July 7, 2017

OIL PRODUCERS ARE ALWAYS CRYING IN THEIR BEERS.  Only 6 years ago, when oil was $110 /BBl, they had no mercy on the consuming public, and we were also paying an invisible tax in defending the Gulf Of Hormuz to ensure the flow of Arabian oil.

IT IS POETIC JUSTICE THAT THE OIL BARONS THAT BEGAN FRACKING have created an oil glut that nothing can overcome. Other initiatives such electrical autos, bycicles, etc. have also had an imact on driving demand/prices down. Most of the so called “OIL PRICE ANALYSTS” in The BBC, and other mass media are always trying to tell us consumers, that oil price will rise again, so buy now. They lie, and they know it!.  Bull Shit! They are spitting against the wind, and they know it! Now is not time to buy petroleum energy, and that time may never come again. Given the greater fuel economy of today’s cars, the time to invest in oil is gone with the wind.

There are many splendid things to do with oil, but the industry is not fully exploiting them. Even then, demand can never reach supply. OPEC, and others keep saying: $50/BBL is better than nothing, and keep producing with glee. IT IS THEIR BUSINESS! WE CONSUMERS HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN FROM THEIR GREED.


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 30 Jul 2014

Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) cut its output forecast to its lowest in at least 24 years, as the output of its mature oil fields are shrinking faster than it had previously expected. PEMEX is counting on a landmark law enacted last year that opens Mexico’s energy industry to private/foreign competition for the first time since 1938, in an effort to help stem declining output. The entrance of foreign oil exploration, development, and production Corps such as Exxon Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp. could bring in $50 billion of annual private investment by 2020, According to Gabriel Casillas chief economist at Mexico’s “Grupo Financiero Banorte”. The questions not yet answered are if/how would these foreign oil concerns be compensated. The devil is in the details.

PEMEX’s CHIEF OF EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION, GUSTAVO HERNANDEZ said: “We have been working to review the declines of each of our fields that contribute to national production…In the recent review we obtained a better idea of the declines of the fields and have adjusted the production expectation downward.” Hernandez’s concerns reflect the fact that the production forecast was recently lowered to 2.41 million barrels per day (bpd) from a prior projection of 2.5 million bpd – the lowest annual output since 1990, when PEMEX produced 2.55 million bpd.

PEMEX CFO MARIO BEAUREGARD SAID on 20 Jul 2014: “We want to reverse the decline in our oil production and need to invest more money in some of our projects…PEMEX has identified potential partners, and plans to move very fast in establishing joint ventures once additional energy legislation is approved…We must redefine our future strategy as a value generating operator, and not as a state monopoly…he quoted PEMEX CEO Emilio Losoya: “PEMEX faces the biggest challenge in its history as the company transitions from a government monopoly to a competitive entity”…PEMEX’s 2015 capital expenditures budget will be an estimated $29 billion, up from this year’s $27.7 billion”. Not a significant increase, given the dire situation of PEMEX.

The passage of Energy Reform legislation that sets a framework for the issuance of oil and natural gas contracts to foreign interests is being debated by the Mexican Congress (as of the last week of Jul 2014) by lower house committees after being approved by the Senate on 21 Jul 2014. The final bill will be sent (If/when) to President Enrique Pena Nieto for approval. The legislation would allow foreign oil companies to help produce an estimated 113 billion barrels of untapped Mexican crude. The company produced paltry average of 2.45 million bpd in the second quarter of 2014.

Thanks to Bloomberg for their 25 Jul 2014 story.



THE STORY GOES BACK TO 1936, when there were strong rumors of world war, and demands of oil and Nat gas in Mexico were relatively low, and were being met by foreign oil developers/exploration Corps, principally from the USA. Even so, “Gasolina Americana” was being imported and sold in Mexico. But… That year, then Mexico’s president Lazaro Cardenas and his government, decided that Mexican oil was a “Natural patrimony” that belonged to all Mexicans; so, that year Mexico enacted laws that in essence said: NO MAS! to all foreign interests in their oil/gas industry. The law was called “La Expropiacion Petrolera”, and wildly approved by most Mexicans. In essence, all foreign Corps were ordered to leave the country, leaving all equipment/refineries? etc. where it was (en-situ), and to cease/desist in all claims against Mexico. That was 78 years ago.

PEMEX IS BORN – Like in all bureaucracies friends of the Cardenas regime found a “bird nest on the ground” and were quick to seize the opportunity for prosperity and even riches. As time passed PEMEX grew, and developed a notorious lack of transparency in its dealings and employment. Soon its governance became “compartment-ized”, and turfs zealously defended. No one, especially those in government, paid much attention (oversight), and whistleblowers were quickly ostracized (dismissed and blackballed). There always was plenty of room for paternalism, and nepotism that survives today. Over the years, all its dependencies began to blame one another for their lack of efficiency and shortfalls. Such is the destiny of most monopolies, especially true /understandable when one considers a monopoly that controls all aspects of production (forward to the customer), from Exploitation to refineries (in many diverse parts of the country), to PEMEX gas/oil/ lubricants “service stations”.

PEMEX NEVER FORESAW criminality, sabotage, and improperly trained personnel in their refineries, and oil wells. During the last twenty years or so, there has been a rash of “MILKERS”. These are well financed and organized bands of oil/gasoline thieves who under the cover of night install pipes to/from existing PEMEX underground pipes conducting crude/gasoline to refineries/markets. Thieves normally build what appears to be a factory building a few hundred meters away from the duct, and quietly fill “pipas” oil transport vehicles. It is rumored that most such stolen oil quickly finds buyers from the USA, who of course buy it at discount prices, and everybody profits from Mexico’s patrimony. The worst part is, such criminals often make connection errors (taps) at the PEMEX pipe, and that has resulted in many hard to control fires in distant places. POTENTIAL SABOTAGE has been reported at several refineries. There are those who claim it is done in revenge by workers who feel overworked and underpaid. Hard to prove either way, but losses are extreme both in equipment and often human lives. It is not hard to see how criminality has had a negative effect on overall production; Additionally, there is a steady stream of PEMEX fuel transport trucks (PIPAS) accidents, and fuel spillages, but that is a never ending story.

BACK TO THE POLITICS OF OIL EXPLORATION and EXPLOITATION. Approval of the energy reform law is far from a “done-deal” in Mexico (as of Jul 2014). The Mexican Senate has approved such a measure, but the details are not yet known. It is in the Mexican Congress where it the bill faces strong opposition by some of Mexico’s five (5) parties. At issue are the details. The devil is always in the details. Some Diputados (Congressmen/ladies).are still at odds with “selling our patrimony”; that aside some realize that to attract foreign capital in a reasonable way; different contractual agreement should be made, according to the level of risk taken by the foreign investors. Such rationale goes something like this:

Pay for Services Rendered to Mexican equipment. Question arises: how much? per hour, per day?, per year? per occurrence?. Contractual language is of of the essence when contracting for millions of Pesos, and multi-year terms. “Time and materials” is an invitation to the foreign capitalists to steal.

Exploration / Exploitation in Known Production Fields. Such work normally requires less capital risk, but may require specialized equipment and know-how to do profitably. Foreign venture capital may require a negotiable share of the product. Perhaps an incentive fee for good results.

Deep-Water Exploration/Exploitation. Is a very risky capital venture, and one of the reasons Mexico does not want to even try it. Deep water exploration rigs are always available, but at great cost and risk to the operator and to the environment. Remember the BP Fiasco ? The environmental and legal repercussions have not yet ended after several years of litigation. It is thought Deep-Water Exploration/Exploitation negotiations may entail a minority share of the products going to Mexico.

Mexican Senate acts like it is a done deal, and as though they are certain President Pena Nieto will approve any such laws. It is hard to deduce why that is so. Perhaps because President Nieto already made a trip Davos, Switzerland, see:> and there may be something for many other high-profile Senators who support the proposal.

