“26 Aug 2011

Environmental Group “Greenpeace Intl. – U.K. Branch” said on 26 Aug 2011, that it has sued the United Kingdom(UK), and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne in London for: “Unlawfully ignoring the Fukushima nuclear disaster in planning new reactors…The secretary of state unlawfully chose to press ahead with his plans for new nuclear reactors at eight(8) sites in England and Wales, without waiting to take into account relevant considerations arising from the Fukushima disaster”.  Greenpeace asked a judge to review the government’s decisions in planning new reactors. Greenpeace submitted an 1,611-page legal petition to the High Court, and said it was seeking a judicial review, claiming that ministers were not taking into account specialist advice on the implications of the disaster on future reactors.

Greenpeace Executive Director, John Sauven said: “The tragic events of Fukushima have been a catalyst for governments around the world to look again at the safety and viability of their nuclear plans…Instead of following the lead of countries like Germany, our government has recklessly decided to push ahead with new nuclear power without properly taking into account many of the lessons from Fukushima or wider implications for the nuclear industry…We believe the Government’s failure to properly consult experts and the public after the Fukushima tragedy amounts to a dangerous attempt to cut corners and carve out voices of concern, in order to keep pushing forward with its favorite technology…Following Fukushima, a number of countries decided nuclear power wasn’t worth the risk or increased costs and focused on safer, clean renewable technologies; Instead, in Britain (despite election promises), the coalition Government is planning HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF POUNDS(STERLING) MORE IN HIDDEN SUBSIDIES FOR THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, and dragging its heels on creating the green jobs and growth we need”.   Greenpeace further accused the Government of “unlawfully” pressing ahead with plans to build 8 new nuclear reactors in England and Wales; without waiting to take into account relevant considerations arising from the Fukushima incident.

A spokesman for the U.K.’s “Department of Energy and Climate Change” said: “We are confident that the designation of the Nuclear National Policy Statement was lawful.”

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WHERE IS THE “UNITED KINGDOM (UK)” ? Well…It seems to depend on who you ask.  Problem is, that since the decline of the “ British Empire” of Victorian times, there have been several politically correct names applied to the country.  Now “Great Britain(GB) ”, United Kingdom (UK), England, and Britain, are used interchangeably as evidenced by article above.

The United Kingdom(UK), is a sovereign state and a country, which considers England, Scotland, Whales and Northern Ireland as its constituents, even though each has evolved(morphed) into other forms of self-government.  The British Prime Minister’s website euphemistically uses the phrase “COUNTRIES WITHIN A COUNTRY” (Very politically correct/inclusive – be it true or not)to describe the United Kingdom. However, Northern Ireland considers itself  a “Province” of Great Britain.  Notwithstanding, globalization requires all countries to adopt a two letter acronym; so, “Great Britain” is internationally recognized as “GB”. So be it, you Brits! (fun intended).

NOW THEN, GETTING TO THE “NUT OF THE COCONUT”: To build, or not to build, 8 new reactors in GB, That is the question.  When Faced with a lawsuit from Greenpeace international,   The GB “Department of Energy and Climate Change” said: “We are confident that the designation of the Nuclear National Policy Statement was lawful.”.  NO ROOM FOR DISCUSSION OR CONSIDERATION SHOWN HERE! – Quite simply stated, the Powers of B have deigned the creation of 8 more reactors necessary, and the GB government has passed laws to support such a position.  At least the official didn’t say: What’s with Fukushima?, they didn’t even buy our MOX.  What’s to be learned from them? Who cares anyway!;  SO, BRITISH BIG BROTHER SAYS: WE NEED 8 MORE REACTORS!  But why would British Big Brother want 8 new reactors to be built in GB?  Because they can, and because there is money, LOTS OF MONEY , for all government officials(and others) involved in the process.  Almost certainly, they have a defensible argument to do so, and to justify their political decision.  Brits are very good at that;  However, experience has tought us the Nuclear Cartel pays-off (buys the collusion of) officials in all “nuclear generating” countries.  Go figure! About $10,000 MILLION per reactor…is a very politically corruptive figure. Just read my article below, and see if you agree:

Remember, The Nuclear(Uranium)Cartel not only pollutes our environment worldwide, it also corrupts our political systems out of shape. That, is their Modus-operandi.



