE  They had said in Sep 2011 that they achieved stable cooling of the three reactors at the Dai-No.1 NPP,  by reducing their temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius; so, one supposes TEPCO DID IT AGAIN!  Last month, TEPCO assessed the radiation exposure at the plant’s boundaries at 0.1 millisievert a year, below its target of 1 millisievert a year. The drop in radiation was the second of two criteria imposed by the country’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency(Japan’s NRC) before they would consider the plant stable. Problem is no one believes TEPCO anymore; specially, the Japanese people.

AMERICAN OUTSPOKEN NUCLEAR ENGINEER ARNIE GUNDERSEN SAID: “It is an  achievement to have restored (reactor) cooling and gotten water temperatures to 100 C. …But I don’t know why they choose to say “cold shutdown” because that’s an affront to those in the industry who really know what the term means …(Plain fact is)those nuclear cores are still in a configuration where the center is extraordinarily hot.” AND UNPREDICTABLY SO – FOR MANY YEARS YET!  Gunderson added: “Declaring the cold shutdown at Fukushima risks further eroding people’s faith in the government’s ability to regulate the nuclear power industry. I actually think it’s going to blow up in their face…In the eyes of the Japanese public, the last thing they need to do is exaggerate; AND THIS, IS AN EXAGGERATION”.

JAPAN AND TEPCO’S HARDEST WORK IS ONLY BEGINNING Besides maintaining stable cooling of the melted-thru reactors and “spent-fuel pools” at the plant, TEPCO has to manage storage tanks holding millions of metric tons of contaminated water;  So said Najmedin Meshkati, a professor of civil engineering at the “University of Southern California” who worked as a consultant on decommissioning Chernobyl.  He added: “Now the hardest part starts, which is the cleanup”  Experiences in other countries show the scale of the task still facing TEPCO as it begins decommissioning the reactors, and cleaning contaminated waste, even without the complications posed by the damage at Fukushima.

USA ALSO HAS A HUGE “NUCLEAR WASTE” LEGACY TO REMEDIATE Daniel Poneman, the U.S. Deputy Secretary at the Department of Energy (DOE), said in Tokyo on 15 Dec 2011: “Cold War weapons production in the U.S. left the country with ‘a significant nuclear cleanup legacy, including high- level waste, contaminated soil and groundwater’….The Hanford Site in Washington State and the Savannah River Site in South Carolina have more than 90 million gallons of liquid waste in tanks that the government is working to convert into more stable forms, that do not threaten the environment”. ONE SUPPOSES PONEMAN IS TRYING TO SAY: WELL…WE HAVE A PROBLEM TOO, YOU KNOW!  THERE IS AN OLD SPANISH SAYING: “MAL DE MUCHOS – CONSUELO DE PENDEJOS” (WHAT AILS MANY – IS THE CONSOLATION OF FOOLS”) NO REAL HELP. “ Japan’s government has requested support from the USA to decommission the Fukushima Dai-No.1 NPP, as well as managing the site from an environmental perspective”.  Hell, we can’t even clean up our own act!!!

Thanks to Bloomberg 16 Dec 2011, Tokyo Japan, for quotations.

MY TAKE: Is that the Japanese government is under intense pressure from the Japanese and the Worldwide Nuclear Cartel. They all know they are sinking by the bow, and want to do something – even lying, which is cheap, but no longer easy to sell.   JAPAN MAY JUST AS WELL FORGET THEY EVER HAD A NPP PREEMINENCE IN THE WORLD.- IT WENT UP IN THE BLACK SMOKE OF THE FUKUSHIMA EXPLOSIONS, AND RADIOACTIVE SPEWS OF 12 Mar 2011.  THEIR PROBLEM IS : IT IS DOWNGRADING THEIR HUGE INVESTMENTS WORLDWIDE.  Just look at EDF in France. It is hemorrhaging money, and they do not know how to stop it. They, and several other nuclear energy purveyors, need to diversify into Clean-energy ASAP!  THAT IS CLEAR AS DAY!