It seems strange that  Mexico, and many other nations, now show a revived interest in oil/gas exploration and exploitation, no though is given to the fact that all hydrocarbons are considered the cause of the Climate Change Paradox, and will no doubt accelerate sea level rise, and many other “un-natural” climatic events that threaten our planet. It is Renewable energy (green energy” we should be planning for, and how to best improve the technology and application as best can in all energy deficient countries.

Edward Oliver Gonzalez,

Your Friend in Texas.

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P.S. The author lived in northern Mexico during  his early years, now lives 150 miles north of the Nuevo Laredo Mexico border, and keeps up with Mexican TV News. Mexican TV provides very good political coverage.  Like most modern democratic governments, it sometimes seems like a three (3) ring circus.  It can be interesting !, if one is so inclined. We have a two (2) ring circus in the USA, where frank political discourse is seldom heard.

We are happy to inform that the month of June 2014 this Journal was read in 100 countries including the USA. This was a new water mark!. We believe many people all over the world are dissatisfied with mainstream media (Press, TV, and radio).  Thank you for passing out the word about this publication. We strive to tell it like it is, and to make a difference.


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16 May 2014

WASHINGTON – On 15 May 2014, The USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to update the toxic air pollution standards for petroleum refineries to protect neighborhoods located near refineries. After receiving input from stakeholders including community groups, industry and the States. EPA’s common-sense proposal aims to (further) reduce toxic pollution from “flaring” and other processes, and includes new monitoring requirements. PROBLEM IS, AND HAS BEEN that exposure to toxic air pollutants, such as benzene, can cause respiratory problems and other serious health issues, and can increase the risk of developing cancer at/near the approximately 150 petroleum refineries around the USA.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said: “This proposal will help us accomplish our goal of making a visible difference in the health and the environment of communities across the country”. The common-sense steps we are proposing will protect the health of families who live near refineries and will provide them with important information about the quality of the air they breathe”

EPA’S PROPOSAL WOULD (FOR THE FIRST TIME) REQUIRE: (1) monitoring of air concentrations of benzene around the fence-line perimeter of refineries (YES, BUT WHAT ABOUT NEIGHBORHOODS LOCATED NEAR REFINERIES.) to ensure that emissions are controlled, and that these results would be available to the public. (2) upgraded emission controls for storage tanks including controls for smaller tanks; (3) performance requirements for flares (continued burning of waste gases) to ensure that waste gases are properly destroyed; and (4) emissions standards for delayed coking units (fractional distillation units for crude oil that are currently a significant unregulated source of toxic air emissions at refineries).

EPA ESTIMATED TOXIC AIR EMISSIONS REDUCTIONS If/when these proposed updates are fully implemented, including benzene, toluene, and xylene, would be reduced by 5,600 tons per year. Volatile organic compound emissions would be cut by approximately 52,000 tons per year. EPA says “no noticeable impact on cost of petroleum products” These cost-effective steps will have no noticeable impact on the cost of petroleum products at the approximately 150 petroleum refineries around the country. (oh yea! – wait till we hear the petrochemical industry tell it).

EPA IS ISSUING THIS PROPOSAL AS PART OF A PROCESS OUTLINED IN THE CLEAN AIR ACT that requires the agency to evaluate the emissions standards currently in place to determine (1) whether there is any remaining risk to public health or the environment and (2) whether there have been any new developments in practices, processes and control technologies. In a series of recent enforcement cases, EPA has compelled the use of innovative pollution control practices such as flare gas recovery and flare efficiency that are reducing toxic air pollution in communities. These efforts demonstrate that the proposed standards are practical and achievable today. More information about these cases:  QUESTION: IF EPA IS ALREADY “COMPELLING” SOME REFINERIES, WHY DO THEY NEED ONE MORE YEAR OF FOOT-DRAGGING TO ENFORCE THE “CLEAN AIR ACT” ON THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY NOW.

EPA will take comment on the proposal for 60 days after it is published in the Federal Register. The agency plans to hold two (2) public hearings, near Houston and Los Angeles (dates still in consideration) and will finalize the standards in April 2015 (that is nearly a year from now).


EPA cannot reasonably expect that the petrochemical industry will look kindly at any change that adds cost to their production. When the EPA says: “steps will have no noticeable impact on the cost of petroleum products” they must mean to the consumer, but that is questionable. Surely it will add many costs to the petrochemical industry.  It should also be considered that the air toxicity in crude oil processing refineries such as those existing/proposed for Port Arthur/Houston area are normally the “killing kind” (or at least life altering); Unfortunately, more so to those producing it. Refineries have never shown any concern for the long term health of their employees, let alone the residents of nearby neighborhoods these industrialists are exceptionally greedy, slow to change, and indifferent to the airborne, and other pollution they create. Pray say: what would they do with even more truly nasty pollutants removed from the Keystone heavy crude? Probably what they do now – As little as possible. Regrettably the Texas coast from Corpus Christi north to Beaumont is already heavily polluted by Industrial or petrochemical pollution, or both.

TEXAS IS THE USA’s LARGEST GREEN HOUSE GAS PRODUCER. The dirty-air fact is that Texas was the only state in 2010 that refused to meet New US-EPA greenhouse gas emission rules, placing some of the nation’s largest refineries in operational limbo. The US-EPA, in an effort to ensure those facilities could continue to operate, had been issuing permits piece-meal since 2011.

Regrettably, EPA has already granted the State of Texas authority to regulate its own green house gasses (GHGs) in 2014 when they conceded authority to the “Texas Commission on Environmental Quality  (TCEQ)”. In 2013 Texas state legislature approved a law giving the TCEQ the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Speaking for the EPA, on 4 Feb 2014 Mr.Curry said: “US-EPA and the TCEQ began working to develop a program that would meet federal requirements. Initially, Texas had wanted to have a six-month turn-around on all permits, but the US-EPA refused to put a cap on how long it would take to issue a permit; Curry added: “The state also wanted to include a hearing process in its program, but the federal agency declined; In addition, Texas had to establish appropriate emission thresholds. Once those and several other issues were resolved we were able to shift authority to Texas, though the US-EPA will periodically review this program It’s a program that the state(Texas) will have forever as long as it operates correctly” As long as it operates correctly?-  Say what?; Who will determine that?- Oil/other Industrialists, of course!

TCEQ RUBBED IT IN: “We do not agree with the US-EPA’s move to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, but will follow the direction of the (Texas) Legislature so that permits can be issued in a timely manner, and to continue the successes of the strong Texas economy”. Naturally, they do not want anyone looking over their shoulder as they connive with their mentors.

SO WHY IS EPA GOING THROUGH THESE MOTIONS? We suppose they are just following a preconceived plan even when they know what to expect. Still, we hope a sufficient number of citizens impacted will attend the forthcoming hearings. Frankly it seems to us EPA is foot-dragging on this very important health issue to give the Big-Oil/Industrialists a break for as long as possible, with no real regard for the immediacy of the toxic air pollution to our people; specially in California, and Texas. It will be interesting to see the differences expressed between California (a leader in pollution controls), and its antithesis: Texas.

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)


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5 Mar 2014
WASHINGTON, 03/03/2014: THE “TIER 3 EMISSION STANDARDS” WERE RELEASED TODAY for gasoline fueled vehicles. The Standard will also seek the production of cleaner gasoline that will significantly reduce harmful pollution, and prevent thousands of premature deaths and illnesses, while also enabling energy efficiency improvements in cars and trucks The cleaner gasoline, and vehicle standards are an important component of the administration’s national program for cleaner combusting  cars and trucks, Existing fuel efficiency standards currently in place are already saving new vehicle owners at the gas pump. The new Standards are based on extensive input from the public and a broad range of stakeholders, including public health groups, auto manufacturers, refiners, and states. Diesel fueled vehicles will be covered by a different new standard.