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21 Aug 2011

AT ISSUE – WHY IS THERE A NEWS BLACKOUT ABOUT FUKUSHIMA IN THE WEST? Even when such news are in the best interest of the public.  Since Japan’s Fukushima Dai No.1 tragic events of 12 Mar 2011, the three (3) melted-thru Nukes, and spent-fuel pools, have released 30 times the radiation contamination amount of the Hiroshima bomb.  Worse yet, the molten cores appear to be sinking through the last concrete containment measures, and into the soil beneath.  Russia Today (RT) held a lengthy interview on 18 Aug 2011, as Presenter Tom Hartman questioned  Paul Gunter of  “Beyond Nuclear”.

WHO IS PAUL GUNTER?  AN ANTI- NUKE GURU SINCE 1976;  THAT’S WHO.  Paul was a 2008 recipient of the Jane Bagley Lehman Award from the Tides Foundation for his work on nuclear power and climate change. He has appeared on NBC Nightly World News, The Lehrer News Hour, BBC World News and Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now!” He co-founded the “Clamshell Alliance” in 1976 to oppose Seabrook (NH) nuclear power plant construction through non-violent direct action that launched the U.S. antinuclear movement before joining  Beyond Nuclear advocates for an energy future that is sustainable, and aims to educate and activate the public about the connections between Nukes and Big money. Gunter also served 16 years as Director of the “Reactor Watchdog Project for Nuclear Information and Resource Service” He was born in Mississippi, and reared in Detroit, MI.

JAPANESE DR. TASUHIKO KODAMA 58, Is head of  the “University of Tokyo Radioisotope Center Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology” in Meguro-ku.  Dr. Kodama is highly qualified to compile/analyze radiation data, and has been working to develop cancer treatment methods using isotopes;  Accordingly he is highly knowledgeable about internal radiation exposure problems.  Kodama said on 20 Aug 2011: “The total amount of leakage (radiation uncontrollably released into air, ground, and water)  is about 29.6 times the amount of contamination caused by the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Assuming the source material to be uranium, we estimate the total amount of leakage to be about 30 times what was caused by the Hiroshima bomb.” Dr. Kodama added: “What’s more, the radiation (that we are talking about) will decrease at a much slower rate than after the A-bomb. When the amount of radiation is small, it’s enough to consider on-the-spot radiation. But when the total volume is huge, we have to think about how the particles will disperse…this happens in a non-linear manner, which is very difficult to calculate scientifically, because concentration is apt to occur in unpredictable locations. (WHO KNOWS WHERE THE WIND OR SEA WILL TAKE IT? )This will keep happening, such as when feed-hay for cattle was contaminated by cesium, and when contamination was found in tea and leaf mulch”. Dr. Kodama testified to the Japanese Parliament’s “Committee for Health, Labor and Welfare” last 27 July 2011. HIS TESTIMONY MADE HEADLINES IN JAPAN, BUT NOT ANYWHERE ELSE. – VIVA LA WESTERN PRESS! And no thanks to the Mighty Murdoch Media Empire.

WHY THE NEWS BLACKOUT? “So what exactly is going on there? asked Hartmann on Russia Today, and why the media black-out on this increasingly dangerous nuclear disaster?” It has been 160 days since the disastrous events at Fukushima Dai No.1 Nuke plant, but information is still not forthcoming.  Paul Gunter joined Hartmann to shed light on what the news media is blacking out. Gunter added that fuel fragments found over 1-1/2 miles away from the facility did not come from explosions of the “spent fuel pools”.  According to the U. S.A. Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC)  the fuel fragments were ejected from the nuclear core(s) from the beginning.”  Gunter told Hartmann, “the first thing to be controlled in nuclear incidents is information. There’s an incredible lag-time (months) before we really understand the situation,”  Hartmann reiterated that the catastrophe is releasing 20 to 29 times more contamination than the Hiroshima bomb but he did not see Dr. Kodama’s new data “in a single newspaper in the United States.” Question is: Why not?  Hartman thinks that a GLOBAL NUCLEAR INDUSTRY IS IN CONTROL OF THE NEWS MEDIA “We’re really dependent on “Indy-media” these days,” he said. “Shows like yours, like what’s on Blogs, and, Youtube; this is where news on Fukushima breaks first.”- PLEASE SEE THE LAST PARA