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11 Dec 2011

USA CONGRESS REP. EDWARD MARKEY (D-MASS) EXPOSES NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION(NRC) COLLUSION. Rep. Ed Markey (Congress’ leading voice for nuclear safety); As part of his on-going investigation into U.S. nuclear safety since the Fukushima incident, on 10 Dec 2011 released a damning new report that details how all four(4) NRC Commissioners have colluded to prevent, and then delay the work of the NRC “Near-Term Task-Force on Fukushima”  The NRC task-force was tasked to provide recommendations for the immediate improvement to NRC regulations and procedures incorporating the “Lessons-learned” from the Fukushima Dai No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)triple-meltdowns on 12 Mar 2011- the worst nuclear disaster in history.

THE “NRC NEAR TERM TASK-FORCE” is composed of  Staff members with more than 135 years of collective NPP experience; Additionally, they have full access to other expert NRC staff. After they completed a methodical and comprehensive review of NRCs regulatory system, Rep. Markeys Congressional staff also reviewed thousands of pages of documents, including e-mails, correspondence, meeting minutes, and voting records.  They found a concerted effort by Commissioners William Magwood, Kristine Svinicki, William Ostendorff and George Apostolakis to undermine the efforts of the Fukushima Task Force with requests for endless additional study (Foot-dragging still) in an effort to delay the release and implementation of the Task Force’s final recommendations.

OPEN HOSTILITY TOWARD CHAIRMAN JACZKO Documents show a clear/stated hostility on the part of the four (4) Commissioners toward efforts of NRC Chairman Greg Jaczko(fifth member of the Commission) despite his efforts keep them fully informed regarding the  demonstrable need for immediate implementation of  the “Fukushima Lessons-Learned” recommendations. The “gang of four” sold-out Commissioners is now is calling for the impeachment of Chairman Jaczko. HE MUST BE MAKING IT UNCOMFORTABLE FOR THEM AND THEIR SPONSORS! – Damn corruption! That is what it is, and clear for all to see.  ANY IMPROVEMENTS TO THE USAs NUCLEAR FLEET WOULD COST THEIR SPONSORS MONEY.

REP MARKEY SAID GENERAL PUBLIC AT RISK BECAUSE OF NRC INACTION The four Commissioners would rather leave America’s nuclear fleet (about 130 NPPs), and consequently the USA general public at risk;  Instead of doing what they have been sworn to do. these four Commissioners have clearly abdicated their responsibility to the ensure the safety of the American Public, to favor the financial interests of the USAs Nuclear Industry. I call on these four Commissioners to stop their obstruction, do their jobs and quickly, move to fully implement the lessons learned from the Fukushima disaster.  THAT MY FRIENDS, IS “CALLING IT LIKE IT IS”.  LEFT- ON MARKEY!


1. Four NRC Commissioners attempted to delay and otherwise impede the creation of the NRC Near-Term Task Force on Fukushima;

2. Four NRC Commissioners conspired, with each other, and with senior NRC staff, to delay the release of , and alter the NRC Near-Term Task Force report on Fukushima;

3. The other NRC Commissioners attempted to slow down or otherwise impede the adoption of the safety recommendations made by the NRC Near-Term Task Force on Fukushima;

4.  NRC Chairman Greg Jaczko kept the other four NRC Commissioners fully informed regarding the Japanese emergency, despite claims to the contrary made by these Commissioners.

5.  The consideration of the Fukushima safety upgrades is not the only safety-related issue that the other NRC Commissioners have opposed.  After the Near Term Task Force released its report in July 2011, Rep. Markey called for the rapid adoption of all recommendations, and sent letters criticizing Commissioners Svinicki, Magwood and Ostendorff to delay even their consideration.

6. Rep. Markey also introduced legislation to overhaul nuclear safety. The “NPP Safety Act of 2011” will impose a moratorium on all new nuclear reactor licenses, or license extensions until new safety requirements are in place that reflect the lessons learned from the Fukushima disaster.  WE WISH REP MARKEY LUCK WITH THE UPCOMING CONGRESS.  Today’s Republican house would probably reject any such initiative outright.  They have all the bases covered for now.  BUT WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND, AND THEIR DAY IS COMING SOON!  THEY KNOW IT TOO!