THE “TIER 3 STANDARDS” seek to reduce vehicular tailpipe emission pollution (smog)where people live and breathe, by reducing known harmful emissions along streets and roadways  A target reduction of 70 % in particulate matter (soot) and virtually eliminating fuel vapor emissions. Additionally, the standards will also seek to reduce vehicle emissions of toxic air pollutants, such as Sulfurous and Nitrous Oxides (NOx) emissions, and benzene by up to 30 %. The program will also reduce exposure to pollution near high traffic roads where more than 50 million people live, and work, or go to school EPAs ADMISSION OF EXISTING “RIVERS OF SMOG” ON/ NEAR HIGHWAYS AND BY-WAYS IS AN AUSPICIOUS BEGINNING.

WIN, WIN, WIN:  EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.said:“These standards are a win for public health, a win for our environment, and a win for our pocketbooks…By working with the auto industry, health groups, and other stakeholders, we’re continuing to build on the Obama Administration’s broader clean fuels and vehicles efforts that cut carbon pollution, clean the air we breathe, and save families money at the pump.”

ESTIMATED QUANTIFICATION OF EMISSIONS The final fuel standards should reduce gasoline sulfur levels by more than 60 % – down from 30 to 10 parts per million (ppm) in 2017. Reducing sulfur in gasoline enables vehicle emission control technologies to perform more efficiently. New low-sulfur gasoline will provide significant and immediate health benefits because every gasoline-powered vehicle on the road built prior to these standards will run cleaner, thus reducing smog-forming Sulfurous and Nitrous Oxides (NOx) emissions, and sundry other pollutants. by 260,000 tons in 2018. We noted no mention was made about Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.  When we start by burning petroleum (Hydrocarbon) products we are on the wrong track – let us hope not for long.

EPA ESTIMATED HEALTH BENEFITS: In 16 years, (by 2030), up to 2,000 premature deaths, 50,000 cases of respiratory ailments in children,(HOW ABOUT ADULTS ?) 2,200 hospital admissions and asthma-related emergency room visits, and 1.4 million lost school days, work days, and days when activities would be restricted due to air pollution on high-traffic roadways. It is estimated the average American spends more than one hour daily traveling on such roads.(THESE PROGNOSTICATIONS SEEM HIGHLY UNDERSTATED)

ESTIMATED FINANCIAL BENEFITS The final standards are expected to provide up to $13 in health benefits for every dollar spent to meet the standards, more than was estimated for the proposal. The sulfur standards will cost less than a penny per gallon of gasoline (on average) once the standards are fully in place. The vehicle standards will have an average cost of about $72 per vehicle in 2025. The Tier 3 Standards support efforts by states to reduce harmful levels of smog and soot; and aids their ability to attain and maintain science-based national ambient air quality standards to protect public health, while also providing assistance / flexibilities for small refineries, including hardship provisions and additional lead time for compliance. The final standards will quickly (?) and effectively cut harmful soot, smog and toxic emissions from (gasoline fueled) cars and trucks. The Obama Administration’s actions to improve fuel economy and reduce Green House Gases(GHG) from these same vehicles will also result in average life-time fuel savings of more than $8,000 by 2025 The fuel economy and GHG standards covering model year vehicles from 2012-2025 are projected to save American families more than $1.7 trillion in fuel costs. Total financial health-related benefits in 2030 are expected to be between $6.7 and $19 billion annually.(PRETTY BROAD RANGE -FUZZY CRYSTAL BALL ?).

CALIFORNIA, A TREND SETTER The final standards will work together with California’s clean cars and fuels program to create a “uniform nationwide vehicle emissions program” that enables automakers to sell the same vehicles in all 50 states. The standards are designed to be implemented over the same timeframe as the next phase of EPA’s national program to reduceGHG emissions from cars and light trucks beginning in model year 2017. Together, the federal and California standards will maximize reductions in GHGs, air pollutants and air toxins from cars and light trucks while providing automakers regulatory certainty, streamlining compliance, and reducing costs to consumers.

EPA EXPRESSES CONCERN ABOUT “SMALL REFINERIES” To meet the Tier 3 cleaner gasoline standards necessary to reduce tailpipe emissions and protect public health, the agency has built in flexibility and adequate time-lines for refineries to comply. For those refineries that may need it, the program would provide nearly six (6) years to meet the standards; To provide a smooth transition for refineries to produce cleaner gasoline, the program is structured to allow the industry time to plan for additional investments; Additionally, EPA will consider providing special considerations to small refineries by offering compliance assistance in cases of extreme hardship, or unforeseen circumstances.

BROAD INDUSTRY SUPPORT EXPECTED EPA conducted extensive outreach with key stakeholders throughout the development of the rule, held two public hearings in Philadelphia and Chicago, and received more than 200,000 public comments. The final standards are based on input from a broad range of groups, including state and local governments, auto manufacturers, emissions control suppliers, refiners, fuel distributors and others in the petroleum industry, renewable fuels providers, health and environmental organizations, consumer groups, labor groups and private citizens. For the official EPA release see>!OpenDocument

NOTE: Above document was redacted from the original, in the interest of enhancing clarity and as necessary (in our opinion) to elucidate Tier 3 New Standards.


The USA-EPA is saying to gasoline refineries, and new vehicle makers: You all come -,now hear! (in Texas talk) Or.What ? That is the question. We all know that to be persuasive it is sometimes necessary to “accentuate the positive” In this case, EPA has tried to quantify the benefits, and the necessity to human health for this changes to our gasoline refinery, as well as vehicular equipment but…OH WHERE, OH WHERE, DID EPA GET THEIR CRISTAL BALL ? In any event, some of the required changes can be regarded as lofty goals, others too slow in coming. It is clear that EPA is willing to “cut-slack” to some refiners (penultimate par.). but, who is a “small refinery”, or business enterprise, and who will decide if it applies? We all already know, don’t we? In all fairness, most world auto makers have contributed significantly, (under the circumstances), and are probably ready to improve their vehicular pollution controls ever more in the interest of competitiveness.

PETROLEUM REFINERIES WILL BE THE MAIN DETERRENT TO THESE NEW STANDARDS. When EPA speaks about their need for new “capital improvements” they read: “Spend more money” and folks these industrialists are exceptionally greedy, slow to change, and indifferent to the airborne , and other pollution they create. Pray say: what will they do with even more pollutants removed from the crude? What do they do now ?- As little as possible

Hell! remember the “Keystone Pipeline”travesty they are trying to impose on the USA mainland? It is no longer needed (we now have sufficient USA produced crude), and the heavy crude they offer is more like tar, more explosive, more toxic and much harder to refine. Add to this, the airborne pollution exacerbation to our Texas coast (Corpus Christi north to Beaumont TX). It is already intolerable, and adding the Keystone Tar-sands crude would produce toxins the likes of which Texas has never known. This is no exaggeration!. I resent having the USA become Canada’s (or anyone’s) gassy asshole. I trust Pres Obama will veto approval of the Keystone Pipeline. Mr. President:“The eyes of Texas are upon you” –literally. The USA EPA Admin Ms. Mc Carthy can be relied upon to do NOTHING! >

WE LIKE THE NEW STANDARD Tier 3 standards are a step in the right direction for the petroleum, and Automotive Industry, and should pay for their cost many fold. We certainly cannot argue with that, or the necessity for change; We further believe they will bring about many national health improvements, reduce health maintenance costs, improve national productivity, and set the USA as an example to the world of what must be done (among other energy considerations) to make a. significant contribution toward GHG reduction and our President’s Climate Action Plan.

Many emerging and heavily industrialized nations such as China, India, Indonesia, and Mexico all have experienced fist hand the noxious effects upon their population(specially in large cities) of unbridled air pollution. It is a people killer. We all need to do something – FAST

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

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18 Feb 2014

WHO IS T. BOONE PICKENS?  T.Boone Pickens is a long time Nat Gas /water tycoon, whose company operates from Dallas TX. He is currently the chairman and CEO of “BP Capital”, which operates energy-focused commodity and Equity funds. He is also the largest shareholder in “Clean Energy”, the largest provider of vehicular natural gas (CNG and LNG) in North America, with a broad customer base in the refuse, transit, shuttle, taxi, police, intrastate and interstate trucking, airport and municipal fleet markets. Pickens is also a man with a half-million followers in “LinkedIn”. A valued opinion to be sure; however, regarding oil,–Not so, and not about the Keystone Pipeline either.