BY-CRACKY! THINGS ARE REALLY GETTING WORSE. As the molten cores sink into the ground, increasing the nuclear plant’s lethality, an unidentified Fukushima Dai No.1 employee said: “A LOT OF CRACKS CAME UP IN THE GROUND. Massive steam is coming up from there. It’s too smoggy(stifling) here. Can’t see a thing. It seems like a nuclear reaction is happening underground; Now we are evacuating. Watch out for the direction of the wind”.  Gunter commented: “We know there have been three(3) melt-thru events…The reactor’s melted core has burned through the concrete floor of the buildings, into the Earth, and is reaching the ground water and creating steam…If this was in Nevada, it would be no big deal. It would end up in the dirt some place buried forever; However, most Nukes (including those in the U.S.A.), are built right next to water for cooling, so the water table is right there…if the melted cores are hot enough, they can separate out the elemental forms of water – hydrogen and oxygen, and that creates an underground explosive environment…The radioactivity readings we are seeing right now, suggest that the radiation level is off-scale(too high) for the instrumentation used by the workers…Five-hundred REM is considered lethal dose; This is 1000 REM coming out of these cracks. So, we’re seeing doses that could cause fatalities within days… the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) permissible radiation amount  for the public is 100 miliRem (mR) per year; This is one million  mR; so these are lethal doses that are (unexpectedly) coming out of the ground…(Meanwhile TEPCO)has been looking to contain this accident by building tents over the Nuke units which is kind of ludicrous(OR UNREALISTIC) of itself, and shows their level of desperation.”

Dr. Kodama told Mainichi Daily on 20 Aug 2011(Saturday), “What’s more, the radiation will decrease(decay) at a much slower rate than after the A-bomb. When the amount of radiation is small, it’s enough to consider “on-the-spot radiation.” but when the total volume is huge, we have to think about how the particles will disperse….this happens in a non-linear manner, which is very difficult to calculate scientifically, because concentration is apt to occur in unpredictable locations. This will keep happening, such as when feed-hay for cattle was contaminated by cesium, and when contamination was found in tea and leaf mulch.” TRANSLATION: ONCE THE RADIOACTIVITY SPEWS OUT, NO ONE CAN PREDICT WHERE IT WILL GO; THAT, IS THE HELL OF IT! AS FOR “CLEAN-UP EFFORTS”, THEY ARE OF QUESTIONABLE VALUE. – PERMIT ME AN ANALOGY:  If one goes to the tallest building in town, and shakes a goose down feather pillow on a windy day, what are the chances of recovering even a small amount of the feathers?  PROBLEM IS THESE RADIOACTIVE PARTICLES WILL BE HARMFUL FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.

NEW STRONG QUAKE IN FUKUSHIMA REGION. As if man-made problems were not enough, mother nature unleashed another quake on the Fukushima region of Japan on 19 Aug 2011;  with a Richter 6.8 magnitude(very strong). TEPCO says: “the quake caused no abnormalities” at the crippled Fukushima Dai No 1 Nuke complex.  WE HOPE SO, BUT WITH THE NEWS BLACKOUT, WE REALLY DON’T KNOW –  DO WE?

To see the entire interview click on:  Please understand that this my attempt to summarize, and abbreviate a lengthy interview meant for multi-media.

BLOGERS ARISE! We reiterate that Blogs such a these, and such, are the “Thin Red-Line” against disinformation, misinformation, and outright lies promulgated by the Powers of B (as in Billions).  They are a very powerful bunch, and seek to perpetuate their power and financial interest at all costs.  Even so, The Uranium Nuclear Cartel has lost its primacy and public support.  It will go down with Japan; unfortunately for Japan, soon.



