30 Jul 2011

TORRENTIAL RAINS FORCE EVACUATIONS IN Japan’s N.E. Niigata and Fukushima Prefectures. About 9,000 people have evacuated out of some 400,000, who were asked to do so. Several spots of the two prefectures have seen rainfall exceeding 25 inches since last Wednesday, causing floods and landslides with significant loss of life and property. Two people have been killed, and five others are missing.

IN NIIGATA PREFECTURE The Igarashi River in Sanjo flooded, leading local authorities to evacuate 10,000 residents nearby.  A total of about 184,000 people(in some 59,000 households in seven cities and one town) were advised to evacuate.   Some were evacuated to enable work to discharge water that overflowed two(2) dams in the city of Sanjo. Evacuation directives were also issued to some 1,200 others(in about 300 households).  Prefecture Officials asked the Ground Self-Defense Force to dispatch troops to help rescue residents who are missing or stranded due to mudslides and other water-related disasters.

IN FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURE the towns of Tadami, and Mishama issued an evacuation advisory to all of its residents.  About 4,800 people in some 1,800 households are homeless.

No one in government is talking about what role the flooding will have on spreading the radiation on the ground.  NO, IT WILL NOT WASH IT AWAY, IT WILL JUST MIGRATE  ELSEWHERE DOWNSTREAM, OR INTO THE SEA.


ANOTHER STRONG QUAKE  JOLTS FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURE early 31 Jul 2011; in the same region that was devastated by a massive 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami earlier this year. The U.S. Geological Survey(USGS) says the quake had a 6.4 Richter magnitude (that makes three(3) such 6.4 quakes in succession ).  The quake epicenter was at a depth of about 43 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean, near the east coast of Japan’s Honshu island, 185 kilometers N.E. of Tokyo. There were no reports of injuries or damage from the quake, and no tsunami warning was issued.

NO NEW DAMAGE – Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said the latest tremor did not cause any new damage to the fatally damaged Dai No.1 plant.  MY CONCERN ABOUT FOLLOW-ON QUAKES CONTINUES TO BE THAT THE “SPENT-FUEL-POOL” LOCATED ON TOP of Nuke no 4 (already leaning to the outside of the building ), could topple creating the world’s first uncontrolled dumping (for want of a new term) on the grounds of  SEVERAL NUKE LOADS OF “TRANSURANICS”- EXTREMELY PERSISTENT Isotopes of all kinds. (Truly mean stuff).  THERE IS (to my knowledge)NO EXISTING TECHNOLOGY TO HANDLE SUCH A CALAMITY.   


THEFT OF ABANDONED HOMES IN “NO -GO” ZONE A REAL PROBLEM. Prefecture and Municipal governments in Fukushima Prefecture are demanding compensation for victims of burglaries committed in the no-entry zone around the Fukushima Dai No.1 nuclear power plant.  Since the nuclear accident, there have been more burglaries in about two months, than in the whole of last year. Residents have confirmed losses from burglaries during short visits back home. According to Prefectural Police(PPs – tongue-in-cheek), as of 28 Jul 2011, there were 376 REPORTS OF BURGLARIES, involving property worth a total of about  $200,000.  Residents reason that since TEPCO caused the evacuation, they are liable…HMM!! It will be very hard to make that stick.  FOLKS, ADVICE FROM TEXAS:  Do not get lawyers involved!  Only they will get anything!  Here, there, and everywhere.

Hideki Ishibashi, an Associate Professor of Civil law at “Ritsumeikan University’s College of Law”, and an expert in compensation matters, said: “Because there was action committed by third parties, namely the thieves, the link of responsibility is broken”. SORRY ABOUT THAT!  WHAT IS SAD TO CONTEMPLATE IS HOW THIN THE VENEER OF HONESTY SOME CITIZENS EXHIBIT IN DIFFICULT/TRYING TIMES.  If this can happen in Japan, it can happen worse elsewhere. Remember New Orleans after Katrina? No one likes to -now!

P.S. We have received many “ SPAM COMMENTS” covertly seeking free advertisement for their stuff, or selling software to make me rich.  DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, I AM NOT IN THIS FOR PROFIT!


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