PICKENS IS A PROMOTER OF USA ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. In July 2008, Pickens launched a self-funded, $100 million, grass-roots campaign aimed at reducing this country’s then crippling dependence on imported oil. He has advertised in television ads, on his “Pickens Plan” website, and in personal appearances, he spelled out how our dependence on OPEC oil is an addiction that threatens the U.S. economy, environment and national security, and ties its hands as a nation. He has spent the time since 2008 spelling out how this country can drag itself out of this quagmire, if it acts quickly and reasonably, but his plan was made 6 years ago, and a great deal has changed in the petroleum dependence of the USA.

RECENTLY PICKENS SPOKE GLOWINGLY ABOUT KEN SALAZAR: “Last week, Ken Salazar made one of the smartest statements I’ve heard come out of Washington in years”. Speaking at an energy conference, Ken Salazar (the Obama Administration’s first Secretary of the Interior), said: “building the Keystone XL oil pipeline is a “win-win” project. ..It would be in the national interest to build the pipeline for our energy security, and enhance that national interest with the preservation of the Dakota Grasslands Conservation Area and the Prairie Potholes Region. In so doing, the carbon sequestration functions of these conservation areas will be preserved, wildlife and ranching heritage is supported, and energy security is enhanced….At the end of the day, we are going to be consuming that oil, so is it better for us to get the oil from our good neighbor from the north, or to be bringing it from some place in the Middle East?”

MR. PICKENS COMMENTED:Thank you, Secretary Salazar. There aren’t many people who can combine two topics that close to my heart – energy security and conservation – but you just did. Hear the man out: I couldn’t have said it better myself. The truth is I’ve made that exact point over and over again. The Canadians are good and patient people. They’ve waited on us long enough. They want to give us a gift, and we should have enough sense to take it. …Mr. President (Obama), we’ve had enough studies and enough different departments weigh in on this decision. Approve the Keystone pipeline NOW. Recall House speaker Bohner also echoed those sentiments:”let’s get that Blackstone Pipeline approved!”

PICKENS IS HAPPY It is clear Mr. Pickens is very happy to see former DOI Secretary Ken Salazar echo his energy views. We have often shared Mr. Pickens’ views regarding the need to enhance the use of our Nat gas resources; However, Oil exploration /exploitation technology in the USA have overcome his concern. “FRACKING”, a word not yet in his lexicon, has surprisingly/ rapidly changed the energy posture of the USA, which is now (if not very soon) the world’s biggest producer of Nat Gas and petroleum. The “Eagle-Ford” Oil Fields (Play) just south of San Antonio, TX alone, may do just that, and there exist other like plays in their beginning stages throughout the USA. Pickens might be shocked to realize that such “Energy self-sufficiency” for the USA has taken place since 2008, when he began his advocacy, and that such a bonanza renders both his, and Ken Salazar’s  TransCanada Keystone Pipeline advocacy rationale moot.


KEYSTONE PIPELINE (From Wikipedia) > We thought it convenient to abbreviate the Wikipedia information below for your elucidation.

The Keystone Pipeline System is a crude oil pipeline (36 inches in dia.) and 2151 miles long, owned and operated by the TransCanada. It runs from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta, Canada, to refineries in the United States in Steele City, Nebraska, Wood River and Patoka, Illinois, and in the Gulf  Coast of Texas. In addition to the synthetic crude oil (syncrude) and diluted bitumen(dilbit) from the oil tar sands of Canada, it also carries light crude oil  from the Williston Basin (Bakken) region in Montana and North Dakota, USA.

Three (3) phases of the project are in operation and the fourth is awaiting U.S. government approval. When/If completed, the Keystone Pipeline System would consist of the completed 2,151-mile (3,462 km) Keystone Pipeline (Phases I and II), Keystone Gulf Coast Expansion (Phase III) and the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline Project (Phase IV). Phase 1, delivering oil from Hardisty, Alberta, to Steele City, Wood River, and Patoka, was completed in the summer of 2010. Phase 2, the Keystone-Cushing extension, was completed in February 2011 with the pipeline from Steele City to storage and distribution facilities at Cushing, Oklahoma. These two phases have the capacity to deliver up to 590,000 barrels per day (94,000 m3/d) of oil into the Mid-West refineries. Phase III, the Gulf Coast Extension, which was opened in January 2014, has capacity up to 700,000 barrels per day (110,000 m3/d). The proposed controversial Phase IV, the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, would begin in Hardisty, Alberta, Canada and extend to Steele City, Nebraska, USA.

The Keystone XL pipeline proposal has faced much criticism from environmentalists and some members of the United States Congress. In January 2012, President Barrack Obama rejected the application amid protests about the pipeline’s impact on Nebraska’s environmentally sensitive Sand Hills region. TransCanada Corp changed the original proposed route of Keystone XL to minimize “disturbance of land, water resources and special areas” and the new route was approved by Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman in January 2013. However, as of Feb 2014, the USA construction permit is still not issued, and has been threatened with a USA Presidential veto.


ENVIRONMENTALISTS STRONGLY OPPOSE THE PIPELINE. The reasons are many, and validated by many years of bad experiences with overland pipelines in mainland USA, and in Alaska. Whenever a 36 inch diameter pipeline conducts crude oil overland, it is subject to many unpredictable vagaries, ranging from temperature extremes to mechanical failures in pumping systems, earthquakes, potential leaks causing massive contamination of streams/rivers. Add to that the now real possibility of extreme weather, and flood caused precisely by the continued use of oil/coal with clear weather changing impact Green House gasses (GHG). It should be considered that the air toxicity in oil processing refineries such as those proposed for Port Arthur/Houston area are normally the “killing kind”, or at least life altering. ALL AIR POLUTION BLOWS SOMEWWHERE, but more so to those producing it. Refineries have never shown any concern for their employees. (OSHA where art thou?).  Regrettably the Texas coast from Corpus Christi north to Beaumont is already heavily polluted by Industrial or petro-chemical pollution/or both. Another fact that most such polluters never take into consideration in their Business Strategic Planning (talk about environmental threats) is the fact that most of them lie in low-lying coastal regions which are already frequently flooded while the sea level continues to rise inexorably. So much business knowledge seeking unbridled profits with a “dare-devil attitude!”

Former DOI Secretary Ken Salazar knows from his past tenure that many of these arguments for the Keystone pipeline (and other of his unfinished projects) are now dated – Overcome by fracking and other technologies; and yet he continues to support them. We cut slack for Pickens’ attitude given his past advocacies; regrettably, we cannot do so for Ken Salazar. He knows better, and is now clearly using his past DOI Secretary prestige to work as a Lobbyist. POINT IS: Since The USAs energy self-sufficiency is no longer in doubt, Keystone Pipeline is no longer essential, or desirable to our and economy, and potentially very detrimental to our environment. It is a shame to see how a well planned, business/politically executed web has been destroyed by unpredictable events. Those who bear responsibility for this business fiasco should hire better Business Strategic Planners. – “ALONG CAME A SPIDER”…THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE SHOULD BE VETOED BY PRES. OBAMA. Neither congress nor the Senate, are inclined to do so. Note: “Keystone pipeline” is a misnomer.  The project should have been called what it is: The CANAM(Canadian-American) Crude Oleoduct.

NEWS UPDATE 1.- 19 Feb 2014 -Reuters

A Nebraska court on 19 Feb 2014 invalidated the governor’s decision to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to pass through Nebraska, casting new uncertainty over the controversial pipeline to link Alberta’s oil sands inn Canada with refineries in Texas. Judge Stephanie Stacy ruled that the recent law passed by the state’s legislature, which gave Gov. Heineman the decision on the Keystone Pipeline route instead of the Nebraska Public Service Commission, was:unconstitutional” and “void.” See>

NEWS UPDATE 2. – 20 Feb 2014 – Al Jazeera

Canadian Tar Sands Heavy Crude is bad news when shipped by rail also. More explosive, more toxic, more frequent derailments in the USA. This time in Pennsylvania.  Read all about it: Who needs this stuff post fracking? Perhaps Canada should write-off/abandon their Tar Sands.  If you think we exaggerate, read this Aljazeera article.