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16 Aug 2011

NUKE INDUSTRY SERVANTS ? Japan’s Central Government as usual, has nothing to offer but PLANS…AND MORE PLANS.  There is a natural inclination to think such politicians are irresolute, uncaring, or at worst, criminally remiss in the performance of their duties: but in fact, they are JUST DRAGGING THEIR FEET TO SERVE THE NUKE INDUSTRY MONETARY INFLUENCES; And so, they just pretend everything is under control, and promise that soon it will be “back to business as usual”.  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! 

IN OUR OPINION THE JAPANESE SHIP OF STATE IS SETTLING IN THE WATER LIKE THE TITANIC.  Mortally wounded by the tragic events of Fukushima Dai No. 1, it will tip over and sink when its industry begins to migrate elsewhere.  Predictably, the very rich industrialists always abandon ship first, and don’t really care if there are enough lifeboats for all. Just like in the Titanic sinking, THE BAND PLAYED-ON. The government likes it that way! No use making any waves UH! – I don’t know about that!

IMAGINE THAT! – now they plan to “shake-up” their  “Nuclear Industry Watchdogs” by April 2012; more than one year after the Tragic events at Fukushima Dai No.1 of last 12 mar  2011…A DAY FOR HUMANITY TO REMEMBER! (how could we forget ?).  PROBLEM IS, THAT GIVEN THEIR PAST ACTIONS/INACTIONS, IT WILL BE JUST A GAME OF “MUSICAL CHAIRS” (American parlor- game where the same participants exchange chairs at the end of each song).  Japan’s Central Government is clearly the “Best Government money can buy” and needs to be replaced as a whole.  Their inaction is costing Japan countless lives, and leading their country to financial ruination as well.  Japanese politicians with “watery eyes” are not really sorry, they are just peeing in the bath-water (you know what I mean, don’t you ?).  They may be getting relief, but the Japanese people are not.

JAPAN’S SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROBLEMS ARE VERY DIFFERENT FROM THOSE IN THE USA OR THE UK. A very wise Australian from Brisbane: John, wrote on 16 Aug 2011: “ After 20 ‘lost years’ of economic growth, Japan does not have the same mass unemployment, inequality and social unrest facing the supposedly dynamic free-market bastions of the USA and UK. Japan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP )does not need to grow each year because its population is shrinking; (Hence)to measure it against this benchmark is a failure of the western ‘grow at all cost model’. If anything, Japan’s stagnant GDP has shown us that it’s far better to have a more equal society with less economic growth, than a growing economy where the rich get all of the gains”  HE IS VERY RIGHT IN MY OPINION!  Even so, Japan is saddled with a shrinking economy, aging population, and a shrinking population rate, while its Fukushima related liabilities/reparation costs continue to escalate exponentially, with no end in sight,  and with endemic energy shortages created by its idled Nukes.


P.S. We are very happy to report that over 25 countries now have readers of this Blog.  Their greatest numbers are in the Russian Federation, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Switzerland,  Nigeria, and The Netherlands(formerly Holland).  We are grateful for their readership; specially since we know that the language translators are not always faithful to meaning, or even intelligible. WELCOME FOLKS!  TO TEXAS, WHERE WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS! – AND WITHOUT ANY DISTRACTING PUBLICITY.   Please ask your friends to join us.

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11 Aug 2011

IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the need to safely dispose of the nuclear waste at the hundreds of sites, including nine(9) where now-closed reactors once stood, has taken on new urgency in recent months, after the Fukushima Tragedy made it very clear that globally, “Spent-Fuel Pools” function as long term repositories; THEY ARE NOT.  Actually, “Spent-Fuel” is a misnomer.  Spent-fuel retains more than 90% of its radioactive energy (though not usable “as-is”) for Nukes and yet, it CONTAINS THE MOST TOXIC OF NUKE BY-PRODUCTS IMAGINABLE. A whole bevy of hard to enumerate and even read, names of short, and long-life “Transuranics”- Isotopes.  Some of these will remain deadly radioactive for millennia; If the world knew how to “clean up this mess” brought upon us by the Uranium Energy Cartel, they would already have done so.  SPENT-FUEL POOLS ARE NO SUBSTITUTE FOR LONG-TERM NUKE WASTE REPOSITORIES.