7. Rep. Markey’s office also released the report: “Fukushima Fallout“ – Regulator Loopholes.

Thanks to: States News Service, 10 Dec 2011


MY TAKE:  Please read Part-One to this on-going political standoff :


Dated 01 Sep 2011

THE HEIGHTENED RHETORIC AND OPEN HOSTILITY  ONLY “TIGHTEN THE HOG- KNOTS” TIGHTER,  But no help in sight for the American Public.  This is a pathetic example of a dysfunctional Democracy.  Something has got to give!  Corruption in high places is an affront to modern Democracies, and like a societal cancer, that enriches the few. at the expense of the many, but without any regard for public safety.  BIG MONEY CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED, AND THE WORLDWIDE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY IS ONE OF THE WORST EXAMPLES.  Some day (here, or in the hereafter) such people without morals or integrity will be called to answer.  FOR NOW, ALL THAT A PERSON LIKE ME CAN DO, IS TO SYMBOLICALLY SPIT AT THEIR FEET, OR THROW A SHOE AT THEM!  JUST TO THINK THAT MOST “NUCLEAR ” COUNTRIES HAVE NRC COUNTERPARTS!   

One has to admire the courage and determination of people like NRC Chairman Jaczko, and USA Rep Ed Markey. It may seem as though they are just wasting their time, but by exposing corruption for what it is, they serve a very high purpose.


P.S. I sense Sweden may be in the horns of a dilemma regarding their high reliance on nuclear energy.  My next article will seek to explore their reasoning, and alternatives.

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03 Dec 2011

INDIA TO INVITE THE IAEA OPERATIONAL REVIEW TEAM TO “BLESS” INDIAN NUKES, and to assist in “safety reviews”, and audits of their existing nuclear power plants. The move is part of steps being undertaken by the Indian Central Government to the address safety concerns, relating to Nuclear Power Plants (NPP)s, in the aftermath of the triple melt-down incident at Fukushima Dai No.1 NPP, on 12 Mar 2011 in Japan.

THE INDIAN CENTRAL GOVERNMENT “Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS)” reviewed the safety of all (existing)nuclear plants, particularly the steps taken, after the crisis at Fukushima and the proposed steps to be taken thereafter. Apart from inviting the IAEA team, the Indian CCS was told (BY WHOM ?)that a technical safety review of the nuclear facilities had been completed, particularly in context of their ability to withstand large natural disasters. An official Spokesperson said:Recommendations to enhance safety, wherever required, are being implemented,”  The CCS also reviewed the action taken following the incident of radiation in Mayapuri in Delhi in 2010.  Reiterating that safety of nuclear power plants was a matter of highest priority. The Fukushima Dai No.1 NPP was reportedly not prepared for the 15 meter high tsunami that struck the plant in March 2011, reigniting safety concerns about nuclear plants in many parts of the world.

PROTESTS CONTINUE ALL OVER INDIA AGAINST NPPs. Anti-nuclear protesters have highlighted the Fukushima accident by stalling NPP  projects, particularly the Kudankulam KKNPP/ nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu. It was scheduled to be commissioned this month, but the decision had to be put on hold to address the fears of the local population.  A spokesman said: “Mechanisms for responding to nuclear and radiological emergencies are being strengthened in coordination with the “National Disaster Management Authority”(counterpart to the USAs “Emergency Response Team”) and pointing that additional emergency response centers would be set up in this context.

NO THANKS TO: Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 02 Dec 2011, for a poorly written, no names given, piece of Pro-Nuclear Propaganda that passes for news.  If you think I exaggerate, please TRY to read the article at link below.  Note that I have tried to clarify the issues as best can.…le1-777181.aspx


“GOOD PRESS”- IS REALLY PROPAGANDA, AND A TRAIT OF PRO-NUCLEAR CORRUPTION; It is in fact, the 4th pillar of their “people persuasion machine” to “Sell” the “Un-sellable” to a now growing informed / concerned public all over the world.  They may convince “a few of the people all of the time, or some people, some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time”.  Nuclear proponents “nest is on the ground” all over the world.  PROBLEM IS, CORRUPTION AND BIG MONEY, DO NOT GIVE-UP EASILY. Too many years “ruling the roost!”