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We “Tell it like it is”

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7 Feb 2014

Bloomberg reported on 6 Feb 2014, that a Swiss asset manager was charged in the U.S. with helping Americans hide millions of dollars in offshore accounts from the USA Internal Revenue Service (IRS). According to the article>  Asset manager Peter Amrein, 52, conspired with Americans from 1998 to 2012 to help them evade taxes, according to an indictment unsealed yesterday in federal court in New York City. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said:“From his post in Switzerland, Peter Amrein aided and abetted U.S. taxpayers in their efforts to skirt the tax code and conceal their assets in offshore accounts,…” Peter Amrein, a Swiss citizen, faces as many as five (5) years in prison on the conspiracy charge. with Swiss lawyer, Edgar Paltzer, who has now been cooperating (he “ratted out” )in a U.S. crackdown on offshore tax evasion that has led to criminal charges against more than 100 people, including about 70 American taxpayers and more than 30 bankers, lawyers and advisers. Fourteen banks are under criminal investigation, including Credit Suisse Group AG, Switzerland’s second-largest bank, U.S.A. authorities have said.  Peter Amrein has not yet been arrested, or located for comment. The case is U.S. v. Amrein, 13-cr-972, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

UNDECLARED ACCOUNTS According to the indictment, Peter Amrein “opened, maintained, and managed undeclared accounts at Swiss banks for various U.S. taxpayers holding millions of dollars in undeclared assets, often working with Edgar Paltzer…The men conspired to set up undeclared Swiss accounts at Wegelin & Co., which pleaded guilty in New York to tax charges, and four other Swiss banks”,. None of those banks are referred to by name (to protect the guilty) FOLKS, THIS IS A LONG AND CONVOLUTED STORY, AS ARE MOST STORIES OF CORRUPTION AND FRAUD. WE BELIEVE IT IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE “SWISS CONNECTION”CORRUPTION ICEBERG.

Thanks to Bloomberg for exposing the Swiss connection.

EPA GRANTS TEXAS PERMITS TO POLLUTE OUR AIR (EVEN MORE!) HOUSTON, TX, USA 4 Feb 2014 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA) gave The State of Texas authority over greenhouse gas permitting today, ending a long, often bitter battle between the US-EPA and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Ron Curry, US-EPA’s Regional administrator in Dallas, said he signed the permits on 4 Feb 2014, delegating authority over the program to the TCEQ. The transfer of responsibility comes after months of negotiations concerning what the program would look like. There will be a 30-day public comment period on the program’s outline (FOR ALL THE GOOD IT WILL DO!-THE DIE IS CAST).

US-EPA’s RON CURRY SPEAKS TO ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP. Curry, speaking a luncheon sponsored by “Air Alliance Houston” (an environmental group).said the US-EPA and the TCEQ’ have had an often contentious relationship, and still have many unresolved issues between the two; including a backlog of 80 greenhouse gas permits currently in the process of being approved. Curry added: “that is big news!” when announcing the program had been approved. (HE IS NOT WOOFING! – BIG MONIES BENEFITED; PUBLIC’S HEALTH AND WELL-BEING WILL SUFFER).

TEXAS IS THE USA’s LARGEST GREENHOUSE PRODUCER Unsaid at the Air Alliance Houston luncheon, is the dirty-air fact that Texas was the only state in 2010 that refused to meet New US-EPA greenhouse gas emission rules, placing some of the nation’s largest refineries in operational limbo. The US-EPA, in an effort to ensure those facilities could continue to operate, has been directly issuing permits since 2011, and assuming a role that has historically belonged to States.

TEXAS STATE LEGISLATURE APPROVES  During 2013, the Texas State Legislature passed a law giving the TECQ the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Curry said: “That is when the US-EPA and the TECQ began working to develop a program that would meet federal requirements. Initially, Texas had wanted to have a six-month turn-around on all permits, but the US-EPA refused to put a cap on how long it would take to issue a permit; Curry added: “The state also wanted to include a hearing process in its program, but the federal agency declined; In addition, Texas had to establish appropriate emission thresholds. Once those and several other issues were resolved we were able to shift authority to Texas, though the US-EPA will periodically review this program It’s a program that the state(Texas) will have forever as long as it operates correctly” As long as it operates correctly?-Say what?;Who will determine that? Your guess is as good as mine, but we suspect we know who.

TECQ STILL DISSATISFIED The TECQ said in a statement: “We do not agree with the US-EPA’s move to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, but will follow the direction of the (Texas) Legislature so that permits can be issued in a timely manner, and to continue the successes of the strong Texas economy”. (NATURALLY, THEY DO NOT WANT ANYONE LOOKING OVER THEIR SHOULDERS).

AIR ALLIANCE HOUSTON DISSATISFIED While some are pleased to see the US-EPA and Texas begin to resolve issues that have sparked lengthy legal battles, Air Alliance Houston, Executive Director Adrian Shelley said:”I fear the state’s primary goal will be to issue permits quickly to ensure smooth sailing for their industry customers. My hope is that US-EPA will balance TCEQ’s goals with environmental protection,” HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL!

Thanks to AP for their story 4 Feb 2014.


GINA MC CARTHY TO DAVOS  US-EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy went to Davos Switzerland on 22 to 25 Jan 2014.  > ostensibly to address the World Economic Forum” regarding World Economy (really?)- They just needed to make her a guest- any topic. Remember that last 16 Jan 2014; following her Statement to Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on the President’s Climate Action Plan, Committee Chairperson, Sen. Ms Boxer tasked Gina to provide written reports to all unanswered questions, and to re-appear before the committee in 15 days.  Well… If that happened it was never publicized by US-EPA , or in the mainstream media. Fact is, Gina has been extremely busy dispensing her wisdom on sundry (even unrelated) topics and making financial grants to programs of her choice. Now, remember the Swiss Connection in our first article? But what does that have to do with the US-EPA (Yes, That’s Gina) granted the State of Texas authority over greenhouse gas permitting to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Now Texas will be able to say: What about that there Keystone Pipeline bearing Canadian tar-sand dirty oil for processing in the Houston area?.Bring it on! Even House speaker Bohner says:”let’s get that Keystone Pipeline approved!” albeit in a tongue-in cheek manner, because he knows where Big money is headed, and is trying to steer it there. If president Obama does not veto the Keystone Pipeline,we are all screwed, and Pres. Obama will be on a slippery slope that will threaten to ruin his legacy. Events are getting very critical this close to Congressional election campaigning, and control of the House of Representatives.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH…Texas Gov. Rick Perry quietly made a trip to Davos (AH! There is that Swiss connection again) Perry went there soon after Gina Mc Carthy ostensibly to speak about Marihuana – Yes, marihuana. Our press did not remark on his comments about Marihuana, or question his real need to go to Davos.  But…We know don’t we? The press did not indicate who flew him there either, but then, he has a lot of friends with private transoceanic aircraft. We bet he too returned with a big smile. We need to remember that Perry no doubt had a great deal to do with the Texas’Legislature approval of the empowerment of the TECQ, over the US-EPA.

MORE ON THE SWISS CONNECTION (see par 1.) Note that it is the USA Internal Revenue System (IRS) that is taking the crooked Swiss bankers with USA connections to task. It reminds one of the Alphonse Capone days (c. 1930) in the USA. Capone was a well known criminal figure who had so many “buffers” that the government could not pin a specific crime on him (at least that’s what was said); so in the end, he went to Jail because of you guessed it !-Income Tax Evasion.  Powerful crime that one! Following the money seems to succeed in ferreting criminals where other laws cannot. Just imagine the magnitude of Swiss Bank involvement in crime and corruption. THE WORLD NEEDS TO RECOGNIZE SWITZERLAND AS A LAND OF CROOKS – EVEN WHEN IT IS TOUTED AS THE”WORLD’S BEST PLACE TO LIVE” An old saying says: “Grass always grows greener over the septic tank” It took me many years to comprehend its real meaning. The grass may look greener, but it stinks to high heaven.