PROBLEM REMAINS: WHERE TO SAFELY STORE NUCLEAR WASTE FOR THE LONG TERM. We must realize that this is rapidly growing global problem;  However, for the purpose of this article, we shall narrow our concern focus to the United States.  TRUTH IS: We too have failed to designate a permanent nuclear repositories.  Plainly said, after 50 years of producing nuclear waste, we still don’t have a NUCLEAR WASTE REPOSITORY despite lip service by several administrations to remedy the problem.  In fact everyone says yes but, “Not in My Back Yard (NIMBY)!”

POLITICS OF YUCCA MOUNTAIN:  The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository, was built at a cost of $13.5 Bn, and  is located in Nevada, but was never used , or is likely to be used, given the opposition of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  Political will has been non-existent.  All important politicians say: “Not In My Back-Yard” – After all they must be reelected if they wish to continue to “serve the people of their state”.  Such was the case with Sen Reid (D-NV) ; Likewise, by his failed political opponent, Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle, even though she advocated expanded nuclear energy. Soon after taking office, Pres. Obama made it his mission to ensure that Yucca Mountain would never open; Accordingly, DOE Secretary Steven Chu, has repeatedly expressed his opposition to the site, and the Obama administration has tried to cut its funding. Legal challenges to the Yucca decision are pending.  If the Yucca mountain plan IS dead, the government has to find a new site and, the ultimate cost almost certainly will rise.

WE WANT OUR “WASTE FUND MONEY” BACK! Says the “National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners(NARUC)”, which represents State Public Service Commissioners, is suing DOE for simultaneously rejecting Yucca Mountain as a waste repository, while continuing to impose the fee on nuclear utilities. On 1 Nov 2010, DOE Secretary Dr. Steven Chu said:There is no reasonable basis at this time to conclude that either excess, or insufficient funds, are being collected, and thus we will not propose an adjustment to the fee to Congress”; Naturally, NARUC is not happy with Dr. Chu’s assessment.  NARUC spokesman, Rob Thormeyer said: “By articulating its current view that the Yucca project is ‘not workable’, the Administration is essentially conceding that there is no factual basis for any fee assessment in the first place; Yet, citing a congressional requirement for an annual assessment of the fee, the Administration contends that it has unlimited discretion to maintain a fee, even though said fee cannot be justified. This reasoning is tortuous as best”.  SO, THE NARUC FOLKS THINK THE ADMINISTRATION SPEAKS WITH A “FORKED TONGUE”;  Even so,  eventually we the public, will need to “pay the Piper’ for Nuke waste disposal -AGAIN!, Let me tell you why.

NOW THE BONE OF CONTENTION IS MONEY, A lot of money;  About $25 B collected so far by our utility companies, appears to have vanished, and no one knows for sure where it went, or where it is going;  Some say to the “The General Revenue Fund”.  Not surprisingly, the nuclear utilities that have been paying the fee would rather not do so. SAN ANTONIO’S NUKES, STP #1 & #2, PAY THIS FEE TOO.  It is this money, that NARUC, and their Lawyer friends want to get their hands on.  UNFORTUNATELY FOR US ALL: “It sounds like there’s a piggy bank, and there’s all this money that is available for a future nuclear repository, but there isn’t. Congress has spent it on other things.” The $25 billion amounts to little more than a federal IOU that will need to be repaid.  So said Richard Stewart, a New York University law professor and co-author of a book on nuclear waste policy.

SO WHERE IS DOE on this, their responsibility? – Mum is the word. I have written articles about the inscrutable Dr. Steven Chu Secretary of DOE.  He has been given the help of a “Blue Ribbon Committee” last Jan 2011 to look into the Nuke waste problem, and recently the Senate designated an “Assistant for Nuclear Affairs” to lighten his burden, or increase his efficiency.  Dr. Chu just pushes all help aside.  Recently, Damien LaVera, a spokesman for DOE said: “we fully intend to meet our contractual obligations for long-term disposal of these materials…we are committed to finding a sustainable approach to assuring safe, secure long-term disposal of used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste.” He also noted that the panel’s final report wasn’t due until January 2012. Oh well! – then we are in good hands.  DO YOU REALLY THINK?  I DO NOT.