INDIA’S PRESS IS TRANSPARENTLY PRO-NUCLEAR, and no doubt controlled by Nuclear Interests.  Notice they very seldom say who “The Spokesman” is, or even who he was speaking for.  Another sure sign is: no byline.  One guesses no one wants the “credit” for the story, or is afraid of public retribution.

INDIA CALLING ON ALL HEAVY HITTERS to support their extensive NPP plans.  The IAEA, for instance, is an organization owned /financed by the Nuclear Cartel to “Bless”  Nuclear plans, and whitewash nuclear incidents. They have been to Fukushima /Tokyo twice, and have yet to offer any remediation suggestions.  They seem to be experimenting with the Japanese people – One hell of a show!  All the other organizations referenced in the article are Indian Central Government dependencies, and are questionably knowledgeable about NPPs. They just seem to follow orders.

INDIAN CENTRAL GOVERNMENT IS EVIDENTLY STILL PRO-NUCLEAR. It seem the people of Tirunelvely have already asked the Nuclear Power Plant proponents the right questions: Accordingly, they need to KEEP-UP THE PRESSURE for specific responses to their inquiry. The point is, that on the reply to those questions hinge not only the Tirunelvely KKNPP “Power Park”, but also at least five(5) more like it (10,000Mw ea.) being proposed all over India. It is the duty of the Indian Central Government to address such important concerns as soon as possible, and certainly before any permits are granted.

FIVE (5) SPECIFIC CONCERNS ASKED BY THE TIRUNELVELY  PROTEST GROUP HAVE NOT BEEN ADDRESSED by The Panel. The issues were included in the memorandum submitted by two Official Representatives of the protesting Tirunelvely region people (where the Kundankulam NPPs are) at the previous meeting on 08 Nov 2011, but have not been addressed; they are:
1. Terms of the Inter-governmental agreement between Russia / France and India
2. impact on bilateral relations between Indian and Russian / French Governments
3. Russian versus Indian liability in the event of NPP malfunction or worse.
4. Nuclear Suppliers Group-related issues.  Look out for “strings attached” – You Know they would be there.  Don’t become a foreign colony again!  Ask questions of government officials.
5. Possibility of the intention to set-up a nuclear weapon facility at the Kudankulam NPP.  Question? Are they also intended as Plutonium creators for Nukes?  God forbid!

Perhaps the most important question is: What is to be done with all that “Spent Fuel’- nuclear waste?

“JAITAPUR NUCLEAR PARK” and four (4) more like it,  is potentially a much larger problem still looming. Please read my post dated 24 Nov. 2011;  titled : INDIA’S “JAITAPUR” NUCLEAR PLANT PLACED ON-HOLD DUE TO PUBLIC OPPOSITION; And yet, the same unanswered concerns still linger and apply as well.  I seriously doubt anyone in the Central government will show the determination/courage to even try.  Too much money involved!

BRAVO! TO THE PEOPLE OF INDIA for their strong NPP opposition. May they continue to press their Central government ELECTED officials, for they have something to loose. Nicolo Machiavelly (a wise Italian socio-political philosopher (C. 1450) said words to the effect that: “Those who have something to loose will always fight harder to preserve it, than those who do not know what they have to gain”; True enough!; However, in this case the people of India are the ones who have everything to loose, though many may not realize it!

I SAY AGAIN, TODAY NPP OPERATIONAL SAFETY IS NO LONGER THE MAIN ISSUE. The real problem is the huge worldwide accumulation of “Spent Fuel”(Transuranics) – highly toxic nuclear waste with very long decay rates, and NO PLACE TO SAFELY STORE THEM FOR ETERNITY. That problem has multiplied all over the world with every new NPP to aggravate the problem.


P..S. We are very happy to say that this website was read in more than 70 countries last month, and  readership continues to grow.  High on the list were Great Britain, Ukraine, Russian federation, Germany, France, and India.  Welcome one and all, and thanks for tolerating translation errors/glitches.

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