16 Sep 2011

ANTI-NUCLEAR DEMONSTRATION IN INDIA’S SOUTH-MOST STATE. A massive public demonstration spearheaded by various religious and anti-nuclear activists, protested against the 1000 Megawatt (MW) “Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP)” located in Tirunelveli, India. The plant is one of two(2) being built (next to each other) on the site, by the “Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL)”. The first Nuclear Power Plant is expected to go start producing commercial electricity in Oct 2011(next month) offering some relief to the power starved Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The second unit of  KNPP will start providing power to the national grid in June 2012. Hectic activities are underway at the plants for the timely commissioning of the first two (2) plants; However, an additional four(4) Nukes are planned on the same site.

RUSSIAN DESIGNED NUKES The power plants are being built under technical collaboration with Russia. The Russian government has expressed its willingness to help India build four(4) more reactors of 1200 MW each at the Tirunelveli site, which would then be converted into an “energy park”.

TROUBLEMAKERS PROTEST Some 127 persons including 20 women, three nuns, four priests belonging to a Roman Catholic group, and four physically challenged men are on indefinite fast at the site of the plant since Sunday demanding its shutdown at the earliest. Intelligence officials in Chennai said the agitation looks very dubious.

SPEAKING FOR THE PROTESTERS, SP Udaya Kumar, of the “People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy”, and one of the participants sitting in fast, says he does not know whether any villagers have been deprived of their land because of the plant. “Those things are immaterial. We do not need this nuclear power plant here in (the City of)Tirunelveli he told India’s DNA publishers.  He expressed his ignorance when asked about the land acquired by the NPCIL for building two(2) nuclear power plants of 1000 MW each.

LOCAL AUTHORITIES BAFFLED? A senior intelligence official(UNIDENTIFIED) said the presence of leaders of a particular religion (Roman Catholic) has been noted. “This needs to be studied and analyzed…There were no protests or agitations when the ground works of the reactor began in 2001”  Udaya Kumar, a political scientist, charges that no public hearings were held prior to the sanctioning of the project. But he was evasive when asked why they did not approach the courts. NPCIL authorities said the area selected for the site was barren land. In Tirunelveli, land is still being sold at throw-away prices because there is no irrigation facility.

INDIA’S ACADEMIA LIKES THE PROJECT. Prof AJA, Ranjit Singh, principal, Sri Parama Kalyani, College of environmental Science, said there is something suspicious about the way the agitation has been organized. Dr Anil Kakodkar, former chairman, Department of Atomic Energy, said that the KNPP would be the safest of all nuclear reactors in the world (naturally). NOTHING IS SAID ABOUT THE TYPE OF REACTORS USED, BUT GEN-III, are a good bet. 

From a DNA 14 Sep 2011 article

As it is now well recognized, the Nuclear Industry follows the same Modus Operandi (MO) worldwide;  In this case, in India 2001, they clearly colluded with the Local authorities for permission to carry out their plans, even without consulting with the locals.  Next, they obtained engineering technical, and other support from Russia. We do not know the details of their arrangement, but they normally include life-long monopoly on nuclear fuel provisioning; That way, Nukes become: “The gift that keeps on giving”.  Next they got Academia to say how great this project would be if faced with opposition (as it is now).  Finally, they paid-off the press for “good coverage”.

NOT SO FAST! Everybody involved was economically set-up for life….but then, on 12 March 2011 Fukushima exploded in their faces;  FUKUSHIMA CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR THE URANIUM NUCLEAR INDUSTRY WORLDWIDE!  THE NUCLEAR CARTEL IS NOW IN A STEEP DIVE.

NIMBY! Now that the people of Tirunelvely, India have had the chance to see, and read about the demise of Japan and its Fukushima Dai No.1 Nuke complex, everyone says: NOT IN MY BACK-YARD(NIMBY), AND RIGHTLY SO!.  That is exactly what the demonstrators are trying to tell the Nuke builders. 

Judging from the tenor of the article referenced above, The clearly biased Indian Press would like to present the Demonstrators as ignorant, “religious nuts”, and agitators.  THEY JUST DON’T GET IT!!! OR RATHER, DON’T WANT TO GET IT!!!  The demonstrators are clearly knowledgeable, articulate, vocal,  and even using M. K. Gandhi peaceful protest means.  I am happy to report that now protests against Nukes are becoming nationwide in India, (and regrettably, more violent). BRAVO FOR THEM! AND ALL LIKE THEM.  WE WISH THEM SUCCESS AGAINST THE “POWERS OF B”, FOR THE SAKE OF THE WHOLE WORLD.



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