THE BLUE RIBBON COMMISSION ON AMERICA’S NUCLEAR FUTURE, issued a draft report 29 July 2011 that said the U.S. nuclear-waste disposal program had “all but broken down” and suggested a series of fixes. One recommendation was an overhaul of what it called the “dysfunctional Nuclear Waste Fund arrangement”, The Commission was formed last year by President Barack Obama, after the administration’s decision to halt the Yucca Mountain project. The Commission includes former elected officials from both major parties, along with academic experts and representatives of industry and labor.  One of its proposals was to cut the annual fees collected from utilities, to match the level of federal spending on the program. Uncollected funds would go into utility-run trust funds, to be tapped when needed for the waste project. That would put the project onto sounder fiscal footing, the panel said, but would add to the near-term federal deficit because some of the utility fees would not be counted as current revenue. Still, the panel draft report said, “the bill will come due at some point,” because the government is contractually bound to remove the spent fuel. SOUNDS LIKE: Lets muddy-up the water, and let the next administration handle it, after all it is now traditional!  Some government we have! – That is the reason we are in the shape we are.

OTHER LIABILITIES/EXPENSES FOR  NUKE OPERATORS Beyond disposal costs.   Taxpayers are also potentially liable for damages suffered by the public from a nuclear accident, including those stemming from the spent fuel stored at commercial power plant sites. Under a 1950s law, Nuke Plant operators currently must carry $375 million of liability insurance for each reactor, after which an industry insurance plan would take over, covering damages up to $12 billion. Any personal injury or property damages in excess of that would be borne by the Federal Government.  Shades of Fukushima, but the problem is always collecting damages.  Just ask them.


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07 Aug 2011

The MOX Nuclear Fuel Plant at Sellafield, located on the N.W. England coast (border with Ireland), was closed on 03 Aug 2011, with the loss of around 600 jobs. The closure is considered one more consequence of the Fukushimaa Dai No.1 Plant Tragedy last 13 Mar 2011.  Recall that to our consternation, Dai No.1,  Nuke, # 3 (of four). Is loaded with MOX, and that it has suffered a Melt-thru. Well…this is the plant that USED TO make Mixed Plutonium and Uranium Nuke fuel(MOX) . Normally, MOX consists of about 6 to 10% Plutonium(the world’s most toxic transuranic – Isotope) the remainder being Uranium oxide.

THE MOX PLANT ABOUT TO BE CLOSED  was formerly known as Windscale, and is a former electricity generating site, commissioned in 1990 to reprocess “spent nuclear fuel”; Currently, Sellafield holds 13 tons of Japanese plutonium oxide for treatment, and mixing with enriched Uranium, to create new Nuke fuel.  This process has been viewed as a partial solution to the disposal of Plutonium which is the worst and nastiest (longest lasting transuranic Isotope) by-product of the use of enriched Uranium in Nuke reactors.  Now, it may never be known if it could succeed in that purpose, because the Japanese Nuke Industry understandably, has lost interest in MOX for the foreseeable future;  Worse yet, Sellafield appears to have been entirely dependent upon orders from Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), even to the point where Sellafield’s current MOX manufacturing works cannot be economically altered to handle the latest generation of nuclear reactors in planning.

