17 Jul 2011.

The NY Times reports that the Second-biggest retailer in Japan” AEON, admitted on 17 Jul 2011 (Sunday) that it had sold beef from cattle that ate (“WAS FED” – IS MORE LIKELY) cesium contaminated feed. Aeon said it had sold the contaminated beef at a store in Tokyo, and at more than a dozen stores in the surrounding area. The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said that 136 cattle are so far known to have been fed contaminated rice straw, and sold.  They do not say if they found their AEON beef tasty!  Do You think?  Remember: “IT DOES NOT COOK-OUT EITHER”

AEON IS JAPAN’S NO.2 FOOD RETAILER, and trails only “Seven & I” Holdings in the retail sector, confessed it had sold 319 kilograms, (703) pounds, of the tainted beef from April 27 to June 20 at one shop in Tokyo, and at other shops in Kanagawa and Chiba. Aeon also admitted having sold the contaminated beef at outlets in Shizuoka and Ishikawa, in central Japan.  BOY HOWDY! – THOSE 700 LBS OF BEEF SURE WENT A LONG WAY!  AEON added that it would start to check beef shipments from all areas that could be contaminated.  Yeah! Now hey will check, but where is the Japanese equivalent of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspectors?  WHY NO FOOD SAFETY WATCHDOGS IN JAPAN?  IF THEY ENTRUST THEIR LIFE TO THE LEGENDARY BASIC HONESTY OF THEIR PEOPLE, I FEAR FOR THEIR “LOSS OF INNOCENCE”, OR WORSE.  

GOSHNI HOSONO “TALKS THE TALK, BUT DOES NOT WALK THE WALK”  Hosono the “Central Cabinet Minister responsible for coordinating the nuclear cleanup”, said on a Television Program Sunday, that the government was “now likely” to ban shipments of beef from around Fukushima;  He added: “The most likely outcome is that we will ban beef shipments…We are discussing the matter along these lines. We have to ensure food safety.”  WE KNOW FROM PAST EXPERIENCE WITH MR. HOSONO’s REMARKS, THAT HE IS AT BEST IRRESOLUTE, AND AT WORST  CRIMINALLY REMISS IN HIS DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. He should be replaced ASAP for the good of Japan.

BEEF CONTAMINATED WITH CESIUM (deadly stuff) levels three(3) to six(6) times higher than safety standards, was found last week in beef cattle shipped to Tokyo from a rancher in the city of Minamisoma (near the Fukushima Dai No.1 Nuke power plant). Agriculture ministry officials have said that consuming such meat “a few times” poses no immediate health risks.  Y’OU-MAMA! THAT MINISTER IS EITHER NAÏVE, OR COVERING-UP ILLICIT BEEF-SALES OPERATIONS.  CONSIDER THIS:  RETAILER AEON ADMITS SELLING 703 LBS OF SUCH BEEF- THAT IS LESS THAN ONE CARCASS.  PROBLEM IS: OVER 136 HEAD OF BEEF CATTLE WERE REPORTED SOLD.

UPDATE – 18 Jul 2011 , The Wall Street Journal reports that Fukushima Prefecture government said Monday that 411 more beef cattle (steers) potentially contaminated with radioactive cesium have been shipped around Japan. A development sure to fuel food-safety fear. Today’s announcement said the rice-straw feed tested  at more than 500 times the government’s safety limit. This after weeks of reassurance from the government that measures are in place to ensure food from the region near the stricken Fukushima Dai No. 1 nuclear reactor is safe, sudden rise in both the number of cattle fed contaminated rice-straw, and the very high levels of cesium in the straw will exacerbate concerns over food safety, and the government’s evident NO GIVE A DAMN! attitude.  The spread of potentially contaminated beef around the nation, and to some of its best-known stores, will/should surely intensify pressure on the government to ban all cattle shipments from Fukushima, and even neighboring prefectures.  THE QUESION IS :  WHY ARE STORE OPERATORS, OR THE GOVERNMENT, NOT CHECKING THE BEEF ON THEIR COUNTERS WITH A VIEW TO REMOVE IT?  AS IF WE DID NOT KNOW THE ANSWER!  TRULY SAD DEVELOPMENTS .

20 Jul 2011 – UPDATE, Reuters reports that just after Tokyo ordered the suspension of all beef cattle shipments from Fukushima prefecture after discovering that cattle fed rice-straw contaminated with high levels of radioactive cesium, that an additional 735 cattle had been shipped nationwide.  Now a total of 1,235 contaminated cattle have been reported shipped from Fukushima, and seven(7) other prefectures, to other parts of Japan;  That is up from the 500 heads reported only yesterday.  ONCE AGAIN “BIG BROTHER” DID “TOO LITTLE TOO LATE”.  JAPAN’S CENTRAL GOVERNMENT LITERALY CLOSED THE GATES AFTER THE CATTLE WAS GONE!.. BEWARE !  THERE MAY  SOON BE A ” HOT-BEEF SALE” ALL OVER JAPAN.  Eat it at your own peril.  “BIG-BROTHER” WHERE ART THOU! 

NEARLY ALL FOOD AND WATER CONTAMINATED TO SOME EXTENT coming from areas near Dai No 1. Nukes, have been halted because of high radiation levels. Crates of contaminated vegetables, tea, milk, seafood, and water have already stoked anxiety in Japan, despite assurances from officials that the levels are not dangerous.

SEAFOOD ALSO FOUND TO BE TAINTED in tiny Kounago village.  Fish in waters near Fukushima were found to contain cesium at levels above safety limits (not surprisingly so), stoking worries about seafood in a country where sushi and sashimi(raw sea-fish) are eaten widely.

Folks, lets keep hoping for the best, and planning for the worst.  The real trials and tribulations of the Japanese people are just beginning.




GREENPEACE SAID the government must work quickly to ensure the safety of consumers, including measures to trace the origin of such products. Wakao Hanaoka, the oceans campaigner for Greenpeace Japan, said: “We have requested the Fisheries Agency, and the Consumer Affairs Agency, to label each fish with its origin as well as the level of radiation contamination…Under the current circumstances, consumers cannot purchase (fish) with complete knowledge that it is safe”.  Hanaoka also revealed that Greenpeace has requested major retailers in Japan to take part in providing safe fish, possibly through establishing their own screening system for radiation and providing accurate data of the product to consumers. Allowing only safe fish to hit the market will ultimately be the key to reviving Fukushima’s fisheries.  HE IS REALLY SAYING: DO THIS OR YOUR FISHERIES INDUSTRY WILL DIE.

THE RUB IS: BEEF IS “ORIGIN-TAGGED”; WHILE FISH IS NOT The farm ministry tags every cow with a 10-digit identification number that consumers can use to trace where the beef they purchase came from; However, a similar system for fish hasn’t been set up yet. ”

FRENCH LABS CONFIRMED that Samples of fish were obtained between July 22 and 24 2011,  and examined at laboratories certified by the French nuclear authority, Greenpeace said.



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