MEXICAN PRESIDENT, ENRIQUE PENA NIETO ALSO WENT TO DAVOS RECENTLY Handsome man/wife, and who sounds so honest, that his visit there was hard for me to understand. However, he is instrumental on the granting of permits to foreign oil interest, notably in the deep-ocean exploration/development. Well…He too went to Davos, and appears quite haggard lately. It is notable that Mexico has not granted such exploration/exploitation permit since 1936. That is a long time ago in the energy world.  Has anyone you know been to Davos? Hmm!-food for thought!

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

We connect the points, even when they lead to ugly places/conclusions.


SWISS BANKING GIANT CREDIT SUISSE PLEADED GUILTY to a criminal charge that it helped wealthy Americans dodge income taxes. A milestone following years of criticism that regulators have failed to crack down on huge financial institutions. The USA Department of Justice (DoJ)filed a criminal charge against the company in federal court on 19 May 2014 signaling that a plea arrangement has been reached. Credit Suisse pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to aid tax evasion and to pay a fine of more than $2.6 billion.

Credit Suisse executives have previously admitted that their bank helped Americans shield as much as $12 billion from taxes, and acknowledged the practice was a “mistake” and “unacceptable.” However, they argued that Swiss bank-secrecy laws prohibiting them from revealing the names of tax-dodging U.S. citizens to American regulators.

Critics say the unwillingness to bring the hammer down on major banks and their top executives effectively fans wrongdoing on Wall Street. Even so, the criminal charge against Credit Suisse will apparently only go so far. Its chief executive, Brady Dougan, is not expected to lose his job, according to report

Thanks to the LA Times 19 May 2014


So, Credit Suisse got caught with its hand in the cookie jar, and Brady Dougan (an American).will get a slap on the wrist, while the USA tax evaders avoided $9.4 billion in income tax payments. How sweet it must be! One has to wonder if the higher-ups in the USA-DoJ who accepted the plea-bargaining will receive compensation for their “pragmatism”. Just to think there are other institutions like Credit Suisse in the USA, and the world. This case is “prima facie” wrongdoing, illegal, and corrupt. Corruption is like a societal cancer that invites lesser wrongdoers to do likewise.

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23 Nov 2013

Royal Dutch Shell (Shell), co-signed a $10 billion shale/gas exploration/development deal with the Ukrainian government Jan 2013.  Shell expects to start drilling in the Yuzivska field in 2014  Ukranian  Energy Minister Eduard Stavytsky said: “$10 billion would be invested if the geology meets expectations   Ukraine (neighbor to Russia, and a former member of the Soviet Union),Has for many years depended on expensive/unreliable  Russian gas imports to cover more than 60% of its consumption, is now pushing to develop its own reserves, both onshore and offshore, in the Black Sea.

Graham Tiley,  Shell’s country manager in the Ukraine,  in an interview in Kiev, on 6 Nov 2013 said: .Shell will need to drill as many as 15 wells to complete the initial exploration appraisal of the 8,000 square-kilometer (3,100 square-mile) Yuzivska field in the eastern part of the country, ”…If you look across all these different projects, and if you look at interests of not just Shell, but major oil and gas companies, you would say Ukraine has a good chance to boost its output…The sector has been under-invested and I assume over time the domestic production will increase.”Mr. Tiley added: “So far all of Shell’s projects remain in the exploration phase…Until we get out there, drill some wells and test them, we simply won’t know how much of the area is going to be commercially productive…Right now the testing phase will take some months before we have some results, and that will be only from one well…Separately, the consortium has also completed drilling its first well in the Kharkiv region together with Ukranian state company DK Ukrhazvydobuvannya, a unit of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy, and is preparing to drill two more wells in 2014.

The Ukranian government also signed a production-sharing agreement with Chevron Corp. on 7 Nov.2013 for exploration/extraction of shale gas; and plans to complete its negotiations by the end of 2013 with an “Exxon Mobil Corp-led group”(consortium), which includes Shell, to explore off Ukraine’s western Black Sea coast.

Thanks to Bloomberg for their 8 Nov 2013 story.



ENTER –“HYDRAULIC FRACTURING” (Fracking)  The relatively new and still controversial  Oil/Nat gas exploration/exploitation technology has produced a shale-gas boom in the USA, such that it has quickly outproduced Rusia as the world’s largest Nat gas producer. It is no wonder many other countries are looking at fracking as a potential solution to their energy problems. Ukraine could hold as much as 42 trillion cubic feet (1.2 trillion cubic meters) of shale gas, the third largest reserve in Europe, according to a 2011 U.S. Energy Information Admin. report.

RUSSIA HAS USED NAT- GAS FOR POLITICAL CONTROL of its former republics..  By forcing Nat gas pipeline-deals, port concessions for Black-Sea access, etc., Putin has successfully used Gazprom, to assert Russia’s political control of its former Republics during the past decade.; However, fracking in many places, and  domestic competition in Russia, is causing Gazprom to lose Nat gas primacy worldwide. We wish Russia would treat its neighbors as themselves, because “what goes around, comes around”, and The Russian people, as most of Eastern Europe, have endured/suffered enough since WWII.  One would hope they would be more politically understanding and helpful. Equal treatment would suffice.>

NATURALLY, UKRAINE SEEKS ENERGY INDEPENDENCE Another worry for Gazprom, is the urgent desire of Ukraine to free itself of dependence on Russian imports of Gazprom’s Nat gas. Over the past decade, the two countries have frequently clashed over gas prices/availability at peak-usage times. In the past, that has resulted in disruptions to the Nat gas flow through Ukraine to Europe.  Pres. Putin granted Gazprom a Nat gas export monopoly, and helped secure the “Nord Stream pipeline project” to Europe.  Significantly, Gazprom gained control over Belarus’s pipeline network, and negotiated a Nat gas price deal with Ukraine that extended Russia’s lease of a Ukrainian Black Sea port of Sevastopol used as a Russian naval base (KEEP IN MIND RUSSIA HAS NO SEAPORTS IN THE BLACK SEA. In other words, Putin et-al, has made its former Republics “A deal they could not refuse” if they wanted Nat gas.  AS WE SAY IN AMERICA: “WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES.

ABOUT UKRAINE: A country in Eastern Europe.  Its Capital city is Kiev (pop. about 3 mil.). It borders the Russian Federation to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively. IT HAS A LAND AREA of 603,628 km2 (233,062 sq mi), making it the largest country entirely within Europe. It is also home to the now infamous  Soviet Nuclear Power Plant disaster of Chernobyl, near Kiev.  Ukraine last became independent when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.  GRAIN PRODUCER/EXPORTER Throughout its history, Ukraine has been one of the powerhouses of world agriculture due to the fertility of its land.  The country was the world’s third-largest grain exporter( as of 2011).  POLITICALLY: Since the dissolution of the Soviet union(1991),Ukraine is a Republic under a semi-presidential system with separate  Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of government.  POPULATION: The country is home to 46 million people,- 77.8 % of whom are ethnic Ukranians, with sizable minorities of Russians (17%), Belarusians Romanians, and other nationalities  RELIGION The dominant religion in the country is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which has strongly influenced Ukraine’s architecture, literature and music.

UKRANIAN AERONAUTICAL PRODIGY, Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov (1906-1984) was a world renown Soviet cargo aircraft designer, and the first designer/chief of the Antonov world-famous aircraft company in Ukraine, later named in his honour. Antonov was personally responsible for designing a very successful line of Soviet cargo aircraft from the Antonov AN-2 (Anne) single prop, bi-plane (1946), and up to what may well be the world’s best ultra-large cargo plane, the AN 124 ( in many variants ); similar to the USAs C-5A. It has been used by many countries(including the USA) to ferry heavy,oversize cargo, over long distances at very competitive prices.