These days the MOX plant is known as the “West Cumbrian Mixed-Oxide(hence MOX) Fuel Plant”.  Allow me to tell you why.  Cumbria is England’s most N.W. County, and only came into existence in 1974,  Today it consists of six(6) districts and its County Head is Carlisle. In 2008 Cumbria had a population of just under half a million, and consists mainly of beautiful agricultural land. (sort of like Fukushima – Energy Barons love to pee on beautiful green land!).  Most people would say MOX What? – But then, most people don’t really care, and besides some things are best hid from the tax paying public;  So, understandably the people of Cumbria have adopted a “don’t ask – don’t tell policy”   FRANKLY, I HAD NEVER HEARD OF EITHER CUMBRIA, OR SELLAFIELD BEFORE – HAD YOU? )

HERE IS THE RUB, The Plant is owned and operated by the British Government-owned  “Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)” It was created at a cost to taxpayers £1.4bn since it was commissioned in the early 1990s;  Subsequently the plant , was set up to produce (MOX) fuel for use in nuclear power plants, with its chief customers the Japanese nuclear industry, and TEPCO. The plant was built in 1996 and became operational in 2001. So as a business expediency, the Decommissioning Agency became a “ MOX Commissioning Agency (now NCA ? – of course not)

The NDA denied there were any repercussions for the troubled Thorp Reprocessing Plant, although Thorp is also involved in generating MOX fuel, also made from a mixture of plutonium and uranium.  Another question is whether the Cumbria closure will prompt NDA to close the troubled Thorp reprocessing plant as well. The NDA denied that it was considering closing Thorp, and said the two cases were “unrelated” and that the business case for Thorp, which produces plutonium from other nuclear waste, continued to be strong;  However, the Thorp plant was constructed on the same premise as the Sellafield MOX plant(make it, and sell it to the Japanese).  Not likely now, is It ?

Tony Fountain, CEO of the NDA, (remember this is a government agency CEO speaking)told workers on 03 Aug 2011 morning: “The reason for this closure is directly related to the tragic events in Japan following the tsunami and its ongoing impact on the power markets. As a consequence we no longer have a customer for this facility, or (government)funding…the Plant has had many years of disappointing performance”.  Fountain added that the MOX plant has been funded in recent years by the taxpayer.  Its production had been the committed  to Japanese utilities to reusing nuclear fuel, and their support for the UK as a “centre of excellence”. But with the crisis in the Japanese nuclear industry, that route is no longer viable…The Hamaoka plant, owned by Chubu Electric, the intended recipient of the first fuel is closed, awaiting extensive reinforcement work.  Following Chubu, TEPCO were destined to take 50% of the MOX plant output; However their Fukushima Dai No.1 plant, is clearly facing the most extreme challenges.”  In a comforting note, Sellafield employees at the plant were told that there was “considerable scope”… for them to be re-employed in other parts of the Sellafield complex, and that it will take several months for the plant to close fully.

The NDA (CEO Fountain ?) said: “We have concluded that in order to ensure that the UK (I think he means British) taxpayer does not carry a future financial burden from the Sellafield MOX plant, the only reasonable course of action is to close the plant at the earliest practical opportunity…NDA will continue to store Japanese plutonium safely, and further develop discussions with the Japanese customers on a responsible approach to support the Japanese Nuke utilities’ policy for the reuse of their material”.

ENGLISH LABOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT (MP) Jamie Reed, whose Copeland constituency includes Sellafield, see the Plant closure quite differently.  He has called on the government to lay out details of a potential plan to build a new MOX plant at the site, and said: “It is now absolutely essential that the new MOX plant is brought forward as quickly as possible. The market for MOX fuel exists and is growing, our plutonium disposition strategy relies upon such a facility and the industry requires it…gleeful vultures would seize upon the decision to close the plant and argue against the ‘critical national need’ for new MOX plant”.  HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL! – SPECIALLY AMONG IGNORANT POLITICIANS.

GREENPEACE AND FRIENDS OF THE EARTH  Director Craig Bennett said: The move showed nuclear power did not make economic sense…Yet again taxpayers are footing the bill for the “Alice in Wonderland economics” of the nuclear industry (THAT IS TELLING IT LIKE IT IS!) This money ( the £1.4 Bn) could have been spent developing the UK’s vast renewable energy potential, creating new green jobs and business opportunities. This announcement will be a tremendous blow to the (600) people that work at the plant – we hope their expertise can be redeployed to help safeguard us all from the nuclear industry’s existing legacy of radioactive waste.”

