12 Jul 2011

CHINA FREEZES APPROVAL OF URANIUM-FUELED NUKES The public outcry following the problems at the Fukushima plant led to The Chinese government (Beijing) putting a freeze on approvals of new uranium-fueled Nukes, and to require additional safety checks at all 25 Uranium-fueled Nukes currently under construction. PROBLEM IS: China is currently 80% reliant on coal-fired electrical generation and choking in coal fumes, so they see nuclear energy as a green viable alternative;  However, with the global opinion now firmly against the highly dangerous use of Uranium-fueled nuclear power ( as evidenced by the Fukushima Dai No.1 Nuke plant Tragedy), China is looking for clean safe nuclear power alternatives.

ENTER THORIUM AS THE NUCLEAR FUEL OF THE FUTURE China is looking at spearheading efforts to make the nuclear industry safer by investing millions into research with reactors powered by the element Thorium – a metal, proponents say, is as common as lead, and  which, despite some concerns, would lead to nuclear power plants with far fewer safety issues as well as other benefits.

Wang Kan, leader of the Chinese “Tsinghua University Thorium Research Team” said: “Thorium-based reactors certainly have advantages…The energy release from Thorium is greater than from Uranium, the by-products from using Thorium are less toxic than from Uranium, and it’s much harder to make weapons from those by-products.”

Uploaded by Russia Today, 10 Jul 2011


Please note that once again our Murdock Media Empire shunned this story, and that it was Russia who released it.  Fortunately both the Murdock Media Empire, and The Uranium Cartel are fast loosing their grip.  It is almost as hard to find real news in the Western World, as it is in Japan; that “tell it like it is”.  The Western media moguls are covering-up any news adverse to the very powerful Energy Cartels such as Uranium, Coal, Oil and Gas.

These days, the government of China is burdened with runaway industrial growth, choking air pollution, a more educated, ever more demanding society, whose energy demands are extremely hard to satisfy.  In China however, its central government is now willing to look at non-uranium fueled Nuclear power generation.  Thorium is a much safer, plentiful, and produces far fewer long- life radioactive isotopes.  Please see our recent article (Page) listed at right and titled : “It is High Time to Re-think Thorium as Fuel of The Future”.

We are glad to see China has put a “freeze” on any more Nukes, and to require additional safety checks at all 25 Uranium-fueled Nukes currently under construction.  It is clear t he Fukushima Tragedy is causing a political “double take”.  Even so, it is a bit disheartening that China is only willing to invest millions on Thorium Nuke Research & Development (R & D).  Such an effort will require Billions; not Millions of Dollar equivalents to succeed.  As a frame of financial reference, consider that it currently costs between $6B and $12B to build a single Nuke.

It is possible however, that China might consider allowing the Chinese “Tsinghua University Thorium Research Team” to “Modify” one of its Uranium Nukes under construction to use Thorium as a fuel.  Such a step would yield quicker, and cheaper R & D.  OUR WORLD NEEDS SOMEONE TO LEAD THE THORIUM NUKE DEVELOPMENT RACE, AND IT WILL NOT LIKELY BE THE WEST.  We certainly hope China will consider such initiative.  Western Cartels are too corrupted and colluded to do so.


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