ABOUT NATURAL GAS. It is a wonderful fossil fuel because it produces about half as many greenhouse gasses as anthracite coal, when used to generate electricity. It is also very versatile as home heating fuel etc. It can also be used as a fertilizer precursor; and as such, we will someday wish we had not “burned-up” so much of it. We must view it as a “transition fuel” perhaps for 50 years; however it is a fossil-fuel, and as such, a non-renewable resource. The world should see Nat gas use as the last chance to prepare renewable (Green-energy). Fortunately, many nations can see far enough ahead to realize that we must ultimately develop/emplace sustainable green energy means, be they whatever best suits each country.

RENEWABLE ENERGY OUTLOOK IN UKRAINE The share of “renewables” within the total energy mix of Ukraine is still very small, but growing fast. In 2011 it stood at 397 megawatts (MW). Also in 2011, several large “solar power stations” were opened in Ukraine, among them Europe’s largest solar park in Perovo, (Crimea). Ukranian “State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Conservation” forecasts that combined installed capacity of wind and solar power plants in Ukraine could increase by another 600 MW in 2012. According to Macquarie Research, by 2016 Ukraine will construct and commission new solar power stations with a total capacity of 1.8 GW, which is almost equivalent to the capacity of two nuclear power plants.

UKRAINE AND OTHER EX-SOVIET REPUBLICS WANT DESPERATELY TO JOIN THE EUROPEAN UNION (EU). > Many of them are still clamoring for their governments to leave the Russian sphere of influence; However, Russia’s  Pres. Putin has been able to suppress those longings thus far.  Energy independence from Russia holds the key to do so; Hence, Russia must be looking apprehensively at their efforts to “frack” their way out of subjugation. We wish them all well, and may their efforts be rewarded with good energy exploration/exploitation partners, and energy self-sufficiency. Ukranians are a very diligent, talented, industrious, and tolerant people who deserve no less.

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31 Aug 2013

US Dept of Energy (DOE) Secretary  Ernest Moniz argues that President Obama’s plan to combat climate change is not, as critics allege, a “war on coal,” . In a speech at Columbia University in New York (about 26 Aug 2013). Moniz said: “This action has been applauded by many as the most significant step the president can take to reduce carbon emissions…This directive has also been derided by some as an action  have potentially a place in the low-carbon world.” …Pres. Obama has described his energy policy as “all of the above,” meaning a variety of energy sources, both conventional and unconventional, will be used….All of the above’ means we will invest in the technology, research, development and demonstration so that all of our energy sources can be enabled as marketplace competitors in a low-carbon energy world…The administration has said it would revamp an $8 billion federal loan-guarantee program to help companies reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Pres. Obama is seeking government investment in technology to make fossil fuels, including coal, burn cleaner, he said. The new plan expands eligibility for federal loans to proposals that reduce emissions from oil and gas drilling, and for energy-efficiency efforts such as capturing waste heat from large industrial facilities to make electricity. Clean-coal projects also remain eligible for aid” (CLEAN COAL ?)

REGARDING ENERGY DIVERSITY Sec. Moniz said: “In Pres. Obama’s first presidential term, carbon pollution fell as a depressed economy led Americans to drive less, and low Nat Gas prices prompted utilities to shutter carbon-heavy coal plants, and burn gas for electricity…This year, coal use and Carbon emissions are up and forecast to grow in the years ahead, jeopardizing Pres. Obama’s 2009 pledge to cut greenhouse gases 17% by 2020…I am not here to debate what’s not debatable, (referring to the scientific consensus around climate change), We will focus on doing all that we can with current administrative authorities.”

FRACKING AND THE NAT GAS BOOM.  Moniz noted that: “the U.S. Nat Gas boom has played a major role in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. That boom in gas production has been enabled by hydraulic fracturing, a drilling technique that has been blamed for water pollution. .if you look at each of the issues with fracking, well completions, surface water management, methane emissions, they are manageable in the sense that one knows what one has to do…They’re not always managed so that’s where it is absolutely essential to have the best practices all the time.

Thanks to Bloomberg for their quotations.


In June 2013, The White House outlined policies to lower U.S. pollution blamed for global warming, including limits on emissions from new and existing coal-fired power plants. The announcement drew fire from coal producers and lawmakers from coal-producing states (“It’s always the hit dog that yelps!”). The U.S. had been on a path to reaching Pres. Obama’s goal, with emissions last year down more than 12 % from the peak in 2007, the steepest drop since the oil crisis of the late 1970s since 2006.  These remarks to a Columbia University by Sec Moniz, seem to outline his speech at the IAEA in Vienna, earlier this year. See: US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY SECRETARY MONIZ SHOWS HIS TRUE COLORS IN VIENNA @

We are sorry to say that Moniz always tells audiences what most of us already know, and have known for some time. There is nothing new in his remarks;  Indeed, we find his remarks trivial, sometimes contradictory, and frequently incoherent in their context. What do you think?  Regrettably, Sec. Moniz shows no inclination toward real cooperation with The White House, or to have a vision for our energy future;  However, at his pay level, one must :”Either lead, follow, or get out of the way”; Fortunately, Moniz is inclined to do the later, and that is good because our USA energy industry is rapidly becoming the envy of the world without his help.  We must now look to the EPA to protect our environment, and to attempt to keep the fossil, and nuclear energy industries in check as best can.

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

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2 JULY 2013

US ENERGY SECRETARY MONIZ ATTENDED THE IAEA ANNUAL MEETING IN VIENNA.  On 30 Jun 2013 Moniz was interviewed by Reuters. He went to attend the annual conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency-IAEA; Secretary Moniz said: “Obama expects fossil fuels, and coal specifically, to remain a significant contributor for some time…The way the U.S. administration is looking at it is: what does it take for us to do to make coal part of a low carbon future…this would include higher efficiency plants and new ways of utilizing coal…It is all about having, in fact, coal as part of that future…I don’t believe it is a ‘war on coal’.” Moniz acknowledged there could be winners and losers, but that economic models belie “the statement that there are huge economic impacts from controlling greenhouse gases…Quite the contrary. We expect that this is going to be positive for the economy” THERE IS NO DOUBT IN OUR MIND THAT MONIZ WENT TO VIENNA TO ASSUAGE THE ENERGY BARONS THERE ASSEMBLED THAT THEY HAVE A FRIEND IN THE USA – MEANING HIMSELF! (Yes, the one with the Ben Franklin coiffure).

SECRETARY MONIZ SAID HE WAS OPTIMISTIC… that the United States would meet its goal to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to about 17 % below 2005 levels by 2020. “We’re pretty close to the track right now. We’re halfway there…An $8 billion loan guarantee program for projects to develop new technologies that help cut emissions of fossil fuels would include Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology as one of a number of options…It will also include some advanced technologies for using coal very different from today’s technologies that will enable much less expensive carbon capture in future”.  CCS is a relatively new, expensive and unproven technology that captures carbon dioxide and buries it. (YEAH!  SWEEPING IT UNDER THE CARPET, PROBLEM IS, EVERYONE INVOLVED IN PAST ATTEMPTS HAS SAID: NOT IN MY BACKYARD – NIMBY!)

Thanks to Reuters for their excellent quotes, even if they missed the real Vienna story.

SECRETARY MONIZ ALSO ADDRESSED THE IAEA ANNUAL MEETING.  On 1 July 2013, Sec. Moniz made official remarks to the IAEA as posted in the DOE news organ: .  Of course he would have to say something about “nuclear security”, after all, that is the IAEA Trump card now that their real purpose has been exposed: To promote the interests of global Energy industries (both nuclear, and fossil fuels). We find it perplexing and irritating that Moniz who is willing to speak in Vienna Austria, has been unwilling to inform the people of the USA what his agenda and plans are.  All his statements to date indicate he sees himself as a “remover of obstacles” to the energy industry (a rubber stamp, if you will).  That is not what the USA/world needs at this critical time in global history.