BRITISH BIG BROTHER SAYS:  “The plant closing had no implications for the UK’s plans for new nuclear reactors”.  SEE THERE – BUSINESS AS USUAL- I THINK THE SPOKESPERSON IS WRONG,  AND “WHISTLING PAST THE CEMETERY“… Any such new nuclear power plants under consideration would not be the kind that could use MOX as a fuel because that would elevate building costs; so he says.


The signs are evident worldwide that the Uranium Cartel, as we have known it, has lost public support and its primacy; This, is in no small part due to the on-going Fukushima Tragedy.  This story is one more sign of the support erosion even in Nuke supporting government circles like the U.K. and France.  Meanwhile the Uranium Cartel Press agents are going full tilt telling the world more blatant lies and wishful aspirations for their future, making believe everything is still fine.  IT IS NOT!

Do you ever ponder why we never hear the details behind the News?  I they wanted us to know, they would report it.  WE TELL IT, LIKE IT IS.



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03 Aug 2011

Reuters reported on 03 Aug 2011 that Japan sacked three(3) senior bureaucrats in charge of nuclear power policy, holding them to account for a series of scandals which have broken out in recent weeks over the government’s cozy relationship with the power industry, and their mishandling of the ongoing Fukushima Tragedy.

Japanese Trade Minister Banri Kaieda, who oversees energy policy, said he “PLANS TO REPLACE three senior officials” in the ministry following the crisis at the Fukushima power plant, the world’s worst nuclear disaster in 25 years. The three officials are (1)Kazuo Matsunaga, the top bureaucrat at the trade ministry, (2)Nobuaki Terasaka, head of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, and (3)Tetsuhiro Hosono, head of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.

Trade Minister Kaieda said: “I’m planning to breathe fresh air into the ministry with a large-scale reshuffle…This is what I’ve been thinking for about a month. I’ll have new people rebuild the ministry.”  Kaieda played a key role in THE MIS-handling OF the Fukushima crisis, and has said he intends to step down to take responsibility for missteps, vowed to carry out major personnel changes in his Ministry’s personnel,  but DID NOT SAY WHEN, OR EVEN WHEN HE WILL RETIRE. The Asahi reported that after sacking the three officials, Kaieda himself intended to quit as soon as possible. Last month, he broke down in tears at a parliamentary hearing after being hounded by an opposition lawmaker about the timing of his resignation.  BUT HE DID NOT SAY WHEN!

Japanese Prime Minister(P.M.) Naoto Kan who has advocated gradually withdrawing Japan from its dependence on nuclear power, HAS EXPRESSED GROWING DISTRUST toward Kaieda’s Trade Ministry, who has even promoted atomic energy.  P.M.  Kan himself is highly unpopular, and has been fighting calls from his own party to step down; However, he was instrumental in the decision to fire the three(3) officials, per the Asahi Shimbun. The Government also PLANS TO form a new, more independent atomic safety regulator by separating it from the Trade Ministry, MAKING TOUGHER STANDARDS LIKELY. Hmm! Where have we heard that before? (our own NRC perhaps?) Just talk; that, is all ! IN SHORT, THEY PLAN A LOT, AND ACCOMPLISH MUCH LESS.

For the complete, contradictory and ambivalent story see:  (Reuters – no less!)


When covering Japanese politics, Even Reuters has difficulty in telling the difference between PLANS and ACTUAL ACTION. – PROBLEM APPEARS TO BE that Japanese Politicians are so obsessed with “Saving Face”, that they seldom “Tell it like It is”.  Despite its headline, this article is not about “sacking” three politicians, but rather about “Plans to replace”.  Every negative comment made by politicians in Japan, is intended to shame other politicians into resignation, rather than to oust them.

UNFORTUNATELY, in Japan, and everywhere else it seems, Politicians are “case hardened” against negative comments;  Especially so, when they have “cozy arrangements” to comply with.  The same comments may be made of P.M. Naoto Kahn and Trade Minister Banri Kaieda, who are so sorry that they actually cry, but DO NOT RESIGN.  We do things very differently in the United States.  Here the Energy Barons always get their way, but they never cry – except all the way to the bank!  NO REASON TO BRAG, OR TO FEEL SUPERIOR, WE ARE NOT!  We are just different !



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