THE WHITE HOUSE CLIMATE WARMING REPORT/PLAN OPPOSED. Naturally, the long-awaited White House plan drew criticism from the coal industry, which would be hard hit by carbon limits, and from Republicans, who accused the Democratic president of advancing policies that harm the economy, and kill jobs.  Senator Joe Manchin, (D -W.V), the No. 2 U.S. coal mining state after Wyoming, said the last week of June 2013, that Obama had “declared a war on coal,”  The coal industry said the rules threatened its viability. But…

GALLUP POLLS IN THE USA SHOW: UP WITH GREEN, DOWN WITH COAL Please read  Environmentalists have largely cheered the White house proposals, though many said the moves did not go far enough, or had sufficient authority for implementation.  Comprehensive as the White house Energy Assessment/proposals are, they have no mechanism for implementation.  Problem is, that speaking in management terms: “That which is everyone’s responsibility, is no one’s responsibility”.  We believe what is needed is for Pres. Obama to convene the Cabinet Secretaries, DOE, DOI, and the Environmental Protection agency to draft a joint plan of action to combat global warming.  Talking about it won’t do! And working separately would fail because their Departmental responsibilities /functions sometimes overlap; Hence the need for cooperation and streamlining of their joint effort. Past Cabinet chiefs Salazar (DOI) and Chu (DOE) had already found the need for collaboration. For now, they are all “flying their own kite”.

PRES OBAMA PUT HIS PRESTIGE ON THE LINE last week to revive his stalled climate change agenda, promising new rules to cut carbon emissions from U.S. power plants, and other domestic actions including support for renewable energy Obama said he had directed the Environmental Protection Agency to craft new emissions rules for thousands of power plants, the bulk of which burn coal and which account for roughly one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. With Congress unlikely to pass climate legislation, Obama said his administration would set rules using executive powers.  So sad that our congress won’t sh-t, or get off the pot!  Even on timely crucial issues.

OUR TAKE…THE US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (DOE) STINKS UNDER MONIZ.  Ernest Moniz, who has been unwilling to concede a press conference (other than to his own Department PR news branch), considered it necessary to travel to Vienna, Austria to assuage the Board of Governors of the IAEA (at their annual conference), not to worry, because they have a friend in the USA – No doubt himself, according to his remarks.  Let me refresh your mind about the IAEA. It exists to further the worldwide interests of the fossil and nuclear energy industry.  It is located in Vienna Austria with its 2,300 employee “Secretariat”.  COUNTRIES WITH EXISTING MEMBERS ON THE IAEA BOARD OF GOVERNORS ARE:  Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Niger, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and the United Republic of Tanzania.  WE ARE NOT PRIVILEGED TO KNOW THE GOVERNORS’ NAMES; however, THEY ARE WORLD-CLASS ENERGY BARONS – ONE AND ALL!  Please read:  

PRES. OBAMA DID NOT CHOOSE WISELY WHEN NOMINATING MONIZ.  Perhaps he did so in an attempt at Congressional “Sausage making”.  Moniz shows no inclination to follow Pres. Obama’s lead in regard to energy.  Pres. Obama has now appointed two (2) “ducies” (Chu, Moniz) in a row to the post of  Energy Secretary; Both professors, Doctors, and accountable or responsible to no one. With all due respect Mr. President, your political acumen in both selections is sorely lacking.

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

We tell it like it is!

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 02 April 2013

ENERGY PREFERENCES ACCORDING TO A NEW GALLUP POLL: Solar power is America’s preferred renewable (Green Energy) despite the USA’s new-found abundance of fossil fuels (thanks to the so-called “Shale Fracking”), and yet, Americans still overwhelmingly support more development of renewable (green) energy.


More Solar power———————————————-75%

More Wind-Power——————————————71%

Increased Oil Production————————————-46%

Increased Nuclear (Uranium) Production————–37%

Increased Coal Production ——————————-33%


Increased Solar Power————————————-90%

Increased Nat-gas Production/use———————–59%


Increased Solar Power————————————–75%

Increased Nat-Gas Production—————————–62%


Increased Solar Power—————————————68%

Increased Nat-gas Production/use————————-66%

REGIONAL DIFFERENCES NOTED People living in the South, tend to support more fossil fuels such as oil and coal, than those living in other regions of the country. Nevertheless, more investment in solar was the top priority overall, regardless of where respondents lived, “America’s overall, and across political and socioeconomic groups, generally are most likely to call for more emphasis on solar and wind power … But alternative energy sources are still in their infancy in terms of technology and affordability; So, they have a long way to go before achieving more significant contributions to USA domestic energy production”.

 SHALE “FRACKING” STILL A WILD CARD WORLWIDE. Yes, it produces huge quantities of Nat-gas (which is about 50% cleaner burning than coal, and at present, potentially cheaper than most energy sources), So almost 60% of Democrats support greater gas development, along with 62% of Independents, and almost 80% of Republicans.  Hydraulic fracturing (hence – “Fracking”), coupled with horizontal drilling, have allowed oil/gas developers to tap into previously inaccessible stores of shale oil and gas;  However, controversy over the environmental impacts of fracking, and the continued use of these fossil fuels could present a serious roadblock for further development. Problem is, oil/gas developers are never willing to reveal the fluid, sand and other “proprietary” chemicals/compounds/techniques they pump into the ground. To exacerbate the problem to global dimensions, many other nations, with diverse shale characteristics, are beginning to say:  YEAH! We can do that too!  BUT…What is  “that”? and, what impact will that have on the world’s greatest commodities: Clean air &Drinking water? TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE; THERE IS CURRENTLY NO APPLICABLE REGULATIONS (IN THE USA) OTHER THAN THOSE SELF-IMPOSED BY OIL/GAS DEVELOPERS.

CONTINUED BURNING OF COAL FOR ENERGY GENERATION MAKES NO SENSE NOW.  This Gallup poll makes that issue crystal clear; and yet; here in San Antonio, Texas, our two (2) coal-burner plants at Calaveras (Skulls) lake (Spruce I, and II), together generate about 1,240 Mw, and consume about one train-load of coal daily/each.  That coal is brought from Gillette Co., WY. Transported about 1,500 miles in trains owned /maintained / financed by our “CPS Energy” public-owned Utility.  THE RUB IS: About 50 miles south of San Antonio, TX   is the “Eagle-Ford Oil and Gas” huge find/enterprise looking for ways to sell their Nat-gas, and CPS-Energy won’t even look their way.  It would be relatively inexpensive/quick to convert such plants to Nat-gas and CPS-Energy knows it, BUT…They somehow, feel compelled to buy coal from Ex-V.P. Cheney’s empire. I smell a rat! – Perhaps five (all members of the CPS Board). But then read about Florida’s woes where power- politics are evidently worse. Please read our previous article:

Edward Oliver Gonzalez (gonzedo)

P.S.  Some of you may not yet have heard that GOOGLE READER and their Real Simple Syndication (RSS) will cease to exist next 01 July 2013.  We felt very proud of posting up to four (4) out of 23 articles on that READER.  It would be presumptuous to think that its elimination had anything to do with suppressing our voice on their forum; however no real reason was given.  Same thing happened to this Blog when the San Antonio Express –News (a Hearst Newspaper decided to end our forum (On “Free-Press day” and in our face!), just as it reached 40,000 reads/month.  Then also, no reason was provided.  We understand Google is doing exceedingly well (Billionaire CEO etc.). To think that most of that enterprise rides on the backs of literary giants, the information writers who did the lion’s share of the Google data base without salary.  Google CEO may be in need of Texan wisdom: “There ain’t a horse that can’t be rode, or a rider that can’t be throwed”. His day of judgment is coming in the public eye. In my eyes he is already a “Vendido” (sellout).

Fortunately, many RSS data aggregators are in the wings, some already have as many as 3M subscribers. We have looked real hard for real “servants of the people” and decided to use “mozillaFOXFIRE” As our RSS aggregator and READER.  Please subscribe to FOXFIRE, it is an excellent Browser, plenty of add-ons, and IT IS FREE !  You know I tell it like it is! – Just check it out.


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